5 Days Of The Lob: Day 4

5 Days Of The Lob: Day 4

Slightly more elaborate today because sometimes you can spend an extra few minutes on your head and at some point in your life someone taught you how to do a braid, which thanks to todays times can pass off with a messy-chic vibe. God bless.

Day 2 of Styling a LOB: Braids

How did I do it? Took about four inches in the front, flipped it forward and calmly made the braid hanging upside down in front of my face (after the first couple of loops, flip back so the front can be patted down otherwise it’ll be a pain to control – then flip back to the front when you’re sure and complete the braid). Once done, secured it with an elastic. Then tugged it loose by pulling at the loops to make it look thick and then pinned back. The end.
Time it took: About five minutes.
Variations on this?
a) Braid and pin back at a lower height, like I’ve done above.
b) Instead of doing at the front, do a double braid (single’s fine too) along the length of your hair parting, like below.
c) Do multiple thin braids all around your head.

If your hair’s thin, don’t worry. Braiding may appear to eat up a lot of your hair so there’s not much left behind. But you can use very little hair and make a very thin braid and then tug and pull at it to make it all fat and loose, yus.
p.s. Hair color photographed very weirdly in the first two images. Lighting, incompetency, take your pick while I have a milkshake.
Thoughts please?

Also, tomorrow will be Day 5 of the 5 Days series on the blog so I’ve planned on not doing the Fridays post and it will be just the hair post. Do you still want the Fridays post or just the hair one is ok? (Please say no so I don’t have to do it, YA)

Check out the previous days here: Day 1Day 2, Day 3 & Day 5.

Day 5 tomorrow!


  1. OMG so Grecian, I love <3 all you need is a toga with coin jewelry. gonna try all of these at work next week <3

  2. Pinned lower down is absolute perfection.

  3. Loveeee this..so perfect uff!! One question.. Where did you pinned it.. Did you cover the pinned part with hair.. I mean is there a pic from peechay say???

    1. Author

      Oops sorry, didn't photograph from behind but I just pinned at the back. Didn't hide it. Looked fine (to me) 🙂

  4. I do love this! I might add a messy bun with this.
    Also I'd like to believe today's post is extra cool so i can try it out for my birthday today. 😀 *happy bubble*
    Areej (from IG)

  5. the color and hair style suit your personality. keep up the good work.

    Haier Mobile Pakistan (Media Team)

  6. Love the double braid. And pls do fridays post toooio. I thk i am late

  7. Omg the best look by far, so chic. I'm so gonna do it. By the way I have the same question as kashmala Ashfaq, where did you pin in at the back and how did you cover it, can we have a back picture please?

    1. Author

      Sorry didn't photograph it from the back 🙁 But, I pinned it regularly, didn't hide it and it looked fine to me 🙂

  8. You've got such beautiful hair Ma Sha Allah, wish I had thick hair like that! Keep it up 🙂

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