Blog Anniversary Giveaway 2016: Product Reveal #1

Blog Anniversary Giveaway 2016: Product Reveal #1

Note: The giveaway contest is NOT open right now and will launch Tuesday, June 21st, 2016, when all details on how to enter the contest will also be shared. It will be open to UAE and Pakistan. The blog will be off ‘regular transmission’ this entire week and I’ll be posting two product reveals every day starting Monday, June 13th until Sunday, June 19th, 2016.


Note: The giveaway was open worldwide last year, however this year it’s only UAE and Pakistan. While I’d love to include everyone, last year I learnt that the customs duties on such a huge package could be ginormous for some countries and which the winner would have had to pay when receiving the item, which felt excessive and unfair. So while it would have been very sexy in the beginning, it was definitely a fairytale with a nightmare ending. IF YOU WANT, you can participate for someone you know in the UAE or Pak but you’ll need to provide a shipping address immediately if you win, failing which the prize will go to the backup winner.
IMPORTANT: There will be TWO winners in this contest who are going to win a bunch of goodies. One winner from the UAE and the other from Pakistan. All product reveals will clearly mention which products will be part of the UAE Prize and the Pakistan prize. Not all products may be the same in both prizes.
Now let’s get going? I’m EXCITED AS HELL to get the giveaway started with CLARISONIC! WOOHOOOO.
It’s no secret that I’m addicted to my Clarisonic and I cannot wait to share this fantastic little thing with some of you very soon. *High-fives all around*
I’ve talked about the product on the blog before and for long-time readers, you know that I don’t want to imagine my life without it. It’s a skin cleansing device that I religiously use nearly everyday. It cleans like no other and is quick and easy (about a minute each time). You can read in detail about why I love this so much right here on one of my earlier posts.
SO the winners chosen at the end of the giveaway contest get one each of the Clarisonic Mia 2. Sounds good?
Note: Colors may vary. Warranties don’t apply.ALSO. I’m doing Snapchat tours of the products this year, so join me there to see the stuff up close! ID: shehzeen-r

The second product reveal coming tonight! And please like the post if you liked this *handshake*
The featured products are governed by the giveaway contest terms and conditions that will be shared when the contest launches.


  1. Omgg!! The moment I read the Hint, this is the first thing that came up in my mind, Clarisonic 😀
    Too much excitement too handle.

    -Amna J

  2. YAYYY I already have one but I am excited for the person who will get it because this is the greatest skin care tool OF ALL TIME

  3. Hum USA walo ka kya qasooor hai..?
    Why shahzeeen..yai zulm kiun..
    I know i had the least chances but it was so much fun & excitement last year to do all those tasks everyday to get most entries..

    I'm starting my duas already
    -Zainab N

  5. Oooo my gaaad. I want this so bad. Was about to buy it. But I'll wait for the contest and win..

  6. I'm dying to get my hands on this one. Oh Allah SWT! Please pretty please make me win.


  7. I have the worst skin…need it! Make me win Allah jee.plz its ramadan.plz

  8. First giveaway reveal and I'm super pumped already! Lol – I'm currently using one of the cheaper alternatives of these, the Olay Pro X – love that, trying to save up to get an actual Clairisonic – but winning would be soo much better! Haha

  9. I want this soo bad… how to win this ? ?

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