Project Apartment: Living Room Makeover Reveal (PART 2)

Project Apartment: Living Room Makeover Reveal (PART 2)

Update: I’ve changed the living room couch since doing this reveal. Check the new one out here.

If you’ve just come here without seeing Part 1 of my living room makeover, stop right there and check it out otherwise it’s just going to be like you had dessert before dinner. Seriously, go to Part 1. Then come back here. See you later.

But if you’ve already seen the first part, welcome and let’s resume.

Note: All details on where I got everything and any DIY project details are all at the end of the post. If I’ve missed anything, let me know and I’ll add it.

Earlier when we were figuring out the layout of this space, we had kept the couch with its back to the kitchen but it made us feel really suffocated so we tried the couch against the wall (and man did it look awesome against that wallpaper) but that way it felt like we were always looking at the rest of the apartment (kitchen/office) and that didn’t work out for us as well. Finally, when we tried this position, it felt like the best because we had visibility on the entryway corridor so things didn’t feel as cramped and we still had separation from the kitchen and office areas.

I deliberately picked this chair as the second armchair because it’s very basic and doesn’t feel like an extra piece in the room even though it can accommodate one whole person. The airy vibe helps in keeping things light and that’s my general area of interest in this apartment.

Doing the DIY on the refrigerator really helped because it doesn’t feel like we’re looking at an appliance while hanging out on the couch and helps us pretend that it’s an exotic sculpture that we had specially imported from Brazil (what am I even saying?).

Also, kept the coffee table very light. We eat here, we lounge here – making it décor heavy would have just been a pain in the ass and I’m allergic to that. So, basic, minimal.

If anyone’s noticing, I’m currently possessed with wicker/rattan/whatever-this-is-called.

Hanging macramé planter  – a DIY project that I’ve linked below.

I’m sorry they can’t talk to you, they’re very busy guarding N’s star-trek router.

How to incorporate your husband’s obsessions into your décor and make his gadgets appear less ugly: plant a collectible on a network drive.

If anyone remembers, I did the legs asymmetrically on this console table and I’m typing this out so you can’t forget it even if you tried.

And just in case you missed this guy, he’s right there in that corner between the living room and my office space.

His base stand, a DIY that I’ve also linked below.


This beautiful throw, all handmade, from one of the nicest people I’ve worked with. She doesn’t do this on a large scale anymore but you can always check.

And one last shot of this, before I go.

THAT’S IT. Tell me guys, did you love it? I won’t mind over-the-top reactions AT ALL. And if you really, really enjoyed it then please ‘like’ the post also, yawr.

I’ve changed the living room couch since doing this reveal. Check the new one out here.

Bright Tribal Cushion: KAS Australia / Black & White Cushion: IKEA (similar here) / Beige Tribal Cushion: Society6 / White & Gold Cushion: Society6 / Heart Cushion: Society6 / White Cushion: Society6 (similar here) / Striped Plant Pot: Daiso / Heart Throw: Ashley Made Knits / Brown Side Table: Home CentreCane Side Table: Lahore / Flamingo: Plant Souk / Android Figures: Kinokuniya / Coffee Table Book: House of Prose / Candle: Bath & Body Works / Storage Basket: IKEA / Wall Frame: IKEA Ribba (not good quality, choose something else) / Batman Cabinet: IKEA Fabrikor Display Cabinet / Batman: Comicave.

DIY Projects
Plant Hangers / Collectible Stand / Duck Tape Refrigerator

If you missed Part 1, it’s right here.

And you can also check out the rest of my apartment makeovers right here: bedroom, kitchen and home office.


  1. LOOOL here's Batsy hehe. Loving the placement of Deadpool it' like he is "Hey, sup guys?" sawry about geeking out too much, we've had a steady influx of graphic novels in the house courtesy Amna 😛

    Btw love how everything you DIY-ed found a home in your living room.

  2. *bows down to your greatness* I am in awe of you! Now I am going back and looking at all the pictures again…

  3. Awesome????I assume the brick wall is a wall paper, can you please post a link to that as well. Thanks

  4. Zabardastttt!!
    So lively and full of life, I guess there ever wont be a moment of dullness 😀
    Loved the yellow phone subse zayda(Y)


  5. Love it. You re doing up my space if I ever move to dubai. You're booked already.

  6. Omg this looks super dope! Love everything about this makeover.. Kudos girl!

  7. Yaar I'm in love with your centre table. It's beautiful!!! Love how much variety you have there in Dubai.
    Specially noticed the plants. All real? I remember some used to be fake :p
    Exotic sculpture imported from Brazil!!!!! Lmaooo!!!

