Project Apartment: Living Room Makeover Reveal (PART 1)

Project Apartment: Living Room Makeover Reveal (PART 1)

Update: I’ve changed the living room couch since doing this reveal. Check the new one out here.


The last section of the living area in my apartment, dressed up as the official living room, IS HERE.

So like I’ve talked to you guys before, this room was a terribly shaped space (I mean, 6 walls?!) which had the kitchen right there in the living room with absolutely no separation and we had to make everything happen in that limited space. If you want to see the entire room, check out this post I did once upon a time. We created a home office space out of this and visually separated the kitchen and then worked with the rest to create our living room space.

Unlike my bedroom which I kept very dramatic and moody, I wanted this area to be bright, cheerful and going hormonally imbalanced with color. The kitchen and office behind it had the same vibe going on and I wanted them all to be happy together.

Note: All details on where I got everything and any DIY project details are all at the end of the post. If I’ve missed anything, let me know and I’ll add it.

Let’s do a quick BEFORE. (I’m sorry I don’t have better pictures, at that time I had no plans of ever doing a living room reveal. I’m not sure why I even have this terrible picture, what was I trying to accomplish by immortalizing this wannabe crime scene – questions like these haunt me at times).

And now here’s the AFTER.

Okay, you guys. I think this is hands down my most favorite spot in the entire apartment.

I truly, madly, deeply kind of love it. I’m not going indulge in any small talk and simply take you around the room and do tiny commentary where needed.  So doing a full circle around the space and then following it up with details.

We used to have matching couches in our last apartment and I wanted to not do that this time. So we picked out our main couch and then did mismatched armchairs for extra seating.

Our TV is ginormous (you can talk to N about that, I have nothing to do with this) and I would’ve loved for it to be mounted on the wall but it was way too heavy for the drywall (no beams behind) and so we couldn’t do that. But I don’t mind it on the console anymore and I think it looks okay. This console is the one I DIY-ed by the way, link at the end.

Not just a globe, but also a lamp. Don’t underestimate, thanks.

And that’s not just a skull, but also a phone, LULZ. I did use it as a phone for a bit but then I found another phone so now this functions as a decorative item. (Its eyes blink and everything when it rings, FYI).

Weird corner space that I think has been made okay with this tray that leans against a wall when it’s just the two of us and gets used for serving drinks when other people come over. Nice item.

Dad’s books and skull-phone.

This awesome tank from the trip I took to Thailand with N. I always bring back something for my place when I travel and this was our Thai souvenir.

You know I like stacked stuff. A similar DIY project I did with books is linked at the end.

If you’d like to understand why I keep empty bottles and a faux bar at my place when I don’t drink, I’d like to tell you that I have no answer and often do irrational stuff. This is a DIY project that I’ve also linked at the end.

Yup, this is a real phone and you can make calls with it – what we have to confirm to everyone who comes over.

N’s boys.

Close-ups because N feels sensitive about them like they’re photographs of his kids.

Don’t miss the web coming out of Spidey’s hands, by the way.

And now you can move to Part 2 to check out the rest of the stuff. If you liked this so far, like the post, please yaar.

I’ve changed the living room couch since doing this reveal. Check the new one out here.

Couch: West Elm / Coffee Table: Custom-made (Hadi, +971-55-5599132) / Rug: Etsy (seller discontinued) / Typographic Armchair: Homes R Us, Cane Armchair: IKEA Nipprig (similar here) / Trunk Sidetable: Pier Import / Wallpaper: Danube Home / Silver Candle: H&M Home / Plants: Dubai Garden Center / Globe Lamp: Home Centre / Graphic Plant Pot: Fab India / Skull Phone: Tarsam / Yellow Phone: Virgin / Wall Shelves: IKEA Lack / N’s Display Figures: Amazon (if you’re interested, I’ll ask him to find the links) / Tray: Veranda At FiveConsole Table: DIY / Tank: Samui Robot in Thailand / Bar Table: DIY / Rattan Lamp: IKEA.

DIY Projects in this post:
TV Console Table / Bar Table / Stacked Books

If you’re done with this post and don’t want to see more living room pictures (tragic), you can check out the rest of the apartment makeovers right here: bedroom, kitchen and home office.


  1. YASSSS IT S UP YASSSS. ok going to read now

  2. OH MY GOD. the quirk factor is on fleek here <3 now i want to use that yello phone and do make up and pose like a pin-up girl.

    N's babies are so beautiful :') where is the Batman?

    1. Author

      Haha. I see that you found him in the next post 😉 Trust you to like his stuff.

  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw the top picture was, does that phone work? ? Glad I am not the only one! You are amazing. Please take up interior design as a side profession or something, you have such a knack for this stuff! The living room looks straight out of a magazine but still homey. I LOVE it!

  4. I am so utterly, deeply, truly in love with this space and hope one day I get my own space to do something like this, SO INSPIRED ALREADY. Also, that yellow phone, I must have! Total sucker for vintage and retro accessories. LOVE THESE REVEAL POSTS, JUST BY THE WAY.

