The Ultimate Beard Kit by Babel Alchemy

The Ultimate Beard Kit by Babel Alchemy

If an important guy in your life’s got a beard, this is the PERFECT gift.
N started to think about experimenting with a beard a few months ago. I wasn’t such a fan of the idea in the beginning but I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it out at least once (one person keeping a beard in a relationship is a mutual decision, FYI). He did, we both loved it and since then he’s been part of the beard fraternity.
However, keeping hair on your face is just like having it on your head – it’s got to be taken care of. I didn’t really care about this aspect initially but pretty soon things started going south – dryness, itchy skin, coarse hair, all the sexy stuff. Some guys (and by some I mean him) can be pretty ridiculous and ignorant, unfortunately, when it comes to these things but I like to keep my toys clean (lulz) so I decided to fix this.
I received this Black Box Grooming Kit by Babel Alchemy, forced N to try it (he was secretly excited because I saw him handling the beard oil like it was his baby) and decided this was a keeper.
So ladies and gentlemen, meet your new friend. You need this in your life and I’m going to introduce you guys to each other some more. This grooming kit comes with all of the below.

1. Black Vetiver Beard Shampoo: Beard hair is so coarse. N’s hair is really soft on his head but the beard is another story so his regular shampoo doesn’t work. This shampoo designed for beard hair softens it down. You can actually feel the difference post wash (I touch-tested everything like the beard police). Also, it’s chemical and sulfate free, so big win (also because your face is right behind your beard and no one wants any nasty stuff on that). It’s got Vetiver oil in it which is supposed to be great for aging/dry/dying hair (reading up on this has made me interested in Vetiver oil for myself?). Check it out on their website here.
2. Beard Oil: This is my favorite. This oil really conditions the hair and also moisturizes the skin. It instantly calms down the scraggly look of the beard and takes away the itchiness. It’s a MUST-HAVE. They’ve got two oils: unscented and sandalwood. We have the sandalwood and like the smell. Again, no colorants/preservatives/chemicals in these. It’s got about 60 ml and should last upto a few months. Check it out on their website here.

3. Beard Balm: This is a styling product. If you’re getting confused about the difference between the balm and the oil, here’s what it is – The oil will condition and moisturize, the balm will style the beard into shape. It’s basically a pomade (like women use for styling the ends of their hair after adding waves, for example). This is what bangs a beard into shape and makes it look presentable so you look less “My girlfriend just broke up with me so I haven’t shaved in five months” and more “Oh hey, I’m ready to go out and party”. No chemicals in this as well so it’s actually what you should have versus a petroleum product because that’s a synthetic sealant and will damage your hair and skin and you shouldn’t do that to yourself. I was reading up about it and I saw that this has shea butter and that’s what you need to make your beard look thicker especially if you have a patchy one. AND, it has additional oils so the balm doesn’t just lock your hair into place but also moisturizes and conditions – without the oils, a balm will just cause hair breakage by sealing in dryness (you’re welcome for all of this information – I googled it because initially I thought the balm is pointless). Check it out on their website here.

4. Beard Comb: This baby’s handcrafted from pear-wood and is meant to tidy up your beard and distribute the natural oils through the hair strands. Couples are supposed to share everything but not a hairbrush. A comb’s important because again the hair’s different on your face. Imagine beard hair on your head – I’d NEVER abuse it with a hairbrush because that would just be lots of heart and hair break. This doesn’t sell separately but comes within the grooming kit.

Babel Alchemy ships worldwide so ANYONE can have this. It’s priced at AED 245 (roughly PKR 6900) AND SHIPPING IS FREE. You’ve got to get this for guys you like (with beards, naturally). Force them to use it if they’re not on board. They’ll be convinced after the first usage (test subject in my house so speaking from experience).
Buy the Black Box Grooming Kit here. And if you want extras, you can buy them separately at these links: Beard Shampoo, Unscented Beard Oil, Sandalwood Beard Oil, and Beard Balm.
They also have a cologne for men here and some other cool accessories if you’re interested.
You can follow Babel Alchemy on social media here – they have a very cool feed. Facebook, Instagram. (I’m doing it FYI)

This post is in collaboration with Babel Alchemy but all opinions are mine as always.

Until next time.


  1. My husband needs this. Immediately.

  2. I just started keeping a beard as well but mine is kind of long with hipster vibes. Does the balm work with this length? You might not know the answer to this question but I'm asking anyway – Hammad

    1. Author

      I wouldn't have known this prior to my aggressive googling while researching the product and general beard products – but a balm is the perfect styling product for longer beards. (Y)

  3. how much money do these guys give u for writing these praises? -taimur

    1. Author

      How much money do you get paid for reading a blog you don't trust? 😉

      Buy it, use it, then call me – I'll accept your apology 😉

  4. for me it is free. the point is this product sucks but just cos u want to promote it for money u wrote so much. thats kind of unfair ! read reviews online atleast before u lie to ur readers. -taimur

    1. Taimur please stop mansplaining to her how to run her own blog. She tried the product and then wrote about it. No need to read reviews online to write her own review. jeez.

  5. wow wish I could give this to all the sexy guys with beards i know…you know in my imagination…
    super fun review, and something i would consider getting guy friends 😀

  6. Atiya the whole point is when someone rants on about going chemical free and suggests a product enriched with dangerous chemicals it kind of becomes their responsibility. i am a follower and i demand authenticity because she is trying to influence people who have not used it. the sad part is there are hardly any posts for men and the only one she writes it is because these guys paid her for it. If i buy this product and burnt my face, can i sue this blog or no ? – taimur

    1. Author

      Ok Taimur. Since you're clearly very unhappy and also questioning my integrity by calling me a liar, here are some facts:

      1. Which products in this beard kit have been 'enriched with dangerous chemicals'? Please share. I'm sitting here having a cookie while waiting on your report.

