Shehla got me this dead sea mask on her recent trip to Jordan and it’s STRAIGHT FROM THE DEAD SEA, you guys. I only tried it out this week and I absolutely loved it. It tingled a tiny bit and my skin did redden after use, but I think it cleaned my skin like a ninja. Have you ever tried the version right there from the sea? I’m so excited to use it again this weekend. If you know anyone going to Jordan, ask them to bring you some (but do a patch test first). Or just get a good packaged dead sea mask because I feel like this stuff is legit. Today, we’re going for mandi after Jumma prayers and catching Jason Bourne right after – much excited feels happening.   
Had an at-home-salon team at my place this week to check out their services and I got such a kickass blowdry (Snap friends, please confirm this). Will share all details in a few days.
New favorite ring from N’s sister.
I’ve brought these guys out. We’ve been slowly approaching the point of no return and I feel it’s best to stop now and do something. This weekend both of us start working out and eating better. It’s been decided. Join me. 
I had a bunch of meetings with this week and these sunnies came with me everywhere (I’m experiencing some very deep feelings for them currently). They’re from Aldo and I got them a few months ago but I’m sure you can find something similar even now.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Ohmygawwwdd I loved your super sleek out of a salon blow dry man it looked super sexxyy!! Cant wait to know how can my hair be transformed the same by simply sitting at home :p And and love your sunnies (Y)

    -Amna Jamil

  2. haye Allah how did I miss that blow dry mannnnnnn 🙁 I regularly check your snaps which day was it 🙁

  3. How exactly are you eating healthy ?? In what deluded planet is pizza and Mandi considered healthy. Also been meaning to say this to you for a while now. Please appreciate and respect your husband. He seems like a good guy and sometimes you really cross the the line with him. Joke or no joke. :). Your lucky he and ur inlaws tolerate it lol!

  4. Dead Sea mud mask seemed a bit meh to me.
    Source: Lived in Jordan for a couple of months, these mud packs are everything there. Even at the shore of Dead Sea, they have put buckets full of this 'slush' and it costs you 3JD to slather it on ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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