Sehri At The Parents

Sehri At The Parents

That picture above is not even a sehri picture, nor are we all in it. But I love the happy, chaotic vibe in it (also, roza lug raha hai, so this is it, boys).

Even though getting a ‘breakfast date’ with your husband in the middle of the night everyday should trump everything else, it’s never been able to one up the whole sehri routine at the parents place for me. Sehri at ammi and abbu’s place is one of the best memories I have with my family and it’s incredible how I never knew that while I was living it.

My siblings and I were one of those useless offsprings who expected to be woken up and luxuriously served our food; parents were simply slaves meant to cater to our sehri needs. This understanding was pretty clear in our household and waking up to help the parents out with heating the food or setting the table were laughable concepts really. I mean….Parents, please.

Our dad would try to wake us up at regular intervals before the azaan; it was a well-paced exercise at every 5 minutes and if he ever LIED about it being 15 mins to the azaan when it was actually SIXTEEN, we’d liberally hurl furious accusations his way. ‘Itni jaldi utha dia hai, ab hum kya karain’/’Jab bataya hai keh jaldi nahi uthayen toh kyon uthaya’. AND HE WOULD ALWAYS APOLOGISE (brat alert).

This gentle treatment however was reserved for the girl child only – I totally feel for my younger brother about how he used to be dragged out of bed with a generous dose of insults entirely unrelated to the circumstances (‘future tabah hai tumhara agar subha naee uth saktay’ or ‘utha utha kar pagal kar dia hai, zaleel kar dogay baray ho kar’  – LOLZ. Hashtag, parents on crack. Full throttle character assassination, bros.

Our dad always used to be in the best of moods that early in the morning. He’d be cracking jokes at the table all the way through and we would be sitting with faces that looked like someone had just done the entire ghar ka pocha with them. There were times when we would oblige him and join in and make way too much noise and inevitably our mom would scream ‘Khayal karo, parosi kya sochainge’. That same line, for TWENTY years, guys. Lulz.

Other times, we’d be sprawled out on the living room floor like patients on anesthesia, waiting for the azaan because we were brutally woken up a few minutes earlier than the regular schedule (see reference one paragraph above, thanks). Patients on anesthesia but also capable enough to profusely indulge in trash talk and throw shade at the people who gave us life. So good.

Time with the parents is in any case one of the best times of your life but there are some amplified moments like these that make all of us go back in a second and reminisce like nobody’s business. (I know my sister will read this and message me immediately). It’s been years since I’ve had sehri with my mom (dad took a one-way ticket to heaven some time ago) and I don’t think it can ever be the same thing, because now I’m supposedly responsible and shit so if I were at my mom’s place now, I’d wake up with her to help out with the food? (tragedies of adulthood) And who knows when all of us would be together in Ramzan again. I miss that. But I’m grateful that I have a sound and healthy mind to be able to go back and actually ‘look’ at these memories (the visuals are so strong) and relive them in some way. Thanks Ammi, Abbu (dad, I hope you got internet up there) for one more absolutely priceless gift in life.

What was/is your sehri action like?


  1. Lovely post Shehzeen! Ramzan Mubarak to you! Your post made me emotional (& nostalgic) because I miss these sort of memories ever since I've grown up and priorities changed (yes I'm from a different faith as my name suggests but you know, reunions with my cousins, mum's cousins..I miss it all, and also being an only child doesn't help)

    1. Author

      Thank you! And I know what you mean, I'm in a perpetual state of nostalgia haha. Just the whole family thing is unbeatable.

  2. Haye this was so sweet. There really is a certain carefree nature about life at our parents.
    May Allah give all parents a very very long and healthy life. Ameen

  3. Adulthood sucks man esp when you are the eldest one and expected to act like an adult since the age of 5. I do quite a lot in the sehri and iftari and during the day too but of course with tons of complaints hurled at my mom:p
    it's all good to b together at the dining table though it's only 2 siblings at home now instead of 5.

    1. Author

      I hear you about the adulthood, my elder sister has always babied me and she's always been an adult since bachpan haha. And taking it out on the parents is almost a constitutional right you know. makes everything better 😛

  4. so relate-able!!! thanks for sharing such precious memories with a kick!

  5. I am a combination of happy+sad emotions rn. Partly because I am young enough to take everything for granted in the present and mostly because its not going to be like this forever. [lone tear escapes eye] oh, it's something in my eye I am not crying, yeah..