  5. looks like a house of a lifestyle blogger! haha Good job girl 😀

  6. yaaaaaaaar can you please please do a makeover of my room 😀 I just cant seem to settle down stuff in my room 😀 anyhow this place is EXACTLY my type of place and it is really tempting me to come and live at your place and perhaps never leave :p BRILLIANT work done !! N must be so proud of you 😀

  7. If you'll ever quote about home decor it would surely be "Put in your home whatever makes you happy"
    Its Bohemian, Its trendy, Its modern, Its natural, Its quirky, fresh, Also; Casual!
    I loved it!

  8. First read the post on what the room looked like before you moved and then this. Amazing! love how bright and colourful it looks.

  9. Literally DYYYYIIIINNNNGGG for the brick walls! they're so cool! Congratulations, your home is fantastic!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much. And I love brick SO much, sigh. Ready to do it in every future home of mine.

  10. This is so amazing! It's hands down my favourite room in your apartment too �� LOVE IT!

  11. This was so amazing dude! Hands down my most favourite room in your apartment too ? LOVE IT! It makes me want to do something amazing with my place too, right this second and it's 2 am where I am. Hahaha

  12. Oh my God!!!!!! Did I wake up late? How did I not see this? (You know I've been after you on Snapchat to show your living room)
    How how bright and cheery it is! Live the rug, love that plant pot that looks like truck art!!!!!! Live that yellow phone, amazing decor everywhere. Love ettttt! Checking out the part 2 now 😀

    1. Author

      Haha. I was so lazy about posting it, it's unbelievable :/ Thank you so muchhh.

  13. OMG please redo my living room too!! ?this is simply amazing!! love it!!

  14. Oooh helloo living rooom!! This is awesome ? love each and everything… N bhai k style mai kahien tou *aalaa jee,woohoooo* n apke andazz mai kahien tou *KICKASS* makeover it is 😀

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  17. I was so thrilled to go through the living room reveal and boy oh boy it was worth the wait. Your sense of styling is beyond epic *secretly wishes her to do my whole house makeover* My fav pieces are the phone, the globe lamp and the tray. Good job *thumbs up*

    1. Author

      Thank you so much man. Believe it or not, as inconsequential as it is, the tray is one of my faves too.

  18. Loved everything about it!! It's sooooo fresh and lively. I have to set my apartment as well. Got amazing ideas from your living room. I love that typographic armchair. Hope I find it too somewhere in Abu Dhabi

  19. Your lining is harmonious mix of different trends -retro, vintage and modern. I love how refreshingly unconventional you r in your approach. Totally crushing over the empty bottle and the luggage bag, the tray in the corner, the globe lamp and the yellow phone (trust me I had a lot of problem coming up with these 4 fav things).
    You deserve a lot of appreciation!

  20. Loving it!!

  21. this is beautiful. I loved how well you utilised the space and put in so many interesting things into it. Absolutely loved it

  22. I just love your new decor. This is exactly what I have an idea of Living Room. So lively and so fresh 🙂 Everything is on the right place and in the right order.


  23. Omg this is truly amazing, I want something similar aswell :'(
    Totally in love with it.
    Fantastic work !
    You should consider doing make-overs.

  24. you are a God gifted lady beauty, intelligence, ideas, creativity, good husband, beautiful house! what a life Man MashAllah! <3

  25. This is AMAZIMG. Everything is so Bohemian yet elegant and on point. But ine thing yu hve made a lot of work for dusting of you diy?

    1. Author

      Haha, thanksss. Fortunately, I think I'm done with laborious DIY projects (for some time) 😛

  26. Lord this is just too good..i love the rug and the globe lamp and the skull phone and the books/newspapers stacking..u r gifted Shehzeen *roundofapplause*

    1. Author

      Go for it. Slow and easy and you'll have something you loveee in a few months.

  27. Absolutely beautiful.. And chic.. And trendy! As much as I love it, I can't do anything of the sort at my house because of a very naughty toddler… Can you suggest something I can do that is toddler friendly?

    1. Author

      Let me think about that one. The toddlers I've had at my place have been unusually restrained so never faced an issue (except one guy who once came at the previous apartment and scratched our coffee table :D:D)

  28. Unbelievable before and after! I love this fun room, amazing job!

  29. This rug is super and very funky! although i like your roon very much but the wall art or this wall paper or paint i dont know what is that!is amazing!..������

  30. This rug is super and very funky! although i like your roon very much but the wall art or this wall paper or paint i dont know what is that!is amazing!..������

  31. I am commenting late as I saw your Facebook page and Blogs few days ago and since then I am seeing daily….your living room looks amazing….so Bright, colorfull and Full of life just like you. Everything is l Awesome except that skull thing (a bit scary at night times) lol.

  32. You are Mashallah so blessed and gifted. No doubt you really are a wonder woman…
    Stay blessed and Happy :):)

  33. I just saw this and OMG it's an INSAAAAANNNEEEE make-over. It's like the room looks bigger in the after picture. Amazing!

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