Five Year Anniversary!

Five Year Anniversary!

N and I have been married for five years now (dispatch a truckload of Mashallahs, thanks) and this year we decided to do a fun video around a ’10 Questions with N’ kind of thing. Just press play above and enjoyaiz. You can toggle the quality of the video based on your internet connection.
This is also officially my first video on YouTube and the beginning of my YouTube channel. WOOHOOO. I can’t promise I’ll post regularly, because I can’t generate the typical YT content, but I’ll keep it breathing. *wink* You can subscribe to it here if you want.
I’m really, really excited to share this milestone with you guys and totally hoping you love it.
If you’d like to check out my last year’s anniversary post, it’s right here, boys.


  1. I'm as excited for your YT channel like I launched mine lol. Loved the video, you guys are the bestestest!

  2. Awww i loved this. You guys are super adorable Ma Shaa Allah Ma Shaa Allah. Love the warm and friendly vibe you both have going on. Wishing you both unlimited more anniversaries together ��

  3. You have a beautiful soul and it shows in your smile. Bless you both

  4. Absolutely loved it! ❤️
    You both are adorable, MashAllah. Happyyy Anniversaryyyy! ✨��

  5. You guys are adorable!!
    Happy anniversary!!


  6. Hey! It was a nice effort! I think I enjoy your snaps more. Also, you should work on the picture quality. Over all, really admire your personality. Goodluck 🙂

  7. Oh my god can you guys be more goals ??? happy anniversary! This video had me smiling the whole time 😀

  8. Oh I've never come across a desi youtube channel about anything. Excited about what kind of content you'd produce there.
    Areej 😉

  9. You guys are TOO cute MashAllah. You've always been a star but N is the new emerging star. Love your chemistry MashAllah MashAllah. Too cute. Loved it 🙂

    – Maheen A

  10. Oh!!! what a zabardast video…

    Bucket full of Masha Allahs for you both….
    Allah buri nazar se bachae 🙂

    All the very best for your YT channel…. so looking forward to it…. 🙂

  11. That's the cutest thing I have seen today. You guys are adorable . Keep it up ��


  12. That's the cutest thing I have seen today. You guys are adorable . Keep it up ��


  13. This is an afterthought but your snap about the importance of a good marriage versus a banging celebration (pun wasn't intended but if the shoe fits) was so incredibly insightful and my request is that you actually put that on the your channel. I would def share that with the world because it sends such a wonderful message to girls about what marriage goals should be.

  14. That was sooooooo much fun and a treat to watch. You guys are definitely goals. This video had me smiling the whole time and I'm amazed by how much in sync are you guys. Stay Blessed and stay happy always.

    Yours truly

  15. Loved it! You guys are couple goals! Looking forward to more videos ❤️
    -Ayesha asif

  16. I LOVED IT. I got so happy when I got to know about it on snapchat. You two are MASH'ALLAH MASH'ALLAH MASH'ALLAH CUTEST and amazing couple. I'd love to see more videos. Finally a good Pakistani vlogger. :")

  17. Hi,
    MASHAALLAH You people look very cute together and I simply loved this video. Can't wait to see more video from both of you 🙂


  18. This was the cutest thing ever. Soo soo glad u r becoming bigger and better

  19. loved it! two things ….. Shahzeen you r your mom's copy!(from what i have seen of her in your snap chat n all) and Nabeel writes long answers cause he is a FASTIAN!! LOL

    Stay blessed!

  20. Just watchef this video. Lovely couple bulkay Lively couple Mashallah. Stay blessed and keep laughing enjoying your life like this.

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