Desi Brunch On A Saturday

Desi Brunch On A Saturday

I’d actually had this brunch planned for quite some time so I was anxiously waiting for the weekend to arrive (food is legit a goal to look forward to, guys). So last Saturday it was time and we headed out with two of our closest friends in Dubai – Shehla & Faraz –  with empty tummies and excited hearts.

We were scheduled for a Desi Brunch at Patiala by Kunal Kapur (Indian celebrity chef, omagads). It was all Indian cuisine and because I haven’t ever gone to a desi brunch before, I was out of control (feel free to judge, I completely understand).  

The brunch at Patiala was ala carte which basically means that there’s a set menu of selected items and they keep coming your way every few minutes. So you’ve got to have a couple of hours on your hands for a long leisurely eating session, there’s no way you can be done faster.

Now all of us have different food tastes yet we all loved it equally. Shehla couldn’t stop raving about the salads (and still we’re great friends, imagine that), N & I loved every single thing that had meat in it and Faraz loved the overall experience of how the menu was structured, the service, how the food was paced, everything. The drinks were FAB. We had an absolute blast. There’s nothing that beats a good food outing with friends over the weekend and that’s exactly what it was. SUCH FUN.
Other than the stuff listed on the menu, there were unlimited drinks and a live station with biryani, raan carving and desi quesadillas. And a salad bar with a bunch of different kinds of chutneys.
I pretty much loved EVERYTHING. And I want to show you the food so come.

So the menu kicks off with these kickass drinks. It would have been pretty tragic if they hadn’t tasted as good as they were presented but they were all-rounders. We each got a peach (my original poetry) and a coconut one, and I absolutely loved both. (I wish I could have them again, right now as I type this, but I’ve been told that can’t happen).

Then a bunch of tiny samplers kept coming every few mins. I’ll tell you all I LOVED: prawn with malai sauce, dahi kebab (both pictured above).

A hot dog with a seekh kebab. Loved.

Mushroom khichda. DELICIOUS.

Then fried fish. We all loved it except Shehla. There was also a chicken skewer with mint chutney which was just ok (I’m not a huge chicken fan but I will say that it was the most tender chicken I’ve ever had).

Then while we waited for the bigger items to come, these guys took pictures. Naturally.

A bunch of stuff came next (clock wise-from the left): Keema Pao (minced lamb curry), Cholay Bhature (fried bread/puri with chickpeas, the last/bottom item),  Pao Bhaji (Veggie stew with toasted buns), Amritsari kulche (stuffed bread with a choice of stuffing, pictured in the middle). I loved it all except the bhaji, I’m not really into veggies :O The keema with the puri was magic.

The buns were fresh from the oven and the cholay were decent-good on their own but great with the puri.

Hi puri.

There was also a live station where they had hot biryani, raan carving….

….and desi quesadillas.

All of us filled our plates and brought it back to the table. The biryani with the raan carving was super unique – the flavors were so different and really delicious. The quesadilla was also majorly yummy, I could easily inhale one right now (don’t miss it if you go).

Then came the time for the best part of any meal: dessert. They brought four things for us to have: Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Cardamom Kulfi and some frozen yoghurt thing.  

Everything except the yoghurt thing was delicious. Really. How much can I say that. But it happened.
And then we were done. WOW.

It’s definitely not a hangout-everyday kind of place. I’d come here again to treat someone and make it relaxed yet special. It’s an experience with the food coming at a great pace, lots of options. The d├ęcor is really nice, not overly done so while it is fine dining it’s not very stuffy.  And I’m a Bollywood music fan so I was super happy with the music; they had a great selection running throughout.

I really loved it.

Restaurant: Patiala by Kunal Kapur
Cuisine: Indian
Where: Level 3, Downtown Dubai, Souk Al Bahar.
Rates: AED 250 per person with soft beverages / AED 350 per person with hard beverages
What did we try: Saturday Brunch
Brunch Format: A la Carte Brunch (so there’s a set menu of items that will be offered to you one by one, along with unlimited drinks)
Is there anything other than brunch? Yep. You can go in and have food off the menu and order as much or less as you want. See menu here.
Who would I recommend this for? A special outing with family or visiting guests (who you like).
Would I go back? Yes.
Are they on Entertainer? Yes.
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Some more images to help you get a feel of the place.

Glorious ceiling.

The bar area…

…with lots of sports and…

…these kickass drinks. I can’t get over them.

Page 1 of the brunch menu.

And Page 2.

Hope you go soon and wish you lots of happy eating.


  1. DYING because I am on the carb free version of the 21 day fix so this is torture. anyway, the food looks AMAZE and it looks fab and the ambiance is SO many goals man <3

    1. Author

      HAYE I so want to resume the fix but I have visitors and I can't control my mouth when that happens :S Good luck, stay strong!

  2. I have a secret crush on this chef since he was a judge on Masterchef India.. wish to try the food here soon *_*

  3. I have been to Patiala for Dinner and loved their presentation more than the food…..

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