  8. seriously..I'm in AWE.went through the pictures like thrice thinking I wanna live here! ?

  9. OMG!!!! ? It looks so amazing man!!! Everything is so perfect!!! Amazing job Shehzeen as always!


  10. I just cant stop myself from seeing all these pictures again and again. Gawwd you are sucha pro man! LOVE EACH AND EVERYTHING. Beautiful I repeat BEAUTIFUL, that's what your living room is.

  11. The great thing about this makeover is that it really reflects your individuality and that's what makes the overall look unique – well done! How long did this project take from start to finish? I think people don't appreciate the time and planning that actually goes into achieving something of this sort and the effort of living in a half-finished space for quite some time and being okay with it. It's not a click-your-heels-twice and voila! kind of activity.

    I just had a question about DIY in a confined apartment space – how do you deal with getting rid of the smell of paint? I'm assuming a sanding/stripping type thing would be impossible indoors.


    1. Author

      I am SO panning a post on exactly that. This took me about a year to do because some weeks you're not doing anything at all and you slowly find stuff you love. I'm very slow in life in general so I'm a total advocate of taking your time to do things. DIY is a tough one in a closed space, I do this near the balcony and pull all windows open as soon as I'm doing spray painting for example. I haven't sanded and stripped yet because not needed that till now. Thank you for the amazing comment about individuality and sab 🙂

  12. Love it. What a colourful rug . And love everything else too 🙂

    – Maheen A


  14. Always loved ur place!mAshaAllah awesome detail pictures.i loveee the silver grey suitcase thingie which has the globe lamp on it. Love N's action figures.. love ur fridge!is that just duct tape?love ur white chair and the faux bar !! Wowza. Ahh i wish i wasnt this lazy i hv always wanted to do a makeover at my apartment. I dnt know why i dont?! Im just gona hate myself more now ? anyway i hope i get motivated sooon!!!!! Keep rocking desi wonder woman 🙂

  15. Hello Desi Wonderwoman! What an AWESOME makeover! Love how you have set up your apartment! Thank you for posting the links to all the DIYs and the stores. How did you do the brick wall finish for your walls?

    1. Author

      Thank you!! The brick wall is actually wallpaper, I've linked it above 🙂

  16. Whaaaaaa. This is beyond amazing. Wish i had a best friend who could do all this for my whole house ufff

  17. Heyyy.. You did it again!!

    It looks awesome..the whole living room area and every single thing in it.
    I lovee lovee how you break the couches situation. I mean having same couches and same sitting situation is just so boring. This sitting looks more nice and stylish!
    Tht Big Tv. Well guys and thr obsession with big tvs..know one knows.. !
    Love the yellow phone. Is mein to baat krnay mein bhi maza aaya.. Too cute..

    Every thing looks good.. Every part of your apt is just so awesome and perfect. Like you two are MashaAllah

    1. Author

      Thank you, So glad you like the odd pairing of the chairs too <3 And yep, can't argue with the big TV thing. Just have to accept it heh. Thank you so muchhh again.

  18. LOVE IT! Very.. you. Looks straight out of a magazine. I can't begin to imagine how long this took though?! But I love it. (Ignore my repetitions, cuz I love it. Lulz)

    1. Author

      I love repetitive appreciation so please, never stop yourself 😀 I'll do a post on the BTS of this soon.

  19. You really are a Wonder Woman! I mean how cool is this living room of yours! I've never seen such an awesome use of space with nothing so fancy or over the top! I just love everything about it, so simple yet so creatively decorated! Could you please tell me where you got your chairs from?

    1. Author

      Thank you so much <3 The chairs are linked at the end of the post 🙂 Theyre from IKEA and Homes R US.

  20. Super Cool!! You really out did it <3

  21. This is just love ! So much color and personality and style oozing out of the picture without looking too perfect and clinical. It must be so much fun hanging out here lol ! I love the attention to detail in every corner and the lack of visible cabling even though there is a full surround sound system happening..hating myself for being so lazy about doing interiors..can you do this professionally so we just hire you and be happy ? 😀

    1. Author

      Haha the cabling is there but you can't really see it all angles. Plus I live with someone who believes it's a sin for cables to show so 😐

  22. gosh, absolutely amazing! I love how much thought you put into details. I want to move to dxb just so I can live in a cosy apartment like this one. Congrats on your gorgeous living room makeover. Job welldone!

  23. I wish i could steal this rug of yours. Room setting look no less for a Ellie Magazine. i just adore all the odd set of chairs i wish my dad will allow me to do something like this in our lounge.

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