Favorite Thing: Shower Filter by Pure Blue

Favorite Thing: Shower Filter by Pure Blue

I’ve been trying out this baby for a month now and it’s official: this is the one.
I received this water filter from Pure Blue a few weeks ago and I quietly installed it and waited to see if it would do all that it claims it would (I didn’t even talk about it on Snapchat for even two seconds because I wanted to be super sure). It’s supposed to remove 98% of the chlorine from the terrible water in our pipes, help with hair conditions and prevent hair loss, make the skin better and also reduce risks like asthma/bronchitis that can result from chlorine inhalation.
It has totally, a one hundred percent, done lots for my hair. Despite having used another brand before, which I hadn’t repurchased regularly because I didn’t really feel a lot of difference (there was a difference for sure but not as life-changing), I’m convinced I’ll keep buying this one. It’s entirely worth it.

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, we all know that. Showering regularly in harshly chlorinated water (that we get in our homes unfortunately) ends up with us absorbing about 7-8 glasses of chrolinated water through our skin, especially because hot water opens up our pores (honestly never thought about this stuff before). Horrendous.
This water is terrible for our hair. I’ve noticed a significant decline in my hair quality since I moved here. Everyone I know has.
N’s dry skin is worse than ever.
And then most people I know have children who really should not have to be exposed to this nonsense on a daily basis.
Real problems.

Hair does not get greasy at the roots at all for at least 3 days for me. The last few months, my hair would get greasy the next day of a wash which was becoming a source of emotional pain. I was SO happy when I installed the filter and washed my hair for the first time and it was softer (also thanks to fresh chop), straighter (also thanks to shampoo) and stayed clean for an acceptable period of time.
The hair color I got recently hasn’t been fading very fast. There’s no way to prove that this is because of the filter, since I’m also using a color protect shampoo, but logically speaking I’d say it’s both.

I hope I’m not imagining this but my hairfall has gone down. Really. It’s still happening but considerably reduced.
Fantastic water pressure, no decrease whatsoever. It’s strong and sexy, yus.
I have no idea why this was happening or what the science behind this is, but my previous water filter was screwing up the temperature of the water (which I did not know of at that time or I would’ve tossed it urgently). In the winters (whatever level of winter we get here), the water would just not heat up enough which was a pain and I blamed the building. I got it checked as well and the maintenance guy said that hot water was coming in the tap in  the tub (I know this is boring but stay with me, I have a nice heart) but not in the shower above, and that I have to get the water heater fixed. I’m lazy so I thought I’d get it done some other time, plus it was expensive to do that, and I sent him away. In the meanwhile, I changed the filter and BAM. The temperature was fixed. Can you believe that? Imagine I would’ve paid to fix a water heater that didn’t need fixing. GOTSAVED. (Has this happened to anyone – temperature decrease because of a filter?)

Better energy levels. This could be because I’m eating slightly better as well. But their literature says that if you’re not intaking such high amounts of chlorine through water, you should experience better energy levels. I do feel more energetic – this could be a combination effect (food+filter+just generally), but I started feeling it around the time of installing this.
You can sign up and they’ll send you reminders on when your cartridge replacement is due. Brilliant. I installed mine in April so my next change is due in October, that’s super doable (Based on a 10 minute shower everyday by 1 person, that’s me. If you take longer showers or two people sharing the same bathroom, then you’d need to replace sooner).
The technology they use for cleaning, which I read up quite a bit on to understand the difference, seems to be fantastic. You can read up on this yourself as well before purchasing to understand how it works and what a shower filter should ideally have and what it shouldn’t.

I haven’t noticed any stellar changes in my skin. I’m going to give this one some time because I’ve lazily reduced the amount of water I’ve been drinking since a month (it instantly has an effect on my skin). Since everything’s related, I’m going to park this and come back to it in another month (will update accordingly).
Although, interestingly, we had guests over for about a week some time back, and N had to use this shower (he uses the guest washroom usually), I could see a visible change in his skin & hair, which is very dry usually. All his dry patches disappeared. So I’m thinking it was the filter. Will observe him like a hawk and report back. Also, I’m thinking perhaps such water causes abnormal skin ageing over time and it’s best to be preventive rather than wake up one day with premature deterioration.


