My nailpolish supplies are dangerously low so decided to correct that and bought these colors this week

We’re leaving for Australia TONIGHT and I’m incapable of talking about anything else. I’m so excited to explore a new country with my favorite travel companion. I’m excited to, Inshallah, celebrate 5 years (and later many more) of an absolute kickass marriage with him (you did good, Allah mian, I heart you). And I’m excited to take you guys along and share this beautiful country with you too. Not anyone can travel easily (money/time/kids/other personal reasons), who knows I may not be able to do it again. So for those of you who can’t, I hope you’ll get to see a bit of the country through me and for myself, I’ll enjoy every moment as much as I can, because you never know.

The prettiest earrings from Jewelery by Mariam Sikander. I’ve loved this brand for years, it’s absolutely beautiful and so affordable. Lipcolor is Prestige Luminous Lipstick in 08 Jane (AED 52).
Wore these guys a lot this week: rings that I got from my last trip to Nepal. (Yes, I am aware one of them has ‘Om’ written on it. To me it’s just design and if anyone confuses me to be a non-Muslim I’ll quickly say Bismillah and they’ll know).
The giveaway deliveries have been coming in this whole month and I’m so excited to show you guys all of it. Plan to launch it soon after I’m back from Australia (trying to slip that fact in at every possible moment, thanks for understanding).
Went to the press event for the first Rituals store in the UAE and took Dubai bff, Shehla along with me. Press events can be boring so I mostly stay away from them but this one was purely go-with-the-flow kind so it was actually fun. We checked out their products (which smell like a dream, promise), got our hands scrubbed, had lots of coconut water and tiny appetizers, slipped in a tiny head massage, Shehla got the prettiest white henna on one hand. I went home with an awesome goodie box with a few of their products; I haven’t had time to try them out yet so I’m packing a couple of them in my bag and will check them out in Australia (relentless plugging continues). The Rituals store is in Mall of the Emirates, you must check it out, it’s absolutely gorgeous. They’ve got skincare, cosmetics and home products and their brand philosophy is KILLER: To transform the daily routines of your life into meaningful indulgent moments. Best.
Have a great weekend, you guys.


  1. I'm dying on your earrings and lipstick! You look so pretty! Cannot wait for Australia snaps!

  2. So u will be back before ramzan???
    I am looking forward to how u will see mel and syd through ur posts 🙂

  3. So u will be back before ramzan??
    Looking forward to your views/blogpost on syd and mel 🙂

  4. MashaAllah!
    Red lipstick suits you….those earings and rings are great!
    Have fun and keep us updated!!

  5. Love yellow nail polish for the summer <3 omgggg the mateys are down under soo excite!

  6. Safe trip you two, Insha Allah! : )


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