Chai Talk: New Series

Chai Talk: New Series

I tried to do a version of this series a while ago but somehow never really kept up (real answer: procrastination). But here I am resuscitating it into existence with a new face (plastic surgery for blog posts) and inviting you all to come join me in kicking off this totally new (that’s a lie) series called Chai Talk. Drummers in the house, I need a tiny drum-roll, thanks.
So Chai Talk is going to be about us talking to each other (that wasn’t evident at all) with chai and/or your beverage of choice. I’ll try to do this once a month, perhaps first Monday of every month? We’ll see how it goes. We’ll pick one topic and discuss its brains out. Sometimes we’ll talk frivolous, sometimes serious.

For the first one, I want to get to know you guys. I’ve been wanting to ask some basic facts from all of you since quite some time and then this idea came to me and I bunched it all together.
So tell me about yourselves. Anything you want. What do you do, how old you are, are you single/married/divorced/widowed, boy or girl, are you an animal lover, stay-at-home mom/working mom/childfree, what do you love, where do you live, ANYTHING YOU’D LOVE TO SHARE.
And since you pretty much know the basic facts about me already, I’m going to tell you five things about myself that I’ve possibly never shared before and then we move on to you.
1. I passionately love the rain.
2. I wish I knew how to swim but I’m too lazy to learn it.
3. My dad used to make thick milk coffee for me every morning for breakfast when I lived at home. He’d have it ready for me when I’d wake up and always give it in this red nescafe mug that I was obsessed with for no reason. I broke it right before moving to Karachi. When he brought some of my stuff over later to my new place, there was an exact replacement mug in my things for my new home.
4. I’ve become very spiritual over the last few years.
5. I love pugs.
Your turn.
I’d love it if you picked a name/alias even if you’re commenting anonymously and kept it consistent throughout this series, that way I’d be able to identify you better and we can become best friends and braid each others’ hair and shit (unless you’re a guy with uber short hair in which case I am open to discussion).
Bring out your chai and let’s go.  


  1. I already love this series! I'm 37 with two kids. I am a nutritionist but taking time off since my second baby. I live in Norway and I love your blog πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Hi Basmaaaa πŸ™‚ Congratulations on the new family member and so happy you love the blog!

  2. I think I talk WAYYYY too much about my life here anyway BUT here goes. I am Atiya, 26 I work at an ad agency and have an insane almost unhealthy obsession with pop culture. I volunteer with Girls at Dhabas and Desi Writer's Lounge which I guess tell you that feminism and literature mean a LOT to me. I love to bake and cook but I am equally lazy too so baking and cooking projects are taken on if I am REALLY into them. Random but it is my dream to run my own bookstore someday.

    I can usually be found on Twitter making self deprecating jokes πŸ˜›

    1. Author

      I NEVER knew you worked at an ad agency! What is girls at dhabas – sounds like something interesting. And I'm with you on the baking and also on the lazy bit πŸ˜› I'd love to visit your bookstore.

  3. Good one! I guess you MIGHT know me since I have been commenting quiet a few times. 24, married two months ago, a blogger and tea addict living in Dubai! πŸ˜› Bello!

    1. Author

      Yes, of course πŸ™‚ Blogger and tea addict – hmmmm, sounds like we could get along πŸ˜‰

  4. That's an interesting series πŸ˜€

    1- Just turned 27, living in Karachi
    2- Married for 8 months to a guy I know since 8 years πŸ˜€
    3- Computer grad working my ass off in a software house
    4- I don't like when it rains because I hate damp, cold beds -_-
    5- One thing that nobody knows about me except for my husband and family is that I'm scared of the roller-coaster-drop feeling in my stomach; which makes me technically incapable of taking rides or any adventurous sport but I did do parasailing back on my honeymoon so yeah *pat on my back* πŸ˜€
    6- I actually follow your blog and snapchat and instagram and everything so much that my husband thinks that you are my soulmate more than him :p and a secret thing: he once overlooked my phone while I was on your instagram and he read shehzeenr as shenzer and since that day he irritates me by calling you shenzer (husbands can be jealous :p)

    So yeah that's it for now πŸ˜€ <3

    1. Author

      Hey Bushraaaaa. Man, I'm a computer grad myself but never did it professionally (partial high-five). I'm MASSIVELY scared of rollercoasters myself but *can* attempt a few, but totally relate to you on that feeling. Lots of love, shenzer πŸ˜‰

  5. I was having my chai when I read this blog. Good timing!!
    28, married, moved to Europe after marriage, basically from Islamabad.
    I love paper crafting (my stuff is on my G+ profile) and had a great clientele in Pakistan. I love my solitude, my plants (my ever growing family of 18+) and taking photos. High five on the second pointer πŸ˜‰
    I loved rain and snow but I cherish sun like nothing else now. We don't have warm sun here.
    Tea- important for survival

    1. Author

      Hi Jaihannnnn. Some of those bits I knew (YASS). Checked out your paper crafting, that looks like a lot of work, man! Hope you pick up a clientele again, moving sucks that way. Love your love for plants (I'm currently in the process of killing one). High-five on tea love.

  6. I'm 26, mommy of two. Got married at 19 with a guy I fell for when I was 16 (I know). Studied Literature and World History. I think I can eat Haleem and Lasagna for the rest of my life. I have an overly active tear gland. I can't drive because I'm too scared. I make kickass bread pudding. I haven't ever owned a tooth brush that isnt red. I am not a morning person. I discovered the magic of prayer and my life has changed ever since . I haven't ever used β€˜tum’ for anyone ever in my life (I think). I love collecting cosmetic bags even though I own next to no makeup. I think I've used to word I way too much for my comfort level in the last 5 minutes. Also I think you're completely awesome.


    1. Author

      M! Haleem? Lassagne? I LOVE BOTH. Can ALSO happily agree to live off them. I loved, loved all the bits you shared. Special interest in the bread pudding – if we ever meet, please feed me some <3

  7. Let's start of the good ol' MSN way- a/s/l, yeah? Going to turn 27 in 5 days/lady with certain unladylike habits/ Lahore. Lawyer by profession, working since the past 4.5 years and currently procrastinating at work. Single as a Pringle. Pro at being awkward and making self-deprecating jokes.