What you buy is the filter which comes with one cartridge. The filter is yours forever. The cartridge needs to be replaced every 4-6 months, depending on usage, your general showering time and number of people using it. There’s also an accompanying connector in case your shower fittings are too tight and you don’t have space to fit the filter in.
It’s ridiculously easy to install. Your neighbor’s 3 year old could do this (it’s true). If you need to show your neighbor’s kid an installation video, here’s one from their website.

Shower Purifier + Cartridge (first purchase): AED 299
Replacement Cartridge (every 4-6 months): AED 149

How do I get it?
They stock at a number of locations (including my fave SLaM) but the easiest is to buy online right here.
Buy it for your own and your family’s health (really) right now. As a bonus, you get good hair (and skin, hopefully).  I love this product, it’s a great purchase.

This post is in collaboration with Pure Blue but all opinions are straight from the heart and mine. If you’re having trouble trusting them, here’s a drugged milkshake – you’ll be on my side soon.
Join me on Snapchat (ID: shehzeen-r), I’ll do a ‘tour’ of this filter tomorrow and also install it in my shower right in front of you guys (but that’s as far as we go, please).

Until next time.


  1. I've never commented before but I started following your blog around the time you started out and have been a fan since. I've seen your growth and I have to say your blog is the single most helpful website I've seen by a Pakistani ever. Honest. You help out emotionally, spiritually and then with things like this. You are so inspiring. I hope you never stop writing this blog even though your husband said in that Q&A post that you could quit one day just like that if it stopped being meaningful to you, I hope that day never comes. I also know of you through a friend and I have always admired you. I felt like this comment was due. Loads of love for you. Tehreem.

  2. Basically this is how my life works. You recommend, I buy. Simple.

    p.s. totally echo everything T has said above.

    too much of a chicken to comment with my own name

    1. Author

      Thank you so much man. I always think about shutting anonymous comments down and then I get messages like this 🙂

  3. OMGeeezz!!
    Shehzeen I must say you are the BEST and you must know that.
    I have been brain storming since today morning on what present to get my sister (her b'day is just around the corner) & if I hadn't checked out this post(which is impossible)it wouldn't strike me (completely forgotten) that she has been wanting to buy herself a shower filter since ages but never got one, thanks to our too much thinking-too-much-before-you-buy-such-stuff.
    But but without second thoughts I have just decided that this IS IT 😀
    Since its approved by you I'm sure its awesome (Y)
    Cant wait to get it and, I'm sure she'll love it.


    1. Author

      Haha. I'm so glad. I'm totally with you, I think so long over buying anything as well. I'm going to buy it myself for my other bathroom since N uses it and bechara deserves it. Happy birthday to your sister, I hope she loves it. I felt the effect just after the first wash and even better by the second (then it normalized).

  4. OMG I was just talking to my husband about getting a shower filter 2 days ago. Need to get this.

    1. Author

      Yasss. It's so zaroori man. if you buy it, sign up for the reminders. Because I get lazy and forget to replace 🙁 so I did that immediately, hopefully will stay regular.

  5. What a thoughtful post. Touching lives improving life

  6. Already lost half my hair volume after moving to Dubai 🙁 Extremely desperate for any ray of hope. Can't wait to try it out! Any discount for your readers?

    BTW when do we get to see the lucky interns? Waiting for a fun reveal!

    xx Shazia

    1. Author

      Hope it helps. The water here is the worst thing. And interns coming soon 🙂

  7. Hello,
    This is a great review. This is a very good product. This is used for cleaned up water. This post is very informative. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

  8. Hello, now that you must have been using it for sometime .. How's your hair fall now? Would you recommend it ?

  9. Hallo, sister! Thanks for this post, I have been reviewing the impressions of others before buying as it costs pretty much money and cartridge also not cheap. Can you share your experience since you bought it? How is your hair and skin now?
    The last 3 months I have spent more than 1000 aed for all these keratin treatments and different procedures. My hair didnt get better! It keeps falling like never, extreme frizz and fluffiness plus daily greasy roots. God, help me people! 🙁
    My hairdresser strongly recommended this but learning people's actual experience before investing into it.

    1. Author

      Hey its working well for me so far. I actually posted this review after using it for a few weeks. I'm about to purchase a new cartridge soon because I want to keep using it. But as always, a number of things combined help, the shower filter is important but not the only thing. 🙂

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