N’s family has been leaving our place slowly over this last one week. Just a few days ago, before his sister and kids left, his niece and nephew did the most epic treasure hunt with the both of us, spread out all over our house (I say that like I have a 15-bedroom mansion). For perspective, we did a treasure hunt for them first, with clues in different rooms. As a thank you, they did the same back for us a few days later and N and I were stunned. Because they’re kids first of all, and second, the preparation and level of detail in their clues was mindblowing (the plants were drawn exactly like they are in real, whattttt). It was so well-thought out, sketched and executed right in front of us, with none of us having an idea about it  (not even their own mom) was pretty stellar. I’m going to save these clues, it’s decided. N’s mom leaves today and while it was fun having family over, I’m also pretty stoked about slipping back into our regular routines (and possibly lose half my ass because I’ve eaten everything that there ever was over the last couple of months).
Best friend Sumika coming over in a few weeks so I quickly ordered a couple of shirts from Generation so she can bring them over. I love Generation, FYI.
New love that I now refuse to live without. I brought this pillow mist from my hotel room at the Palisade from Australia and I’ve been using it since and I don’t remember a life before it. It smells SO good but I’m almost done with it because it was a tiny size. I have a less expensive backup already lined up, versus Loccitane (which I wouldn’t buy myself because too expensive). Excited to have this in my life, going to sleep with it is like having a paratha without the calories.
Had a bunch of meetings lined up this week, with projects I’m excited about kicking off. YAS.
Other best friend, Muneeza had been raving about The Night Manager since some time so we finally started it this week. Only onto Episode 2 (it’s a mini-series and has about 8 episodes only) but it’s already pretty interesting.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. OMG love treasure hunts! Cute idea 🙂

    – Maheen A

  2. What are you using to play the series ? It looks super cool !
    Also, I love treasure hunts and hand made clues by kids is the bestest thing ever !
    Please tell Sumika to tell you about the brilliant waffle situation we recently had 😛

  3. I am sure you and sumika wud have a blast. Happy for you..wish i had my best frd coming over too. Treasure hunt sounds awesome

  4. OH MY GOD, so when my little cousins visited from canada when I was 19 and they were 7 and 9 respectively, I designed a treasure hunt for them. It was the BEST thing (in addition to the pillow fort we built together). Kids are super fun ti entertain hehehe

    I started TNM which is to say I saw 5 mins of the first ep, will wait for your opinions 😀

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