Blog Anniversary Giveaway 2016: Product Reveal #20 (The Last One!)

Blog Anniversary Giveaway 2016: Product Reveal #20 (The Last One!)

Note: The giveaway contest is NOT open right now and will launch Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, when all details on how to enter the contest will also be shared. It will be open to UAE and Pakistan (the reason why it’s not worldwide this time is right at the end of the post). The blog will be off ‘regular transmission’ this entire week and I’ll be posting two product reveals every day starting Monday, June 13th until Sunday, June 19th, 2016.

IMPORTANT: There will be TWO winners in this contest who are going to win a bunch of goodies. One winner from the UAE and the other from Pakistan. All product reveals will clearly mention which products will be part of the UAE Prize and the Pakistan prize. Not all products may be the same in both prizes.
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Last reveal before the giveaway launches and I’ve got two epic brands: Osmo & Sudio.

I hadn’t heard of Osmo prior to this but when I saw what it’s about, I grabbed it with both hands to fit into the giveaway. Osmo is an award-winning gaming system for the iPad that opens it up to hands-on play (iPad not included, sorraayy) and fosters a ton of skills like critical thinking, problem solving, etc.

Basically you dock your iPad onto the Osmo base and convert your table into a playing field. Because this is new stuff, I’m going to plug a video below for one of their games so you see how it works. It’s INCREDIBLE.

For the giveaway I have the Osmo Genius Kit which includes the following games: Numbers, Tangram, Newton, Words, Masterpiece. This is primarily for kids but I absolutely love the Masterpiece, I mean I want it for myself. You can read more about the Genius Kit here and also check out more videos on Osmo here. This is a killer kit. 

Next, these Sudio earphones. Sudio’s a Swedish company and their products have the coolest aesthetic. These Klang earphones are orange in color (only the best color) and come with a bunch of features like the 3-Button remote, Stay-in-Ear, 10 mm dynamic speak to deliver the best sound. It works with most phones but is optimally designed for Apple devices.

The package comes with 4 pairs of extra sleeves, a metal clip and a leather carrying case. Sexy stuff, boys. They’re not your ordinary earphones therefore the higher price tag and two people out of all us are about to experience the magic that comes with these guys very soon. Image credit above: Sudio

All this stuff is worth AED 1400 / PKR 40,000, bros. IMAGINE THAT.

So the winners chosen at the end of the giveaway contest each get the following: 1 Osmo Genius Kit & 1 Sudio Earphones Kit.
The featured products are sponsored by Gadgitech Middle East and are governed by the giveaway contest terms and conditions that will be shared when the contest launches.

The product reveals are over! The giveaway launches tomorrow, June 21st, 2016 at 12:00 pm Gulf Standard Time and 01:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time and runs for 13 days. Are you ready?

All instructions on how to enter the giveaway will be in the blog post so make sure you head back here then and get in on the fun. I’M SO EXCITED.

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Note: The giveaway was open worldwide last year, however this year it’s only UAE and Pakistan. While I’d love to include everyone, last year I learnt that the customs duties on such a huge package could be ginormous for some countries and which the winner would have had to pay when receiving the item, which felt excessive and unfair. So while it would have been very sexy in the beginning, it was definitely a fairytale with a nightmare ending. IF YOU WANT, you can participate for someone you know in the UAE or Pak but you’ll need to provide a shipping address immediately if you win, failing which the prize will go to the backup winner.


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