  6. This had me in tears, bachpan ki yaadein taaza kerdein. I miss my parents and siblings, I'm so so far away from then ?

  7. Touched, badly….sehri and iftari at mom's was the best thing of life. It can never be the same ?

  8. Couldn't agree more. My dad still calls me every morning 15 minutes before sehri ends (this is 5 years after my shadi). 🙂

  9. you brought back all those memories I had when i was at my parents place, and still if i go there for vacations during Ramadan, it is still the same!!!! Never woke up to help mom . :'(
    This Ramadan, although started on a very good note of making parathas in the sehri, now I just manage a bowl of yogurt, or left over fruit chat for sehri.

  10. This is my first Ramzan after shadi and I can't even tell how much in tears this post has brought me in 🙁 I misss my mom and her cooked food. I was the one who would never ever wake up to make sehri and would always go to the table and eat food with eyes closed. After shadi I'm the one helping my MIL cook sehri and cleanup afterwards :') . First few rozas after shadi were the worst I had ever had.. you know when the heart wrenching feeling of missing your home hits you real hard..

  11. I am still living with my parents home and I can so relate this 🙂 Stay blessed Shehzeen 🙂

  12. Aww..
    Have a blessed ramazan Shehzeen!


  13. This blog post is so relatable! Though this is my first ramzan without the parents, yet it's so different from how it used to be. The difficulty through which my siblings would keep their eyes open and how my father refused to eat anything that could truly classify as a proper meal for the day. You've made me reminisce! Hope you get a sehri with the parents soon! :*

  14. i can so totally relate to this man. my sehris at my parents were a lot like yours! we d have huge bursts of laughter over the table with mom, dad and my siblings. i did spend a few rozas after my shaadi at my parents when I was expecting my first child and I wasn't fasting that ramzan but I used to wake-up anyway to help mom and enjoy sehri with the family.sehris at parents were the best man and not just cuz I didn't have to make it myself, but cuz it had so much ronaq and life and happiness! I really miss it! I'm married 4.5 years now but your post has got me in tears !!

  15. That's so cute. This is my second Ramzan after shaadi and I have already given up.I just can't make anymore sehris ? I have actually asked hubster to give me one month chhuti in Ramzan. ??

    1. Author

      Haha. I've totally quit too. Both of us have khajoor and water lol. Partly because we overeat on iftari :O

  16. I was as much of a brat as you were growing up ? Dad waking us up for sehri I so identify with that haha. Responsibilities suck ?

  17. aww i miss my father, he used to so excited for Ramzan! had great memories with my family!

  18. Such a senti post Shehzeen!!
    You know I keep getting to hear from my elder cousins who are married that " karlo jitne mazay karne hain apne ghar (ami abu wala ghar) main, phir ye waqt nahi milta wapis.
    So making the most of it until hitched 🙂

    – Amna Jamil

  19. You made some real nostalgic memories come alive. Dad tried to wake us up several times and mom would make a final appearance where we had to give in lol. I didn't dare open my eyes fully during Sehri and kept them half closed so that my serene sleep won't betray and leave me. Good old days. I really miss all that.
    Now the situation is… my husband waking me up just like my dad :p I refuse to grow up!

  20. i am still living with my parents so sehri together is de riguer with yours truly making sehri and all that (today was quesadillas). My brother gets up before us all and makes his eggs and sausages so yeah 😛 i am pretty chirpy at Sehri so you can imagine my other siblings giving me the angry eye LOL

  21. Aww such a cute post! I remember sehri full of dhamki to eat or else we wouldn't be allowed to fast ???

  22. OMG. so on point.. i thought just my dad is like that…
    shehzeen… thanks for this post… brings back so many happy memories and honestly one of those that brought nostalgic tears to my eyes… you are so so right…we dont realize the amazing times we have had growing up until they are only distant memories…

  23. Lovely post yar! Sehri at parents were just too good. Seriously if my kid will be that ungrateful brat I was then I wouldn't be so sweet. Rather shouting utth!with chappal in my hands. And dads yaar unki to kya baat hoto duas for yours.
    Maza agaya

  24. still @ home with my parents, so perhaps ill relate more once i'm living on my own! i am that kid that will be woken up by mom my mom 5-10 mins before end eating time, to eat with my eyes closed lol! cute post!!