    1. Author

      Happy birthday Momna! Awkwardness and self-deprecation always win extra points with me. Verrrry happy to meet you πŸ˜€

  8. heyy this sounds like a great fun idea!!! ? so I'm 26 years old, married for about 4.5 years now and a stay at home mom to 2 kids.I live in Lahore since about a year now, moved here from gunranwala after living there for about 3 years post marriage, originally from Islamabad ? im on instagram as @myweightlossstory90. I have been obese ever since I was a kid. battled with self-worth and body image issues all my life.. in May 2015 I decided to change my life for good cuz I was kind of sick being the big-cute-girl. after I had my son in October 2014 I went into deep depression and found comfort in eating, which has been my story pretty much my entire life, and put on crazy amounts of weight and weighed in at 115 kgs(I'm 5'7") so I started making small changes and here im a year later 25kgs lighter. i still need to lose another 10-15 kgs.but for the first time in my entire life I am happy with where I'm at.. i dream about having my own gym/online weightloss coaching kinda thing some day. I'm obsessed with all things fitness and clean eating ? I wanna run a marathon someday! ? funny thing I was having my chai when I came across your post ?

    1. Author

      Hi Nayab! You've been moving around a lot πŸ˜€ Hope you're enjoying Lahore. I love, love Islamabad. I checked out your insta and your story is so inspirational. Keep it up, it's truly amazing. Hope you can make all those dreams come true one day, I'd love to come check out your gym πŸ˜€

  9. 1. I share your sentiments about rain. I don't know how people find it depressing. It completely uplifts my mood.

    2. When I was a child I thought you just knew how to swim by instinct and firmly believed that I could and told everyone who asked that I learnt how to swim by watching it on TV, until the first time I stepped foot in the pool. Heart crushing day. I still don't know how to swim. One of my biggest regrets.

    3. I am an animal lover. I'd go to Africa for the safari anytime over the Swiss Alps.

    4. I am a 24 year old law graduate, currently in between jobs.

    5. I recently started following you and I think you're awesome!

    1. Author

      Mashaal, don't hate me but I found your swimming story hilarious/totally cute. It's one of my biggest regrets too, I like to blame my parents for that. And I'd totally pick the safari too. Soooo happy to meet you πŸ˜€

  10. I literally just finished my morning chai but that's ok right?
    I turned 22 a couple of months ago and am slap bang in the middles of finals for my final year of university studying international relations! I was born, raised and currently still live in the UK, at home with my mom, papa and 3 sisters!
    Right now I'm kind of stuck in the 'omg so excited to get a job and explore and grow up and yesssss but omg I never want to move out of my parents house and what will I do without my mom' – (who btw does exactly for me what your dad did for you in the morning with the coffee, except mine is chai because literally no exaggeration I cannot function without that first cup in them morning)
    I am just about to start applying for jobs and grad schemes like crazy, in London and the rest of the UK but I would also love to work somewhere else- I spent last year living by myself in Barcelona as part of my degree and it was the best year of my life (can't think about it too much because Will cry at english weather compared to meditarranean sunshine ?) so the travelling bug is in my blood now!
    Found the blog after the 'how to be the in law' post went viral, and have loved it and read religiously ever since!

    1. Author

      First of all, lots of luck with the finals bro. It's such an exciting time (not the finals but the last year). Cannot believe you lived in Barcelona, I've visited once for about a week and absolutely fell for the place, brilliant energy. Lots of luck with the job hunt, maybe a job in the UK with lots of travel? πŸ˜€

  11. I comment a lot and I feel like you know me haha *little self obsession there*
    I'm Hareem, 25, single, working as a copywriter while studying film. (life's complicated)
    I want to be a full-time writer. Because I hate most people and want to live in a writer's retreat surrounded by nature and kittens. I recently switched from tea to black coffee so I'm happy you're flexible there.

    1. Author

      Hareeeem. I love what you do! (even if it's complicated, just a combo of lots of awesome). I hope you get to figure this writing this out soon and would appreciate if I could come to your retreat for a few days and perhaps blog about your kittens in a few years once you have that situation all set up?

  12. I am 25 mother of a one year old. Married 2 years back. Whenever my son is asleep I Rejoice by having chai and some drama πŸ˜€ I Love getting soaked in rain but since I Got married we dont have a terrace or anything. So i miss my mum's rooftop the most! I started following your blog a while back and since then i have set your page's notification to appear first. :p

    1. Author

      Your baby sleeping routine sounds dreamy – chai with shows is really just the best πŸ˜€ I share your terrace blues, nothing has ever compared to what the parents house had to offer in a rain situation. Anddddd I totally love you for that blog notification thing, MASSIVE HUG.

  13. Love this series already. Married and mommy of a 2 year old girl. Live in and love lahore. Have zero resistance in front of a plate of good biryani or some chocolate cake. Lol
    Used to work before marriage but quit to do my masters. Love monsoon season (speaking of rain). I tend to over think and I think this comment is also quite haphazard. Lol

    – Maheen A

    1. Author

      I knew some of the stuff, yassss πŸ˜€ I'd LOVE to do a masters in something (not sure what) one day. What are you doing them in? Love haphazardness πŸ˜€

  14. Hii! I love, love, love your blog!

    I am Rabia, a 23 year old, currently enrolled in dentistry. I'm the epitome of a cat lady. My father believes in equal rights for men and women which meant I had a feminist upbringing. I've been told I'm overwhelmingly blunt (the reason I have few, very close friends). In used to be a voracious reader. There was a time you couldn't find me without a book in my hand and now it has been eons since I read a full book.

    PS Typing while sipping on dhoodh patti οΏ½οΏ½

    1. Author

      Hi Dr. Rabia πŸ˜€ You gave me doodh patti cravings just now, sigh. I love feminist parents, they do such good to the world. Believe it or not, I always used to have a book on me too but then somehow lost the connect. Slowly recovering now after a gap of YEARS. Say hi to your cats for me <3

  15. I love this idea!
    You know me already cause I kinda comment too often here and on your insta. I am really looking forward to these discussions.
    P.S. I love pugs too. I love all dogs actually.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      YASS. Hope we all have good stuff to talk about in the coming posts πŸ˜€ By the way, I totally love all dogs too. But pugs have a special place. <3

  16. hey shez

    your blog is one of the things i like to read as a daily fun light read. being an avid reader I'd like to read anything and everything but not much into heavy stuff so here I'm. you could say I'm a boring nerd being a chartered accountancy finalist but I'd like to think that I'm one of the social ones οΏ½οΏ½ and i think i manage well enough being in a highly demanding career making my place in a profession which is mostly driven by men.. something not very healthy about me is that i am crazy in love which is pretty much all my life is focused on right now and i don't see anything else in my future.. and I'm a style freak and i loveeee your choices in western fashion.. one thing i really like about you is being this privileged still you're very grounded and sensible although you don't look the part οΏ½οΏ½ I'm not a chai person just use it as a tool to fend off sleep at my work place οΏ½οΏ½ though I'm having detox water right now.. love

    Grumpy CatοΏ½οΏ½

    1. Author

      Hi grumpyyyy catttt. So happy to meet you. CA is tough, proud of you for getting through. And love is good, love is awesome, just keep a balance with other stuff and you're good to go <3 Thank you so much for the love. For the next post on this series, I'll totally accept your detox water at the table πŸ˜‰

  17. 22,gurl, psychologist/cinematographer in making, Canada. I passionately love rain, animals, cooking and the tears of my enemies. fun fact, i follow your snapchat regularly and mentally address you as bro shehzeen. haww batmeez, no?

