Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 1)

Hotel Palisade in Sydney, Australia (Part 1)

Just a few weeks ago, I was in Australia with N and it turned out to be one of our best trips. NO JOKE. The first part of our trip was in Sydney and I fell for the city so hard, even I was surprised. I did not expect it to be so full of history with such gorgeous architecture, it was amazing.
A big part of our love for Sydney and why we were so happy from the get go was because we unconsciously made the kickass decision to stay in an area called The Rocks. We stayed the first three nights at Hotel Palisade, and other than being the most gorgeous place right there on the harbor, it made everything crazy accessible for us: the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Opera House, everything was within a walking distance.
I fell for this place almost instantly and then kept falling in love every few hours with a new discovery. Hotel Palisade is a 100 years old. A HUNDRED YEARS OLD, you guys. The hotel was initially a drinks spot for local port workers and residents of the area and was once the tallest building in Sydney (can you believe that). It was just recently refurbished with the most gorgeous boutique accommodation, a breathtaking cocktail lounge, and a pub flowing with character. Despite having been modernized, the place retains all the quirks and personality from its history and is SUCH an experience. Being located right on the harbor and the fact that we were there in the winters, things were just epic. I LOVED it.
I’m going to do this review in two parts. First I’ll take you around the accommodation with the room we stayed in (I did a live tour of this on Snapchat, by the way, linked at the end of the post). The second part, coming tomorrow (see here), will be all about the rest of the hotel and it’s so beautiful – even if you never end up going to Australia, you’re going to get some serious décor inspiration from it. Ready to get started, Part 1, let’s go.
As we drove upto the hotel, the building looked like a gorgeous, historic piece of architecture and absolutely lived upto it’s hundred year heritage.
We checked into our room, the Regi James (all rooms named after historic characters from history of The Rocks) and it was stunning. The wall behind the bed had a handpainted mural on it which I would have definitely stolen and taken back with me if I could (my guest room wants it).
The room was flooded with natural light, always a win. And please don’t miss that the bed had a canopy over it. Just a few months ago, I was wishing for a canopy bed and I got it.
Other than the sleeping area, the room had a sitting space, tiny kitchen, a bathroom, small closet type walkway and a gorgeous balcony with a stunning view of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. GLORIOUS.
I mean, this view.
I’m a sucker for detail and the room (and hotel) had detail in every corner. The lamp wall sconces, the boating knot (it’s right there under the nightstand), loved it all.
There were pull cords all throughout the room to turn on the lights. See the one dangling above the light? I want one for my space.
Want that chair.
And that phone.
They had a Marshall speaker which was one of the best things about the room. It had the BEST sound and you could connect your phone to it through a cable or wirelessly. One day we got stuck inside because of some crazy rain and we were bummed out for two seconds before N made us some chai and turned on some music – it was kickass. We totally decided to get one for ourselves once home and had saved up (three people actually messaged to tell me they had bought this already after I snapped about it from the hotel)
And they had Loccitane toiletries. For real. I totally took the pillow mist from here and have been using it – I’m not exaggerating, it’s heavenly.
Also we had a tiny kitchen area with the mini bar, coffee and snack station. We made lots of chai here, guys. Special shoutout to the full-length mirror, you have no idea how much I value that thing.
Again, the detail.
Considering I’m a nut about sexy hardware, you can understand why I’d take a picture of this and then share it. So beautiful.
Going to take you out on the balcony now.
Every morning, N and I would hang out here with chai. The weather was so beautiful on all days, I’m honestly flipping out again while writing this.
Morning chai spot.
Detail again – check out the cabinet pulls.
A tiny walkway would lead to this bathroom from the sitting area (that’s where we kept our luggage and do the ironing etc). The bathroom had the most gorgeous tile and beautiful hardware.
You see what I mean.
Loccitane shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. What is this.
Need these installed at my place urgently.
It was the most perfect room. Better than any 5 star because of how much personality everything had. Because the price-point on this was mid-tier, if you’re scheduling a special treat for yourself and a loved one, this is absolute perfection.
A few facts for you:
What: Hotel Palisade
Where: The Rocks, Sydney
How to get to from the airport: We took a cab. About 20 minutes from the airport.
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Rooms: Just 8 bedrooms, boutique accommodation.
Who is it good for? Couples, friends, anyone really. Honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays, boutique accommodations are the best for special occasions and so much more better than regular 5-star hotels.
What I loved: The place oozes personality. Close to everything so absolutely no cab/train fares. Preserved heritage in homes/shops all over in The Rocks so a simple walk from the hotel to nearby areas is a treat. Gorgeous views. Amazing staff.
Value for Money? The price-point is mid-tier. But it’s amazing value for the location and access to the multitude of things in the area.
Getting around: The hotel is right there in The Rocks, easily the most beautiful area of Sydney for me. Everything is at a walking distance. You can see the Sydney Harbor Bridge from your room and all the kickass spots like the Sydney Opera House for example, are so accessible.
Room Rate: Starting from $280 per night.
If you want to see the rest of the stunning property, check out Part 2 here.

Also, see the Snapchat tour (this is not a properly filmed video) for this if you want to check out the room with me.
This post is in collaboration with Palisade Hotel but all opinions are mine because I don’t have space in my brain for those of others’. YAS.


  1. Omg this place looks heavenly! Especially that phone omg ?
    I love antique stuff too! And I'm a sucker for places with history. I'd love to visit this hotel. So lucky you had the chance! Great photos Shehzeen! Thanks for the amazing virtual tour ?❤??

  2. I love travel posts so much. Really enjoyed your Snap tour when you did it then. Loved going over it again.

    1. Author

      Hi Tannee, please check now, I was editing it for a bit so it disappeared 🙂

  3. yup got it now! n loved the room decor 🙂 esp the bathroom n balcony 😀

  4. Hi
    I really enjoyed reading this blog. I'm in Melbourne. . Moved to Australia just recently. I knew you were blogging but did not follow your work… my bad lol

    Today I saw it and really enjoyed all the details…although I'm not that big fan of antiques but I simply love your way of sharing your likes and thoughts
    You rock girl (y)
    Next time if you are in town please visit Melbourne too, would love to host you

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