My Ramzan Decor

My Ramzan Decor

You know typically, Ramzan would just roll in for me, I’d follow what everyone else was doing, countdown to 30 days and then move forward. I would fast throughout the month very properly, sure, but as embarrassing as it is to admit this, I don’t think I ever had my heart fully into it. More obligation, less enthusiasm.
Over the last few years, something changed (no particular reason why) and I started valuing it more. The last couple of Ramzans I tried to make the month more than just about starving myself and I really liked it. Fasting became easier, the countdown became less important. I changed from being the person who’d say, ‘Oh man, is Ramzan coming?’ to ‘Oh hey, Ramzan’s coming’ (though still not the person who waits for it the whole year). I developed respect for the month.

During this time, I also really came to appreciate how some religions celebrate their important days and weeks with such a festive spirit. Thankgiving and Christmas, for example, are done so well and with such vigor on a community level that everyone knows about them, even the non-Christians want to be a part of it. It’s infectious and draws you in.
I’m not saying Muslims don’t have the same festivity in them but I wish it was a bit more (perhaps it’s just me). I’ve always looked at these big days that others have from the outside (and I don’t mean that I don’t feel included) – but I do want to be inspired and bring the action into my own as well.

So here in my tiny little microscopic way, I want to make Ramzan aspirational for myself and my family. A celebration. Something to look forward to. Something to create an energy in my heart, my soul, my house.
And not just as a Muslim. But also as a human being so even my non-Muslim friends appreciate this time in my life.

I’m naturally going to focus on being extra nice, kind, compassionate, all the ace stuff. Force myself to let my good shine more than my bad (21 days makes a habit, all the cool kids are saying that these days). That’s fundamental, everything else is irrelevant without it. But I also want my home to reflect that – not just with my relationship and what I do in that space – but with some Ramzan décor thrown in as well.
You can argue that this distracts from the purpose. If you feel that, don’t go for it; do what your heart agrees with.

For me, it gets me excited. I’m already all set up with these super simple decorations and I’m ready to get started (I’m leaving on vacation soon or I would have done this a night prior to the first of Ramzan). My home feels charged with energy to welcome this amazing month. It’s affordable as well (so it’s not like you got a gold sculpture of a swan, if you know what I mean) and incredibly easy to execute. I’m going to try and be the best I can be this month and I’m going to get started with this.
Have a fantastic Ramzan you guys.

Note: I haven’t shared what practices I have outlined for this month because everyone has their own way and it’s deeply personal how you manage you relationship with your God. I will share topline though that I’ve outlined my 3 goals for Ramzan with N and we’re each going to focus on making sure we are able to realise them as best as we can.

Quick Décor Overview
1. Installed foil balloons as the main statement. I added a balloon weight to keep them locked on the ground, you can also tape them. The balloons last for about a week (then start becoming loose slowly) so I plan on getting them refilled halfway through Ramzan. Also, you can buy the balloons online through the link I’ve posted below but to inflate them, a trip to the store is necessary.
2. Bought tiny stars that are actually balloon weights and used them as décor on the TV console.
3. Added balloons to the office area as well but most probably won’t refill these when they start dying.
4. I already have lots of string lights in my living area, but you can install them just for this. That’s an easy, cheap win and you can have tons of them against windows, on plants, running parallel to curtains, the options are endless.

Tip: If you don’t want the hassle of balloons (refilling, etc) get tassel garlands (see sample in image here) or buy tiny cutout stars like these and have them on your window sill, leaning against a wall, etc. Or if you have time, hang those stars on a string and make a banner.

Total Cost: AED 106

Breakup + Purchase Links
Crescent Gold Balloon: 40 AED / Crescent Silver Balloon: 30 AED / Black & Gold Star Balloons (link has 19 inch, mine are slightly smaller): 8 AED / Small Stars (Balloon Weights): 10 AED each

You can also see my living room makeover here if you haven’t already.

Share thoughts.

I’m writing Ramadan décor here at the end (instead of Ramzan) so this post remains searchable for non-Ramzan spellers.


  1. are you trying to kill us? as if your place wasn't gorgeous already, you went ahead and did this. WOMAN!

  2. OK, BEST RAMZAN POST EVER. I am totally with you on this. I'm not much of a Ramzan celebrator but this is putting me in the mood! Love love love this. xoxo

  3. What great ideas Shezeen! Loved this post Mash'Allah. Love your ideas always, you are blessed.

  4. Visited dubai in December and I loved how all the people celebrating Christmas had fairy lights in the windows and a tree right next to it. Your idea about spreading our festivity sounds amazing 🙂

    – Maheen A

    1. Author

      Yess, same! In fact one of the last times I was in Karachi around Christmas time, I saw so many restaurants there doing it too! (which was great)

  5. That's great. Especially, when you live at such a place where you don't feel any difference between an ordinary day and an Eid day, I think I'm so gonna do that. Plus, it might keep me busy (staring at glittery objects like a baby you know) since our iftar is going to be somewhere around 11pm or something ?
    Thanks for the share!

    1. Author

      Oh wow, you're right. At such a place it would be amazing to do this for yourself and any friends/family. And I'm with you, have been staring at those balloons from my desk ever since I put them up :O And wow good luck with that iftari, man.

  6. Thats sucha sweet sweet reminder for the holy month and you are so right when u say this month should be considered rather then an obligation or burden. You have a beautiful thought process shahzeen mashAllah
    Okay so when i see your home, i have gazillion queries in my brain.
    did you use hooks to suspend those plant pots?
    I have my hubby's single bed from bachalors which he refuses to throw away sighhh..i wanted to make takht sort..ideas how may i incorporate that in my drawing room? TIA

    1. Author

      Thank you so much man :* And yep I installed simple hooks in the ceiling and hung the pots from theres. Just do exactly what you're thinking, a fun fabric to cover the bed (like a sindhi rilli or a one of those Mexican signature prints, or hand dye a white fabric yourself shibori style. Add loads of cushions, add an inexpensive sheepskin or throw and you're good to go.

  7. I'm so happy to see you feel this way too! I've been celebrating not only eid, but Ramadan as a month for the couple of last years. Specially for my son…do check my instagram (kay261211, if you wanna ofcourse 🙂 ) for the tasks ad activities I had with him. We look forward to Ramadan every year, and for every passed Ramadan we have learnt something new and some more about Islam 🙂

    We decorate with lights and homemade decorations that my son makes 🙂

    1. Author

      That's such a fantastic idea. If our nieces nephews were around, I'd totally do some handmade stuff with them. And I love the idea of learning something new about Islam, I'll add that to my list. (Y)

  8. I am so proud of u shez u are carrying ur daddy's legacy of welcoming Ramzan although in a different way

  9. So glad to see more posts that reflect your beautiful mind. Keep them coming.


  10. I really love your new space!!! Even though it is bright cheery and colorful, it's also very balanced!!! Oh and I love the Ramadan decoration!!

  11. very simple, doable and exciting at the same time. I missed lighting candles at different events when I was in Dubai for 2 yrs..this seems practical now that I am in Canada. Thanks

    1. Author

      OOoh candles, I usually have one on most nights, but I think I'll add a few more for Ramzan. Thanks 😀

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