    1. Author

      Bro Shehzeen says hi πŸ˜‰ Super cool direction you're going in with all the psychologist/cinematography aspirations, love it. And I love Harley Quinn too! πŸ˜‰

  18. I'm a mother of a two year old.was bored out of my mind these couple of months. I've been following you since 3years I guess. See your snaps everyday,I'm a mother quite follower. You been my inspiration I've started writing a blog too, which no-one know ive been doing.

    1. Author

      Hi Z! Love to a long-time reader πŸ™‚ Just checked out your blog, wish you lots of luck with it. Will try your daal recipe soon <3

  19. This is going to be my first (and probably last…maybe) comment on your blog even though I've been following you since Decemeber πŸ˜›
    I'm 22, living in dubai, preparing for mbbs professionals and my wedding at the same time (Not very easy)
    I absolutely love your posts (snapchat/fb/blog/insta) and had to explain my obsession to the fiance but he doesn't understand πŸ™ (Doesn't understand why i love rain either)
    But he has agreed to help me with one of your diy home makeovers that I have bookmarked πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      Haha, hiii and no worries, I'm even happy with one comment <3 Definitely lots of juggling coming up, wish you lots of luck with both, hope both go super, super well πŸ˜€ And a DIY project commitment is a sign of a great relationship so I accept him totally even if he doesn't get it right now πŸ˜‰

  20. Hey

    Sucha nice idea to start this series.

    Im 32, living in Dubai, been married 7 years (to a guy i have known for 14 years and still completely obsessed about him). Kids free. Engineer by profession but stay at home by choice. Love baking..more so love decorating cakes. Dream of opening a bakery but too lazy to do anything about it.

    What else…hmmm….oh yes obsessed about cats. Funny fact i dont have any cats under my ownership however 2 of my neighbourhood cats have adopted me as their owner. I like to think they are God sent so completly pamper them.

    Love my life in Dubai with hubby dear however i dont have much of a friends circle. Miss having gal pals to chat over nonsense with.

    Love food like you do and trying to loose weight too…So presently this equation is not working out too well haha

    Last thing – simply HATE questions about "why you dont have kids", suggestions on this topic and the pity that comes with this.

    I talk too much too πŸ™‚


    1. Author

      HH! Unbelievably similar in so many ways. I don't have much of a circle in Dubai myself (but kind of happy about it hah). Food love + weight loss ambitions – sounds familiar. Loved your intro. Big wave!

  21. Hi. First off, thanks for being a goldmine of great ideas, Shehzeen, cause I'm already so excited after reading all these ladies' introductions. You all sound awesome!
    So. I'm Zainab, 25, super short and a massive foodie so no prizes for guessing how round I am. Almost a lawyer (exams in two weeks, send good vibes/duas please!). Swinging between finding my own brand of feminism or embracing a contemporary school of thought. It's exhausting, I'll tell you guys all about it later.
    What else. No tea/coffee, hot beverages are not my thing. Unless it's the dead of winters (which incidentally is my FAVOURITE Lahori mausam). Aurrrr. I desperately want to adopt a pyaara sa kutta, unable to do so due to lack of monetary funds and also thanks to younger brother adopting a lab once and just zero responsibility and mom getting annoyed as hell. But I've vowed to overcome that.
    Also, struggling writing enthusiast. And voracious book-reader.
    Aurrrr. Bus. For now.

    1. Author

      I know! Everyone so unique, it's blowing my mind. Congratulations on being so close to the end and lots of good luck, man (Y) Anddd I'd adopt a kutta this very second if I didn't have doubts on my level of responsibility so I hear you. Please tell us about your feminist/contemporary school of thought stuff soon.

  22. Hii. I follow your blog/insta/snapchat shamelessly everyday. I'm 26, married, living in Sydney with my husband. Share your love of paudas and all things green. Frandship me?

    1. Author

      Hiiiii. Shameless people are my favorite therefore you are my favorite (simple logic). And look man, if you have love for the paudas, this friendship is locked. Let's talk more soon please (Y)

  23. Yes! My kind of thing!

    I am 33 (a month to go to be 34).. I live in Malaysia (the country of rains) with my husband who is a photographer. I work full time in a MNC that takes up most of time but I love writing so I recently started my own blog. I am a chai addict too, quite restless, a big time foodie and always ready to do new things.

    Ok.. at least that's how I think I am … πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Malaysiaaaaa. I'd love to visit. Your blog looks great, MNCs can suck up all our time but hope you can keep the blog alive even if in a tiny way πŸ™‚ Happy birthday (in advance)!

  24. Hi! I'm so excited you finally started this πŸ˜€

    I've been following you for a couple of months ago and I came across your website when I was looking for Pakistani bloggers… I've started a blog of my own so I was looking for some inspiration. For now I'm talking about makeup/skincare/all that jazz, and I blog about my personal experience/journey on finding the perfect beauty routine at if anyone wants to check it out πŸ™‚

    I love to read, listen to good music (loving light it up, btw) and dance (in the safety of my room where no one can laugh at me…). I'm sitting at work right now and my fav break is when your new post is up and I can sip on my Coke and read it πŸ˜€ I'm in the process of getting ready to make a massive move across the word (for parhai) so I'm excited/nervous/scared/dying at the idea of living alone and your snaps and insta posts and, of course, blog posts are very therapeutic for me. You might pick up on this word because I sent you a message on snapchat saying something similar, btw :p

    – M

    1. Author

      Hi M. Love your blog bio! Lots of luck with it. The move sounds so exciting, it'll inshallah be one of the best times of your life. And yes, now that you say it, I remember. Thank you for such pyaaray comments. I love.