      2. The brand clearly states they do not use chemicals, preservatives, colorants or fragrances in any of their products. I trust them like all other brands I've liked who state the same. When a brand says they're chemical free, do you scientifically test to confirm if that is true? I'll answer for you: No.

      3. There are no currently no posts for men but I am branching out as long as they are linked to my experience. Brands that would interest my husband are a part of my life and therefore will go on the blog. That's part of my business decisions and you don't have a say in that. Also, I don't consider this fact necessary to share with you but I did it anyway, you're welcome.

      4. Have you tried this product? You have been consistently saying that I am lying about this product when you haven't tried it yourself (since you did write that "if I use this product". You claim that other reviews for this product are bad, again, very untrue – google it and check, all reviews are currently 5 stars – I didn't mention that fact in my review because it has nothing to do with mine. My review is my experience and that's all the readers need to know.

      5. After 3 weeks of using this on my husband, I don't see his face being burnt. He's using a beard kit, not acid.

      6. All reviews on my blog are based on a rigorous testing period and do NOT go up if I am not happy with the product. You see 10% of the products being reviewed versus what I receive on a daily basis. There is a review policy that is shared with all brands that send me their products. If you're a brand interested in sending me product, let me know, I'll send you my policy.

      7. It's people like you do not let creatives move forward in our country. You want free content everyday but you don't want to see someone being paid for it. Pretty sure you wouldn't go to a work a single day if you didn't get paid for it. You'll pay for a movie ticket because that's entertainment but bloggers should write for free. If you don't trust my blog, feel free to lose the link. If I was up for reviews based on getting paid only, you'd see a lot more that you've never seen here.

      I'd love to lose you as a reader. Please help me out.

    2. Oh man Taimur you got whipped!! I just came here to say that I have used their beard oil and it's great so I completely trust what she's saying. By the by, I am one of those people who have been asking Shehzeen to do reviews for men since a long time so I'm happy to see this 🙂

    3. Author

      Hi Taimur. I've talked with the wonderful team at Babel Alchemy and they are very interested in your feedback against your verified order number. You can contact them at 04-5517855 with your concerns. They do not currently have any complaints registered on their email or social media against your name. If you really have an issue with the product, please reach out to them, which you apparently have not. Please remember, Facebook reviews are non-retractable so if you post a genuine review based on your experience on their Facebook page, they cannot remove it. Anonymous commenting hasn't helped you so far, please try one of the legitimate ways of giving feedback through an official complaint against an order number or registered Facebook review.

  7. Taimur, buddy, please go home. Love the review, keep them coming! I'm with you a 100 percent!

  8. I've been using the whole kit since a couple of months now. Love it so far. Alan.

  9. Author

    I respect your opinion and completely trust that it did not work for you. However, I will not accept someone not using constructive statements like you have and call the review "lies" not once but multiple times as well as claim that without having used the product. I stand by my response as well as the review. Happy to know you follow the blog, hi!

  10. Anyone can have an allergic reaction to any product. Just because it didn't suit a few people doesn't mean it's bad. I wouldn't say her reaction is serious as I would be PISSED if anyone questions my integrity and calls me a liar for no reason. Way to go shehzeen. Keep up the good work.

  11. Interesting stuff happening here! Honestly I've seen Shehzeens responses to negative comments and they're always light hearted. If someone called me a liar and that I wrote the review because someone paid me, I'd say a lot more 😛 You go girl, you're the best and I love you!

  12. Totally ordering it. And in a way i want to thank taimur that he stooped down to a level that dww had to respond with the highest level of sharp wit which i thoroughly enjoyed and found impressive. Thanks taimur.

    1. Author

      I have sandalwood! I like the smell of sandalwood in general but if you don't then probably go for unscented.

  13. Author

    Hi Faisal. Since you also mentioned that you did not have a positive experience with the brand, I've discussed with the team at Babel Alchemy and they are very interested in your feedback against your verified order number. You can contact them at 04-5517855 with your concerns. They do not currently have any complaints registered on their email or social media against your name. If you really have an issue with the product, please reach out to them. Please remember, Facebook reviews are non-retractable so if you post a genuine review based on your experience on their Facebook page, they cannot remove it. Please try one of the legitimate ways of giving feedback through an official complaint against an order number or registered Facebook review. Hope this helps.

  14. I'm a loyal customer of Babel. I started with the oil and now own the whole range. Came to this blog through a friend's share. Nice work.

  15. Awesome review. Very detailed and answered all the questions i had. Now im just vonfused whether to but the whole kit for my husband or start with one of these things… My husband is very choosy in terms of smells so in case of oil , i need to see what i should choose… They have added to the oil range 🙂 mint!! Is there too!! Thanks Shehzeen!❤️

  16. Hello, I’m here to comment on some of the ridiculous comments on this post.

    Monetization is one of the essentials of blogging. It is passion, alright; but if someone is earning to write reviews, while actually having tried the product themselves, it is totally ethical. Although readers have the right to disagree, it is not appropriate to accuse and question the right of the author to make money.

    P.S. I maybe going for this product. I’ve had a beard for a long time (8 years I think) but have been just ignorant about its care. Thank you for the review.


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