5 Days Of The Lob: Day 5

5 Days Of The Lob: Day 5

Once you go through this, some of you may be like, HAIN, what is this. I’m going to bribe those people with low-fat, high-satisfaction cookies and ask them to go with me on this. Let’s discuss.
So my most favorite, MOST FAVORITE, LOB hairstyle so far has been the hang-loose, go-with-the-flow kind. It was what inspired me to get the chop in the first place and so I’m dedicating the last day of this 5 Days series with ALL the ways I’ve been wearing my hair without going too gimmicky with it.
There are no hair acrobatics like braiding/pinning happening today. Just playing with the hair parting and texture to get different looks. Let’s be real, 70% of the time people like you and me are not going to have the time or motivation to throw our hair into something action-oriented. And that’s where this stuff comes in. Those of you who love this vibe and the ones who’ve happily been bribed by the cookies, LET’S HOLD HANDS AND CHECK OUT THESE IMAGES.
Day 5 of Styling a LOB: Hair Parts & Textures
So here are the six ways I’ve been styling my hair the MOST frequently, for the past one month (since I got the haircut). I am a BIG believer in throwing your hair around in different positions or textures to change up your look. There are subtle differences but if you’re doing effortless chic (which is my new (failing?) mission in life) this is the way to go.

1. Center part and sleek. All hair loose, nothing pulled back.   
2. Same as above. BUT I’ll pull a section from one side behind the ear (with a strand hanging in front of the ear because if I don’t micro-manage my face it becomes a potato). Subtle but makes a difference.
3. Side part and sleek. I pull the front few inches behind one ear and let the rest of the hair hang and come to the front. Reason quoted above, reference potato.
4. Deep side part and sleek. One of my faves. Because the hair gets pulled from one end all the way to the other, it falls short and gives the illusion of layers (see above?). Also, adds volume at the top of your head if you like that (I do). Looks great with waves too.
5. Textured waves and side part. Picture explaining everything like a ninja.
6. Textured waves and center part. All hanging loose or some pulled behind one ear, it wins every way because, it just does. 
Products I used on my hair (straight): Loreal Elvive Color Protect ShampooHask Macadamia Oil Conditioning Hair Treatment.
Tools: Straightened the front two inches on each side in 1, 2 & 3 with a straightening iron.

Tools: Curling iron. It’s not good, recommend me something.

That’s it! Did you enjoy the series?

Check out all the previous days here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4.

Recos for more 5 Days? Please send them my way. I’m in acceptance mode.


  1. I absolutely loved this series and while the braids were my favorite today also comes very close because I never thought about playing with my hair parts that much! Thank you for this series! Love you!

  2. you look gorgeous in the wavy side part 🙂

  3. wow you look so chic and amazing with this cut

  4. U looked ah-mah-ziingg in the whole series…
    Just a suggestion..can u pleeeassse do a top ten movies/tv shows article…

    1. Author

      Haye thank you so much. I'll definitely try to do that for shows 🙂 Movies a little harder cos so hard to narrow down 😀

  5. The best part with having shorter hair is that you can play with and incorporate the above styles in the same sitting with just a flick of the hand.

  6. Loved this series.
    5 days of red lipsticks! Everything from a pinky red all the way to a vampy gothic maroon red. 😀
    Areej from ig (lol)

  7. Loved loved lovedddddd all your looks each day but I was waiting for some tied up hairstyles for this scorching heat in Karachi where it's impossible to let your hair fall loose. Some hairstyles simple like the ones you've made but good enough to wear every day at work, shopping, lunches/dinners etc while beating the heat and without looking like a sweaty, soggy mess. I was counting so much on you cuz I hate those YouTube tutorials where they teach you how to make a fishtail braid and the likes as if I have all the time in the world. Wonder woman! It is my humble request to please do such hairstyles for us as I'm slowly melting away in this heat. I will forever be obliged. Love you immensely

    1. Author

      Hahaa. I will try my best. I actually have this strange problem that if I tie my hair for too long, I get a headache so almost always my hair is loose :/ But so valid, I'm going to plan it and include in some post!

  8. Loveeeee your hair. As for a curling iron you cannot go wrong with Remington. I use a 1.5 inch barrel one and it makes great blow-dry(ey) looking curls and waves (you can go down to a 1 inch or half inch barrel) if you want tighter curls. Your hair seems quite thick so I think that one would be better, in case the weight of your hair pulls your curls loose.

  9. I am always in awe when you snap early morning with your hair and make up done masha Allah. I get around to that sound around 12 pm when the kid is in school and food has been cooked and even then I don't look as put together. Love the hair! You look amazing masha Allah!

    1. Author

      Haha. I can imagine. I mostly make an extra effort when I have ane early morning meeting warna I can be also very lax 😀

  10. I came for the cookie only. Hehe.

    – Mahnoor

  11. Wonderwoman where do u buy innerwear from…hayeee so expensive victoria sectrets

    1. Author

      Upper from VS only. Sorry but they have an amazing fit 🙁 And undies from American Eagle, sasti and good-enough mayari (they are almost always giving away 7 for 130 aed type). Haven't tried Marks & Spencer but heard they're good and affordable too.

  12. Your hair dresser did an amazing job. This hair style makes you look very chic, fun and love.

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