  25. Hi! I'm so excited you finally started this πŸ˜€

    I've been following you for a couple of months ago and I came across your website when I was looking for Pakistani bloggers… I've started a blog of my own so I was looking for some inspiration. For now I'm talking about makeup/skincare/all that jazz, and I blog about my personal experience/journey on finding the perfect beauty routine at if anyone wants to check it out πŸ™‚

    I love to read, listen to good music (loving light it up, btw) and dance (in the safety of my room where no one can laugh at me…). I'm sitting at work right now and my fav break is when your new post is up and I can sip on my Coke and read it πŸ˜€ I'm in the process of getting ready to make a massive move across the word (for parhai) so I'm excited/nervous/scared/dying at the idea of living alone and your snaps and insta posts and, of course, blog posts are very therapeutic for me. You might pick up on this word because I sent you a message on snapchat saying something similar, btw :p

    – M

  26. Hi there, I am Maryam. I am 26 years old. Married and mother of a 2.5 year old son. I have done graduation in Pharm-D and I recently moved to Australia. Now If anybody of you is in Australia I would love to hear from you πŸ™‚ I am currently stay at home but gosh in dire need of some work.

    1. Author

      Hello Doctorrr πŸ˜€ How's Australia going? When the kids are growing up, I think that's when you get freed up a little and feel bored? (assuming here). Hope you find something interesting to engage with jaldi. Lots of love.

  27. HI SHEHZEEN-(aapie? baji? you may choose, but there's no 3rd option because manners etc. I'm 21 & this is a default reference to anyone older).

    If you remember, I made your toffee dessert recipe a couple of weeks ago & shared it on my blog. Nani says hi back. (Well erm it'd go something like Walakumsalam beta kaisi ho sab theek?)

    You like pugs? I'm legit shit scared of all animals. Especially dogs. πŸ™ I have no problem in admitting I have taken longer routes just to enter my own building if I spotted a cat in the distance.

    1. Author

      Hi Naureen! Just Shehzeen is great! πŸ˜€ I totally remember that post of yours and so happy Nani said hi back. Believe it or not, I used to be super scared of dogs at one time and would almost die if I would encounter one. I'm over that but my best friend literally cries if she sees a cat in a 1 km vicinity πŸ˜€

  28. Amina. 26. Mother to a two year old girl, so basically perpetually exhausted. Running a small business which started as a way to combat depression and turned into something I really enjoy. I like talking about depression and anxiety because most people don't give it enough importance. I have the kind of crippling anxiety which makes my heart drop and roots me to one spot. But I am getting better at handling it. Avid book reader and movie watcher. Trying to quit carbonated drinks right now!

    1. Author

      Hi Amina. So happy to meet you, love to your little one. I never knew about depression/anxiety before but was fortunate to read some stuff about it because of someone I knew and it really opened up my mind and so I get at least in theory what you're talking about. I hope you win over yours each time. I'd love to quit my coke too but it seems like a mission I don't want to go on. Love to you.

  29. Hey! Been reading your blog for a couple of years now, about time I commented :p

    I'm a 25 year old Pakistani living in Belgium. Might have contributed to your German and belgian hits haha. I'm a major foodie who loves traveling and gets her desi blog fix from you πŸ™‚

    I started my first full-time job last month so still a bit dazed from a major life upgrade from the broke student life before that. Your blog helped me develop a love for plants. I was that idiot that could kill even cacti. My interest in starting to eat healthy also coincided with when you started posting about it. Imma end this before I ramble more!

    1. Author

      Hi Mana, love your name…and that you're from Belgium, I'd love to visit some time. First month on the job, interesting times, man. I remember mine, what a change of pace. I hear you on the cacti, done that myself very efficiently πŸ˜› Sending you love and some low-carb cookies πŸ˜€

  30. Love your blog! I can't remember how I discovered a few months back but I've been reading it daily ever since.

    I'm a Canadian/Pakistani, late-20s, married for almost four years. Work full-time in social media.

    Fun fact–your hair makeover inspired me so much that I did a massive chop and added redish highlights. I'm usually a long hair/natural highlights kinda girl so this was a huge deal for me. I'm glad I did it because I LOVE IT.

    1. Author

      Hi oldsoul. You got me so excited with all that talk about the chop. Repeated high-fives. So happy you found the blog, and since you work in social media if you have any tps for me, please send them my way πŸ˜€

  31. I am dying looking at the comments. What super following masha Allah.

    I am mikster mom (friend) of a 3 year old. I love non fiction mostly spiritual stuff and i think i am a pessimist and also suffer from low self esteem. But also feel that keeps me close to religion.
    Absolutely love your blog.
    Crazy about ice creams and chocoloates and gola ganda
    Also love roller coasters and board games.

    1. Author

      Hi mikster. I love everything that you love and I think we should have a gola ganda together soon. Pappis to you.

  32. Hey there Shehzeen !
    So sweet of u to want to know people who follow u !
    Ok here goes
    Im 33 yrs. single . Dentist . Loving in Lahore by myself . Currently studying for post grad exam….this will be my second attempt in sept iA … (still trying to figure out whts best for me.. always wanted to go into computers or art… but life happened! Anyway i dnt wana b sad thinking abt it..mayb this will work.. wana make my father proud iA… day… ahhhh)
    I love the rain! I love the smell of geeli mitti !
    Love watching movies…!!!
    Horrors thrillers comedies my fav generes.
    I m a clean freak…cleaning n cooking relaxes me .. well not everytime hehe …..
    I used to read a lot but since some yrs iv stopped.. i dnt knw why….
    Im very much addicted to using my fone now.which is quite unhealthy i knw…..o well…
    Ok so abt pets.. no i cnt stand animals running over a house lolz..i think i can handle fishes mayb…
    Im a foodie! I think.i can eat almost everything!!! Aur is se yaad aaya i m gluten intolerant….i got diagnosed almost 5 yrs ago….life changed … like literally.. im very much used to it now…
    Ok so how does this work..after reading it all u write us back ? πŸ™‚
    See ya !!!

    1. Author

      Hi Dr Ayeshaaaa! What you're studying right now is tough, so a couple of tries are always okay. You'll get there pakka and love it. Otherwise, you can always pick something up in life at any time if you feel the need. Anddd geeli mitti is the bomb! I'm crazy about movies too but can never watch horror, I get scared by even a creaking door and have nightmares for days, so…..:P And I can SO relate to that cleaning part, it relaxes me too – but NOT every time πŸ˜€ Nice to meet you!

  33. hey!! love this idea! so real talk chai talk. I'm 22, American/Indian about to get married in two months اِن شَاؑ Ψ§Ω„Ω„Ω‡ (!!!)
    I absolutely love reading fantasy novels, have a slight obsession with makeup, candles, matcha green tea and chocolate. I also really enjoy cooking and spouting feminist ideologies in my spare time. im a very quirky person but my fiancΓ© is actually quite seedha saadha bechara and your relationship with nabeel is so reminiscent of ours!! I also just got myself a red ombrΓ© hair do. Thanks Shehzeen.

