Living Room: Big Change!

Living Room: Big Change!

Majorly stoked to show you guys the big change that just happened in my living room. Are you ready?
Now I don’t want to be that person that gets into a new relationship so quickly after getting out of an old one and tells you that this is ‘the one’, but here’s what it is: I’M IN LOVE LIKE NEVER BEFORE.
I mean, check him out.
Do you love it? I MADLY LOVE IT.
For those of you wondering why I would make this change so quickly, here’s the thing. I had owned the blue couch for about a year and a half but a lot of you only saw it once I did the living room reveal on the blog a few weeks ago (here it is). And when West Elm offered to give me a new couch, I found myself with zero self-control and immediately took them up on it.
I went to the store with much excitement but I was clear – if I didn’t love another couch as much as my blue one, I’d stick with the blue because I wasn’t emotionally done with it – I mean, sure, it was 1.5 years old but I’d imagined having it on me for 4-5 (if the spirits of the blue couch are still lurking in my apartment, please understand that if you had a choice between your husband and Ryan Gosling, you’d pick Ryan. Your husband would pick him too, it’s that kind of a thing).
But I saw this one. And I said yes so fast, N had to take a second to recover because that’s not how quick he got a yes out of me. Hashtag shit happens.
I absolutely love this guy. This midcentury-esque shape is my DREAM shape, it’s the one I’ve always, always wanted. The legs are totally speaking to my soul. The color is SO much nicer, it’s made the room brighter and you guys know the room is already so bright. It’s larger than the previous one too so even more spacious for three people to hang out together (four on movie nights). And since the seats have more depth than the blue one, it’s way more comfortable.
And you know the best part? It looks even better in real. Everrrrryone who’s come over since then has absolutely loved it.
So basically, my heart is with me no more. Tell me your thoughts?
The couch in-store now at West Elm and is priced at AED 5400.
See full living room makeover here where you’ll also find the list of places where I got everything else from. Enjoyaiz.

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  1. OH.


  2. Looks really good. Patakhas! 😀

  3. Really does make the room pop even more.. love the color!

  4. It looks sooo good! The colour goes better with the rug. I love the whole bright vibe.

  5. Yayy i literally have the same couch �� I mean almosttt mine's an IKEA but honestly looks more chic than what you'd expect out of there. Exact same colour, i love how orange totally brightens up the room!!

  6. It's gorgeoussssss ????

  7. Wow it is a beauty! :')

  8. Dude who wouldn't pick Ryan Gosling thats like the rules of feminism. This couch is my favorite corally orange color so my heart skipped a beat so this love is real.

  9. What did you do with the blue one. If your selling it I'm willing to buy.

  10. It looks amazing yaar.just when I thought your living room couldn't be better it got more awsome

  11. I loved your blue couch and after looking at the picture all my love shifted to this red couch within a jiffy 🙂 Enjoy it to the fullest

  12. Mubarkaan, badhaiyaan, patakhay woohoo. The couch is awesome and the legs are totally kickass, really goes with your coffee table. Totally loving the new look. MashahAllah.


  13. Wow this is so cool .. Room looks more bright and lively ?
    love it ❤

    – Tooba

  14. Now this is something extraordinary. Love love love the colour and trust me the blue one was no match to this colour. It gives such happy vibes. And the those legs ???, i wish i had as sexy legs as these 😉

  15. OMG. I loved the blue one but this just pops! Love it even more! The room looks so airy and bright. Love love love

  16. Wow ? It makes the whole space look much bigger and yes definitely more brighter 🙂

  17. Its Ah-mazing!! Can feel the phatakas in your living room!! ??????

  18. Love it!!!! The blue one blended in and this mustard/orange (morange? Ostard?) stands out! Your space looks great with both X

  19. Orange is the new black!!! This makes your living room more awesome thn before… Fits in perfectly.. It was made for your living room for sure…

  20. What a beauty! Love the new look. In some ways I want to be like you and have such a loyal support system. Didnt used to comment much ever but suddenly ive started to (thanks to snapchat I feel like I owe it to you since otherwise it's a little creepy stalker-ish, no? Haha) I'm hooked.

  21. Awesome and attractive color combo i have ever gone through and seen ?

  22. Looks fab!
    I think..and it maybe just me.
    That the cushions went better with the blue one …maybe alter them too? Or maybe it's pictured with different cushions here o.o

  23. now the living room is with a "KICK" 😉 i absolutely love orange color and this rustic orange is so much appealing….. only if it wasnt tht expensive 🙁 they took back your last sofa right?

  24. It has absolutely made the room brighter. Looks super comfy.. The real living room stuff.. ao wat u just gav away the blue one and handed u over this one??

  25. WOW it looks just perfect. The thing is that the room is so full of colors that any sofa even if it is bright yellow will fit in well.

  26. Everything seems to go along so well in ur living room 🙂

  27. wow! nice room furniture. i like this furniture. Big thanks to you for sharing such great information. glider

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