5 Days Of The Lob: Day 3

5 Days Of The Lob: Day 3

MAJORLY simple hair action today. It’s basic and in my opinion sorely underestimated but I feel like it’s the backbencher who goes on to work for a Fortune 500 and flies around in a corporate jet and everyone is like what just happened. Let’s discuss.

Day 3 of Styling a LOB: Retro Pinned

Okay, so this basically is just a pin and takes about half a sneeze to get you there, but to me really does feel like a different look versus the usual. Now this can go cutesy/I-forgot-I-graduated-ten-years-ago very fast but I think if you do it right, it can have a fun, retro vibe. For one, I’d go with a large pin, I feel like it looks much better than a tiny one (teenagers reading this, you’re safe to pull this off however). Second, I’d do contrasting color, so a lighter colored pin against darker hair and then vice versa (so much science for just one pin, much wow).

How did I do it? I think our collective brain cells would die if I tried to explain this.
Time it took: 30 seconds.
Variations on this?
a) Work with the pin at a different point in the front, like that one right below, where I’ve pulled it further down.
b) Use more than one pin bunched together as a cluster.

c) Use 4-5 pins awkwardly (yep, not a typo) positioned along the front, each spaced a few cm apart.

Thoughts please?
Day 4 tomorrow!

Update: See all of them here Day 1, Day 2, Day 4, Day 5.


  1. I'd be so afraid to try that but it actually looks good!

  2. You look adorable as hell. It is simple but I think it works. My favorite so far has been the twist you did yesterday.

  3. Very cute! What do you do to prep your hair? Blow dry or straighten? Or is it naturally so tame? ?

    1. Author

      My hair's unpredictable so somedays with a slight wave, then super straight by the 3rd day of wash. But ever since I started using the color protect shampoo, my wave's considerably gone, it makes them very straight. So if I want a little neatness (like for this photo), I straightened the front two inches of my hair with an iron. The rest were airdried and on the second day of wash so straighter.

  4. Oh My! Your ability to do a whole post on just putting a pin in your hair is absolutely remarkable!

    Super impressed!


    1. Author

      I know! I must have special powers or something! (trolling is super old bro, rise above it)

  5. This looks reminded me Rachel's hairstyle in Friends.

  6. Hahaha! I was thinking "omg i turn 29 tmrw, i can't pull this off and then u had mentioned u forget u graduated 10 yrs ago and i was like ok…hmm I'm gonna give it a try at least.
    Loving the orange t shirt and u totally pull this retro pinned look off.
    Areej (from insta)

  7. Aghhh … wish I could try this one with my aggressive curly hair. :S

    1. Author

      Try it? I never used to looove my natural texture before but when I tried accepting it a little, it surprised me. Even if it's super curly, I'm getting a fun vibe? No? 😛

  8. Yellow again (yaayyy!)
    In the "you may also like" section underneath there are posts from your longer haired days and man what a world of difference. You look so retro chic now. So glad that you took the plunge. Looks awesome!

    – Mahnoor

  9. Im loving your Lob posts shehzeen and kinda itching to get one. But thanks to the bangs i got a few months ago i think i will have to wait. But this haircut defintely takes years off from you. 😀

    1. Author

      Man, I got bangs once and they did not work for me (waisey they were not done right also so I want them again 😛 ).

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