    1. Author

      Hi Juhi! Wow. So close. Lots of luck and congratulations. Hope you're super happy on your day, look amazing and have a fantastic time. I want to try matcha, still haven't, your comment made me want to get it immediately. Hi to seedha saadha fiancΓ© πŸ˜€ and high-five on the red ombre. πŸ™‚

  34. Love this!

    I'm 20 and have spent more than half my life Dubai for the past 13 years! I'm an over-worked but extremely happy P&G-er. When I'm not working (rare cases), you'll find me sipping green tea, reminiscing the past with my beautiful family of 5, feeding birds or reading crime fiction! I recently rediscovered my spiritual side and consider to be the best decision of my life to-date. The most recent additions to my love list include detox water, savoury waffles and your blog! πŸ˜‰


    – KC

    1. Author

      Heyyyy. Almost-Dubai-native πŸ˜€ If you're P&G-ing, you perhaps know my husband? I LOVEE crime fiction so much myself – I keep it restricted though cos then that's all I want to read :O And now I want to have detox water at midnight now that you've mentioned it….

  35. Yay time to hog some limelight πŸ˜€

    25, moved to Canada a couple of months ago, ABCD (Arab Born Confused Desi haha – yeah we have our own definition of that acronym), full-time brand management professional, SUCH A MASSIVE DESI AT HEART give me some chaaat!!! and too shy to make my blog public so still in the process of gathering the courage πŸ™‚

    Big fan of your blog since it's not pretentious, super relatable and for your love of everything desi.

    p.s. I've been obsessing over pugs a lot lately, check out this Facebook page 'So Relatable' they have a gazillion memes with pugs and they're HILARIOUS!!!!!

    1. Hello from a fellow desi-Canadian! How are you liking our neck of the woods?

    2. Author

      Hi Yumna/Chaat lover! Good luck with settling in and making a home in a new city πŸ™‚ When you make your blog public, share it with all of us πŸ˜€ I'd talk more but unfortunately I'm urgently going to check out the pugs page you recommended because…PUGS!!! p.s. thank you for that.

  36. Ok, I am quite a boring person but I will give it a shot too.

    I am 23, looking for work that would make me happy, loves reading good informative material, still confused about my opinions, in love with your personality.


    1. Author

      S! How could you be boring with such an endearing intro like that? 23 is such a great time to be confused about your opinions, there are so many and you're figuring it all out, it's fabulous πŸ˜€ Hope you find work that you love super jaldi and here's a donut just like that.

  37. Hey Shehzeen,
    I love this idea of yours. Well, I am a fan of your blog so anything you do here is basically my favourite.
    So here are 5 things about me :
    1. I am 22 and a med student and I live in Karachi.
    2. I am a green tea addict. Actually, scratch that, I am a tea addict. And all your early morning chai snap chats makes me crave a cup everytime.
    3. I am not a very religious person but I am very spritual I think
    4. I would much rather leave society and become a hobo.
    5. I am a movie/books/music snob. I judge people on the basis of what they like πŸ˜› (and I love your taste in it)

    1. Author

      Hi Laraib! So relieved I passed your movie/books/music standards, phew πŸ˜€ You pretty much had me convinced when you said chai lover but saying you'd much rather be a hobo just made it all clear: you're awesome πŸ˜€

  38. I'm just gonna go ahead and calling myself Nags here because most of my friends call me that. It's pretty weird but I have accepted it now haha. I'm 17, actually going to turn 18 here so I'm pretty young compared to everyone else here but I completely adore you. I'm a very shy person honestly, I don't really talk to people much but like most of my time is spent with tv shows or books because I love to read and all. What makes me so glad is that you watch some shows I watch so yay I feel like a superstar, just kidding (not) I LOOOOVE rain so I obviously hate the fact that we don't get much of it here in UAE but chalo we can't really do anything about. Right now, I have devoted most of my time for studying because exams yaar WISH ME LUCK THOUGH. I love memes lol and I tend to get super excited at times but the sarcasm doesn't come when I talk to new people because I go into full panic attack mode and just lose my shit figuratively haha. That's all I guess, oh and I also really love cats, always daydreaming about having one but eh. And one of the best part of my day is watching your snaps because you're adorable. Basically I love your opinions on almost everything because mine are so similar and most older people don't agree with me but you do so I love you okay this has gotten too long bye

    1. Author

      Hi Nags πŸ˜€ 18 is such a fun age to be. I think it was perhaps my favorite teenage year…I think? And your personality is exactly how mine was at 18 haha. GOOD LUCK because exams, hope you ace them. And you're the cutest so I'm just going to say, thank you for such an entertaining intro πŸ˜€

  39. Hellooooo, my name is Nabiha.

    So this is my story:
    Got married 4 months ago, moved to Dubai. Had trouble settling in, hated the place. Mainly because I missed my family, my friends, and my chill life back in karachi.
    Was quite depressed for the first three weks. But then I started working and eventuall started to settle in. My husband was super supportive throughout. Helped with the house work to quite an extent cz he was used to living on his own without masis and drivers. We joined a gym in our area a few weeks back and we go for a swim thrice a week. It's an amazing way to unload after a crazy day at work and it's something we can both do together. I highly recommend fitrepublik it's a pretty awesome gym in Dubai sports city.
    Other than that I'm a crazy foodie. And I love trying new places to eat ?!

    That's it for now πŸ˜€

    1. Author

      Hi Nabiha! Congratulations on getting married, wish you a life full of happiness with your guy. Your swimming is making me super envious, wish I would get on it! Will note down that gym reco, fellow foodie πŸ˜€

  40. Hello hello…. Amber here… 31 yrs old .. I live in dubai since I was 10 so very familiar with the city… My friends say I should open a GPS call service for anyone who wants to navigate the city… So if u ever need directions, call me…. Also, I love it when you reply to my snaps… But not in a stalkish way οΏ½οΏ½ I'm a big Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and game of thrones fan…
    Also, I truly believe that when you do something for anyone, do it Because you want to and not to expect anything in return… So it genuinely makes me happy when I do anything for anyone… And you come across as one of those people too…
    I have gotten inspired by your room makeover and decided to have plants in my bedroom as well… I think it adds a happy vibe to the room…

    1. Author

      Oh man, you're practically a native πŸ™‚ Please help me out with anything Dubai when I'm stuck. Love your life philosophy, it's truly just the best feeling. And plants in bedroom per toh major high-five. YASSSS.

  41. 28 years old, married and alhamdulillah mother of a 8 year old. Work as a special education teacher, and also doing my masters in Education Leadership parttime. Born, raised and living in Norway.

    1. I love books.
    2. I have a thing for elephants, lol.
    3. I don't ever comb my hair – don't even know why I'm telling you this, lol.
    4. I love food – making and eating it.
    5. Totally obsessed with Islamic history and stories, watching the MBC Omar series these days.

