5 Days Of The Lob: Day 2

5 Days Of The Lob: Day 2

I’m executing my favorite hairdo of all times but one that I don’t do enough and when I do I’m all like why don’t I do this more often and the liftman says why are you talking to me about this stuff and I realise I’ve been talking to myself in the elevator again. Tough life, guys.
ANYWAY. Check it out.

Day 2 of Styling a LOB: The Twist

How did I do it? Took about an inch in the front, twisted and pinned it at the back.
Time it took (same as yesterday): Pre-curled hair (mine was from a day prior): 1 minute / Waves + Pinning: 6 minutes (it takes me about 5 minutes to add the waves, especially now that my hair is so much shorter).

Variations on this?
a) With straight hair, like below (complete with that painful expression, yup).
b) With middle parted hair – with twist on one side or both.

Thoughts please?

My waves are with a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron. It’s unbranded and terrible so you don’t want to know about it. Also, recommend a good iron/wand please.
Day 3 tomorrow!

Update: See all of them so far here – Day 1, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5.


  1. girlll you need to invest in Nume.loveee that brand, incredible range of curling tongs and they always have coupon codes running.

    your choice of clothing is really making your hair color pop 😀 love.

    1. Author

      THANKYOU. Must check out Nume very fast. I'm afraid my gandi iron is burning my (new and healthy since the chop) hair and so I'm just not styling my hair at all :O

  2. CHeck out Jose Eber also. Even with my dead poker straight hair, it works miracles feel gentler and is so fast.

  3. Hayee that blue shirt and beautiful hair…killer look
    So GHD hot tools and Nume in imported stuff and local main babyliss and remington totally recommended

  4. Have been using Jose Eber since quite a long time now. Great tools (Y)
    You should check them out.

    – Amna

    1. Author

      Thanks! I'm stunned that two people have recommended it and I haven't heard of it before. Will look it up once I emerge from under this rock I appear to have been living with :O

  5. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous, it suits you so well! And I'm loving your series so far, it makes me want to get my hair cut!

    1. Author

      Thanks maynnn. Getting a cut really gives new life to hair, I had no idea before doing that!

  6. Nice! Sadly i can't pull it off (football sized face coupled with thin hair!) Lol
    Areej (from insta)
    P.S. Maybe i should just sign off like this from now on. 😉

    1. Author

      Haha. Trust me my face is very round too but the shorter hair doesn't emphasise it which is totally not how I thught it would be – I thought i'd look like a potato but it made no difference :O

  7. I second Nume. Even though I don't trust youtube/insta famous brands, this one is actually great. And there's always Remington and conair.
    P.S. Yellow is so your color.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      Thanks mann. Shocking that I haven't heard of Nume before. I appear to be seriously outdated 😀 Will look it up.

  8. Fav fav fav look ever. Love the blue vs the hair color and the natural movement !
    Best from imported is Nume for sure, otherwise Babyliss is not bad at all !

  9. Check out amika hair tools. They are available at Lifestyle, and also have a kiosk outside Steve Madden in MOE. I LOVE their hair straighteners, and I also use the straightners to curl my hair. The curling iron is also very good, and come in lots of funky printed designs.

    They have a lifetime warranty too so they can just replace your product if it goes bust.

    I find that Remmington and Babyliss products work great for a year (or a few months) but then start to get a bit wonky..

    1. Author

      I've seen those! Didn't imagine they'd be good. How interesting. Will try them out next time I'm walking past 😀

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