  25. Dont grow up 'its a trap'
    Seems to be so true now
    May Allah bless you and your family always. Ameen

  26. This is my first ramzan away from home in Germany. And i am living here with my younger sister. I have to be her mother sometimes and sometimes its vice versa. I miss home so much. Ramzan are not the same so far from family. I miss sehri time iftar time tarveeh time so much! and somewhere in my heart i know that those old days are gone for good and i will never be able to have that time again.. this realization is what makes me terribly sad 🙁

  27. And i forgot to add… my aba is so like us!! ami had to wake all of us. and while she was making sehri for all of us, we would usually go to aba's bed and sleep there with him 😀 Then me, my sisters along with our father used to run for sehri cx 5 min rehjate the 😀

  28. It's been almost 6years since I left my parents' place(i.e got married) but still whenever I go there during Ramazan… I become the old brat I used to be.. wanting to be woken up only 5mins before sehri(not even 4 mins 59secs) … And with all the 'farmaishen' for what I want to eat in Sehri…
    Gosh ! I'm too bad!

    1. Author

      Haha, it's the best! That level of comfort you cant get anywhere else. Brat rights, for the win.

  29. This is probably your most beautiful post ever – emotions and top quality humor all combinbed

  30. I could so relate to this, last year my elder brother moved abroad and my elder brother is also abroad. At a point i feel the same that the time when all 4 of us will be sitting to gather and having a dinner or meal to gather will never gonna be the same. Once you get older you get busy in your own world n at times cause of work commitments you have to miss many events. Those special events is all what life is made of. Cherish every moment together.

  31. Oh my G!! You made me so happy and sad at the same time. Now I am the one responsible for waking up a man-child I have for a husband and remind him of hell and stuff. Being a born and bred lazy ass, I just dont sleep till after sehri so I wont have to wake up and question my very existence. I miss my family so much more now.

  32. such a beautiful post!And I can totally relate to it!My dad would do the same kept on waking up and when I started working I never wanted to wake up so he would just come beside me made me sit gave a glass of water and some dates and put me back to sleep!Since now I am married for two years almost, the first ramazan away from home was the hardest as my dad passed away some six months ago so the memories were fresh and then I got to have one sehri this year with my mom and honestly i woke up before anyone else in the house. I made all the sehri and washed all the dishes and I was like what is happening to me!Its so strange as to how we women keep on evolving:p

  33. Do you remember that sweet siwayyaan type thing? I think it was called pheerni. Ramzan wasn't complete without it lol

  34. Beautifully written. M married for a year n half now n I totally can relate with each and everything. Though my parents r just in another city but still I can't have those sehri moments again.:(
    Reading this made me cry 🙁

  35. This was really beautifully put. I could vividly picture what you were describing and relating to the exact same thing happening at my house (haven't spent Ramzan with parents for the past 2 years since Baba has a work trip this time every year LOL). Parents are truly an incredible blessing. Bet your dad is smiling from the Heavens.

  36. Yaar so much nostalgia and sadness ! Sehri and overall Ramzan at parents house is amazing in retrospect ( while it happened I was too busy sleeping and complaining :P)and man too much missing for it post shaadi and baby ! Adulting sucks too much, there is no alarm more dreaded than the sehri alarm and no cranky days worse than sehri-less rozas -__-

  37. Shehzeen…I just read thid one and It made me sad too. Time spent with parents n siblings is really the BEST.N really sorry to know abt ur father. .. He must be enjoying ur blogs up there in Heaven.

  38. I just read this. and im now super emotional! My husbands bearing with my emotional rollercoaster rides these days (I blame the Ramadan advertisements- especially that Q mobile wala ad:P ) Dubai life! I miss Khi and home and siblings and their sarrra hua & annoyed face when waking up to the sehri:D
    now im going sad back home from work and be sad unless treated by an iftaar prepared by him LOL

    Nowadays I have to get up half an hour earlier just to make sure the husband gets up on time and switches on the light!

    Moomal Shahab (p.s im at work so no social media login here)

  39. Gone are the days of childhood & being pampered
    Adulting sucks

  40. No doubt ! There’s no substitute for parents and siblings 😊😊 bachan ki yaadein are always precious .. Will always cherish those moments !! ❤

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