    1. Author

      Hi Kay! I'm so impressed and happy to know about your line of work, the world needs more people like you! I sooo want to come to Norway one day, when I do, please share tips and all the best stuff okay. Point number 2 & 3 are killing me and I'm actually in fits right now. Tell me about the Omar series if it's any good, I might want to check it out πŸ™‚

  42. Hey Shehzeen,
    Just so you know i love your blogs and snaps. The positivity you show everyday made me a happier person (I was really depressed after going through 2 recurrent miscarriages)
    1- I'am 26, Happily married (Alhamdulilah).
    2- Dr by profession but hasn't worked after gettin' hig

  43. Hiee..
    Kashmala. 27. Married with two adorable kids.

    – got married when i was 19. Moved to USA soon after…and been busy with shaadi responsibilities since thn
    – now with kids a lil grown up..perusing my hobbies. Thats painting and decorating.
    – i love love reading books but i get the tiniest time to do it after the kids go to sleep.
    – i love meetha. I need&want something deliciously sweet to devour as soon as i wake up. I can live on desserts without having any food like biryani..nihari..daal etc
    – collecting lipsticks n nailcolors is just another love i have. Although I only apply nailcolors quite seldom and lipsticks are thr just to make myself satisfy

  44. Hiee..
    Kashmala. 27. Married with two adorable kids.

    – got married when i was 19. Moved to USA soon after…and been busy with shaadi responsibilities since thn
    – now with kids a lil grown up..perusing my hobbies. Thats painting and decorating.
    – i love love reading books but i get the tiniest time to do it after the kids go to sleep.
    – i love meetha. I need&want something deliciously sweet to devour as soon as i wake up. I can live on desserts without having any food like biryani..nihari..daal etc
    – collecting lipsticks n nailcolors is just another love i have. Although I only apply nailcolors quite seldom and lipsticks are thr just to make myself satisfy

    1. Author

      Hi Kashmala! You comment often but I had no idea about all of this. Loved reading it all and finding out more about you. I love meetha a lot too, so I totally relate to what you're saying. I wish I could paint, it's one thing I find super cool but would never be able to do myself. Love to you.

  45. Hi,
    First off, i La-la-LOVE your blog.
    I'm 23, a Doctor who pretty much spent all her life believing she'd end up as a lonely old cat lady.. Until 5 months ago- when this one boy stole my heart! Typical old school arranged marriage type scene, not even kidding. Met him 2 days before the nikkah and before that there was a brief ( 5 min) skype session.
    Happily married, Alhamdulillah! but currently living continents apart (sobs)
    I love chai slightly more than i love my husband- is that wrong?
    I share your passionate love for rain, umm and I'm basically a sucker for all things romantic. Heh

    Sending lots of love all the way from Pakistan.


    1. Author

      Hi no'shizzle πŸ˜€ Your story is too pyari. 5 min skype session was the best. When do you get to join your husband? Have lots of chai until that happens and work out a plan to successfully convert him once you're there πŸ˜€

  46. My name is Zehra, i am 25 yrs old. I love reading blogs and watching youtube beauty gurus. I am a tv show and makeup freak. Don't wish to get married ever in my life but i do want kids =D I am a lazy couch potato who dreams of loosing weight… but gains it instead… as i love baking =/

    P.S i am really boring !

    1. Author

      You're the last thing but boring! You're the sweetest person (all of your previous blog comments also) and your blog name pretty much says it all haha. You could always adopt or get married, have kids and then send husband on a long trip πŸ˜€

  47. Hey Shehzeen,
    Just so you know i love your blogs and snaps. The positivity you show everyday made me a happier person (I was really depressed after going through 2 recurrent miscarriages.) And i can't thank you enough for spreading so much love.
    Anyway the 5 facts about me are:
    1- I'am 26, Raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and very much happily married (Alhamdulilah).
    2- Dr by profession but hasn't worked after gettin' hitched, But shall start soon. IA
    3- I love reading books, IΓ‘m a die-hard fan of Harry Potter as i grew-up reading it. There's so much about my life linked to it.
    4- I have lived in China for about 5 years and i can speak and write Mandarin, Not all but yeah! the basic, IΓ‘m very well aware of it.
    5- I have changed so much in these 2 years (Since i got married, Shall be celebrating 2nd anniversary next month), I have gotten closer to Allah Swt and this change has made me a completely different person.

    1. Author

      Hi Sehri. My heart goes out to you and I hope you get everything you wish for (including kids) that's best for you. Thank you so much for the love <3 I'm DYING over that mandarin fact. I'd SO love to do that – even the basic level. It's so amazing to see changes in yourself for the better, I love that part of growing up πŸ™‚ Happy anniversary in advance! Lots of love.

  48. Wasnt gonna do this but I shall cuz I love you. οΏ½οΏ½
    1- My name is Parisa.A. I am 23 and a final year medical student.
    2- I have a serious passion for art in any form. So far I've given a shot to sketching, cooking, photography, making candles etc and I LOVE Diys.
    3- used to be a pessimist and now I'm a total optimist alhamdulillah. over the years I've become quite spiritual to the point where certain people call me 'baba' οΏ½οΏ½
    4- I'm also the craziest person you'll meet. I will dance on the street if I'm in the mood.
    5- I do not believe in doing anything half heartedly. If imma do something, imma do it with all I have!

    1. Author

      Parisa, I just love your name. Please tell me what it means. And I LOVE DIYS so much myself *high five*. Your number 5 just has my heart. So happy you gave your intro πŸ˜€

  49. Hey everybody! My name is Sarah and I'm a twenty-four year old designer from Abu Dhabi. Here are a few things people might or might not know about me:

    1. I love rain just like Shehzeen! there's something magical about it. It makes me really excited and happy when it rains. I love how the clouds turn into a canvas of different colors after the rain. It's just beautiful.

    2. I love travelling. I went to Turkey last year and the trip left me so inspired and fascinated by everything I saw and felt.

    3. I love meeting new people even know I'm a little socially awkward.

    4. I'm a super optimistic person and I'm pretty sure some people might find my positive aura annoying lol

    5. I love reading and hoarding books. I don't like reading books on pdfs. I love the feeling of going through the crispy, fresh pages of a new book.

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah. You sound like the cutest person ever. I see you share my exact sentiments for the rain. Turkey is so pyaara, I can totally relate to how you felt after your trip <3 I love optimistic people so naturally I already like you πŸ˜€

  50. Hey people.. i m 28 from Karachi but moved to Germany almost 8 months ago for my masters. Went back to Karachi after 3 months of moving to Germany to get married to the guy whom i have literally known all my life!! had to get back to studies then.. leaving him back in Karachi (hate this feeling). Found out about you almost a year ago from a friend who has commented above (who loves u so much that her husband is jealous) πŸ˜› since then i have been in love with u too. i love your writing style so much that sometimes i want to start writing myself! i used to be a crazy bookaholic and then suddenly life happened. Hope to get back to reading sometime soon.

