New addition to the home office, courtesy N’s sister
Since my post earlier this week and some serious introspection on my overall life, I wanted to share with you guys that the blog will be going through some tiny changes. I’ve always been very conscientious about what I talk about, what brands I work with, consciously not associating myself with anything over-the-top luxurious because that’s not a lifestyle I have or aspire for. I believe in a  small life with small things. I’m going to try harder to be more deliberate about it. I might fail, I’m human after all and may slip, but I’m going to take it as journey and do what I can. I’ll be introducing some new things to the blog to match this purpose which I’ll slowly share over the next few months. I’m excited, hope you guys are too. 
Shehla, who’s my closest friend in Dubai, actually made these candles for me as my Eid gift. I was seriously blown away. She made three scents: Lavender, Cinnamon & Lemon and Rosewood & Geranium (which I’ve been burning every night). They were made so perfectly (check the leftmost one, haven’t started on that yet). Handmade gifts are the best and considering how much I’ve been lusting for candles these days, this was PERFECT.
Bringing these guys out for today. I’ve owned them from about ten years (?) and I’m pretty sure they were stolen from one of my siblings.
Terrible, corny Eid cards from N’s brother and sister-in-law. Which we loved, YASSS. On a side note, it’s unfortunate that we don’t get as many cards anymore; I LOVE handwritten cards.
This was my Eid gift to Nabeel, which is pretty embarrassing now considering what he gave me (I snapped it on Eid). But it’s something he needed and it’s a really great product and he loves it so WE’RE EVEN. I’d been after N’s life for months now to switch up his hair wax which he uses every single day and it’s been killing his hair. I was on the verge of actually making him a natural hair wax myself, no jokes, but when Rituals asked me to pick out anything from their store (I got a bunch of stuff, will share slowly as I try it), I snatched this hair wax so fast, even I didn’t know I had it. It’s called the Samurai Gel-Wax, is made from all natural, renewable ingredients, is medium hold and non-greasy so there is no sticky crap on your hands once you’re done (also if you want to touch your husband’s hair, it’s a positive experience, bros). He really likes it so far so I’m happy I gots it.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Btw WHat did he gift you? 😀
    just curious to know 😉

  2. Excited to see what new direction the blog is headed in!

  3. I'd love it if you shared your snapchat stuff here as well. Because not all of us are on there and this is a more permanent, well-documented place you can look back at, after a few years, instead of snapping stuff for 24 hours.

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