    1. Author

      HI Natashaaaa! Moving away after shadi sucks but you should be done soon? πŸ˜€ Germany sounds amazing, I've gone once and loved the little bit I saw. So happy you found the blog, my special thanks to Bushra for introducing us πŸ˜€

  51. Hi shehzeen, I don't know how I stumbled upon on your blog but I have been a fan ever since.
    I'm 28, married to my best friend since 3 years (but i have known him literally for 10 yrs since we were class fellows) and we have an adorable 2 year old boy. I'm an engineer by profession and have worked in the corporate world for a few years but I chose to be a stay at home mom after having my baby.
    I love music, just can't survive without it.
    I drink tea like a druggy.
    I believe in going all out for the people you love. They are no in betweens for me.
    Thinking of going back to work now since my crazy is about to hit preschool. So Im not sure how would that work out for me. Honetly, I have always wanted to open my own cafe where there can be non stop tea and non stop music. But I think it will have to wait till my next life when I'm born as a billionaire.


    1. Author

      Hi Anum. I mentally already took a trip to your cafΓ©, please make it a reality in this life, it sounds perfect. Your family sounds the cutest and your all-out attitude makes you an instant hit with me. So happy to meet you (Y)

  52. Hi cool-person-who-i-started-following-not-too-long-ago!

    Here are some random lesser-known facts about me:
    -I have an unhealthy obsession with all things vintage. Books, jewelry, furniture, you name it. I looove vintage stuff!
    -I have a massive collection of diaries from when I was in grade 3. I haven't let anyone read those because THE PAST IS IN THE PAST AND WE SHALL LET IT BE THERE. Ok.
    -I am very empathetic. If you tell me about that time someone called you out on something or the time you lose a loved one, I am going to cry with you. Literally. No, I mean literally. I will.
    -I have the innate ability to overthink everything. I am not very proud of it myself.
    -I am currently maintaining a record of having consumed a plate of biryani everyday for 5 consecutive days. They approached me for the ginuess world records, I shied away.
    -I can't eat properly if someone's looking my way because superrr awwkkward. How do you hold a samosa, again?
    -I am pretty cool.
    -I like indulging in conversations about life and nature with people I know practically nothing about. I am the sort of person you'd find hanging out in coffee shops next to someone 50 years older talking about life.
    -I love dhabbas. Proper dhabbas. My idea of pleasure revolves around spending the night at a highway dhabba under the night sky sipping garam garam doodhpati. Aaaaah, bliss.

    Well, that's about it. [fires a confetti cannon] woohoo

    Oh and they call me B

    1. Author

      Hi B! Can I tell you I already love you? Your intro had me super entertained πŸ˜€ I'm a major sucker for the vintage too so I totally feel you, bro. Biryani record is awe-inspiring, dhaba love is kickass. *Blasts some more confetti with a twin woohooo*

  53. Hi, I love love LOVE your blog and am quite proud of the fact that a Girl from Pakistan has achieved so much. I want that for myself, someday.
    Moreover, please don't take this the wrong way but your relationship with your husband has actually made me feel insecure about the relationship I have, with mine, I'm sorry πŸ™
    But let me first introduce myself.

    1. I'm 29, married since 3.5 years to a guy I dated for 3 years prior to our marriage.

    2. I'm a CA but don't enjoy working so I write content for a website.

    3. We have our good times, my husband and I, but lately, I feel as if he doesn't value me anymore. He's so caught up in his own world that I've not been talking to him properly since a week because of one of his (very rude) outbursts and he doesn't seem to care (he tries to treat me special for a couple of minutes and then kinda loses interest!) so I'm pretty much gutted these days! dont know how to approach this situation tho!

    4. Same as you, I love rain and can't stay put of it's raining outside!

    5. I have a cat and I love her very much!! ??

    1. BTW you can call me the wondering woman ???

    2. Author

      Hiiii WW πŸ˜€ Love your love for the rain and kitties. And I love your openness about your relationship – one of my foolproof ways of resolving anything is to stop wondering and just talk about it. No relationship has the same formula so never compare. Just talk to your husband and keep doing it until he gets it. I'm sending you love.

  54. Helloooo, I'm 19 and settled in Karachi after 15 years of moving back and forth between different cities in Pakistan. Yep. I hail from a family of soldiers, working and praying to keep the tradition alive by joining myself too InshAllah. Die hard Pakistani, obvss. Absolutely crazy about rain and dogs (both an essential part of my life until we moved to Karachi bec no dogs allowed in the colony we live in and don't even get me started on rain in Karachi). Currently making my way through gap year one day at a time, not the best of things if you ask me but still trying to keep my grace through it. Unstoppable laughter, long-term midnight snacking and always looking forward have and probably will remain a part of my life until I breathe my last.

    You're the one blogger I follow religiously, so keep doing what you do, more power to you. Sending tons of love from Karachi!

    1. Author

      Wow, such a glorious family to come from. We all owe youuuuu. You had me already with that info but then you also said midnight snacking and therefore I've decided you're perfect. Thank you for the love, sending all of it back in double dose!

  55. 35,a stay-at-home mom of 2 living in Karachi. Love to read, can be anything, books magazines, ingredients printed on my kids cereal box……
    These days I really want to get rid of my c section tummy which is pretty much still there .Β  I hate doing planks and crunches or anything difficult so got really excited when I found Leslie Walk a mile. (I liked reading about Nayab Mumtaz above. Hi five Nayab)
    Want to learn the art of makeup. Youtube tutorials are bekaar. Have never been able to hide my eyebags while following them!
    Also spend time daydreaming for ways to put my mba degree and brain cells to some good use. Maybe by working part time or online coz cant afford to leave kids at home.
    Loving the chai time!!

    1. Author

      Hi Sarah. I died on the cereal box reading bit. I think I do that too πŸ˜› Must check this Leslie walk a mile thing out, sounds interesting. Lots of loveee

  56. Hi Shehzeen,

    I don't know when I stumbled upon your blog, but it's become one of my go-to places to de-stress.
    1) I'm one of those people who lurk around and read everything but never comment. This is my second comment in a whole year
    2) I used to read books greedily, but have fallen out of the habit. Trying to slowly get back on that train
    3) I own a T-shirt with Shakespearean insults printed over it
    4) I don't drink tea. And also, no one ever wants me to make them tea because I judge if they ask for more than half a spoon of sugar in one cup. Judgie budgie alert
    5) I'm a journalist and I live in New Delhi. Do visit some time, I promise to show you around! We have tons and tons of eating options, you'll love the rugs and handloom at Dilli Haat, the junk jewelry and jootis at Janpath (your blog introduced me to the word khussas), plus lots of beautiful monuments to see!


    1. Author

      Hi Zee. I'll take silent lurking any day as long we're together. And please note: despite having a massive sweet tooth, I DON'T TAKE ANY SUGAR IN MY TEA! I think I so pass your tea judgment standards. I would LOVEEEE to come to Delhi (and to a bunch of other places in India). Was just talking to my husband a few days ago that we have to go to India one day (my dad's was born in Darjeeling and lived in Calcutta till his 30s!) Your delhi itinerary is making me drool all over my keyboard, I cannot wait (p.s. I read a couple of Indian style blogs so I learnt Jootis from there!).

  57. Hi Shehzeen, im 20 and im obsessed with your blog… Im a boarder in multan actually from lahore..becoming a dentist.I want to travel the world.I love to paint.

    You inspire me. πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Hi Hajraaaaaa. I would so love to see Multan one day, never been. Thank you so much for the love, I totally love you back πŸ™‚

  58. Hi. Tooba here. I am a university level teacher, in my early 30s, which makes me sound boring, but hey I am not that boring :). I was not much of a studying fan, but apparently that is one of the things I do best. I am that person who gets enrolled in a degree every 1.5 years after completing my previous one.

    I blog too, I have a food blog and a lifestyle blog. I love playing with words, but am much of a procrastinator so my blogs are being neglected. I am active on fb and somewhat active on instagram (tooba_zaheer).

    I don't remember how I met your blog, but I do remember that I really enjoyed the name of your blog. You aren't Shehzeen for me (I got to know that long time after I started reading blog), you are Desi Wonder Woman. I feel I am not much of a creative person, so I enjoy reading and following the ones who are blessed with the sense of creativity and innovation.

    1. Author

      Hi Tooba! You're giving me serious study-envy. I'd love to keep studying but I'm too lame/lazy. I checked out your blog through your profile and your IKEA trolley looks purrrfect. So based on the above facts, I've decided you're not boring at all πŸ˜€

  59. Hi Shehzeen!
    This is Amna Jamil. 23, from Lahore. Have been in Dubai since forever. Work in Collections (agency). Passionate about FOOD, love to try out new places and indulge in different cuisines.
    Have been following you since a year now I suppose. Love love love your style of writing, you are such an Inspiration!Religiously follow you on all social accounts, & have never been bored at ALL. In-fact keep waiting for new posts.
    You guys make couple GOALS, MashaAllah, keep rocking (Y)

    P.S since I went through the above comments, looks like a bunch of awaam who loves you, resides here in Dubai, just a suggestion, if in future you would keep a Meet & Greet here, wow that would be freaking awesomeee!!!! Haina?


    1. Author

      Hi Amna, fellow Lahori! So with you on the food, best thing to do, really πŸ˜€ Thank you soooo much for the love. I'm loving you back way too much. And I'll totally plan a meet and greet soon, I'd love to meet all of you awesome people, must make it happen jaldi.

  60. Hiiiiiii,
    I am so excited to be talking to you and really hope we can meet one day. I am a newbie Yusra, just started reading your blog and I am already thinking of stealing all your DIY ideas for my apartment. Anyways here is a little about me:

    – I am 28, mother of a 4 year old boy. Single mother , going through a bad phase of divorce.
    – Just moved to Dubai a year ago from Karachi(waise I am a punjabi); I am a working mother.
    – I am also a die hard fan of Rain, chai, pakoras (so excited Ramadan is coming which means unlimited pakoras).
    – I am a big foodie and a shopoholic, only if I was earning more! hayeeeee πŸ™
    – I love to cook different new stuff, my fav color is Orange (quite unusual na?) and I love plants also. (I have grown potato n corriander at home πŸ˜‰

    uff I think I talk alot. But it really feels like I can connect with u. One last question.. where is the punjabion wala KHILAAR at your house? πŸ˜‰


    1. Author

      Hullooo. Welcome to Dubai (wishing a year late, but so what)! Believe it or not one of my absolute fave colors is orange as well. Major props for the aaloo and coriander, nice going man! And so sorry you're going through a tough time, hope you come out on the other side happy and rejuvenated. Lots of love!

  61. Hello, I discovered your blog just recently and I have no shame in telling you that I am hooked on to it. I have been exploring and reading ALL OF YOUR POSTS since the last couple of days at work but sshhhh don't tell my boss. Found this section just when it was time for a cup of tea so it works πŸ™‚
    I turned 34 yesterday, have a 3 year old son and live in Dubai. From Karachi originally and happen to be from the same university as your 2 best friends πŸ™‚ I loved your room and living room reveal posts and since we just moved I am quite obsessed these days with home decor. Loved your ideas and thanks for introducing me to sites like fab india. Can't wait to get a similar pot πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Hi Sana! Haha. Happy birthday (slightly belated but kya hota hai). Get so excited when someone new discovers the content. Love that you're enjoying getting to know the blog, I'm going to look forward to doing the same with you ^_^

  62. hey Desi Wonder women πŸ™‚ .. late but here to introduce myself. I am the one often asking you qs on insta ;).. started following you recently and enjoying it.
    35 years old, working in HR since ever (so we share the same field I guess)
    From islamabad and would love to go back there. lived alone in Dubai 2013-end 2015 and loved each second of my life. Now in canada as an immigrant and counting days like most desis πŸ˜› ..
    Love winters, rain and chai.. love Margalla(islamabad), can die for my friends, a great listener ..have faced terrible times in life but made sure I come out of them on my own .. Alhamdullilah kabhi mayoos nahi kia khuda nay .."Empathy" is one word that describes me.. on the negaive .. I admit I am short tempered
    Love your smile πŸ™‚

    1. Author

      Hi Kiran, never too late πŸ˜€ Loved your intro. Except for winters, I love rain and chai too (Y) And I lahvvv Islamabad, one of my bestest friends lives there. Thanks for introducing yourself, enjoyed your mini story. Lots of love.

  63. I'm Aleena. I'm a doctor looking to train in the US next year. I am currently in the middle of what they call, a quarter life crisis.

  64. Oh my God.
    Just read your answer to my comment and I'm OVER THE MOON. Haha.
    And for the record, when I get my writer's retreat, its doors will always be open for you. Pakka promise.
    I'd also like to thank you for taking the time out and actually replying to everyone here personally. You deserve all the love!

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