What I’m Doing This Month: April

What I’m Doing This Month: April

Check out our beautiful puzzle

What We’ve Been Doing
Cannot believe we got another puzzle and are at it again (reference last month). Discovered really great ones at Kinokuniya (Ravensburg has really crap images here in Dubai). The 1000 piece puzzle was a tad expensive at 200 AED but we’re eating out less this month, so….

What I’m wearing/doing style-wise
Trying to adjust to my short hair. I’ve been afraid to heat style it because after such a big chop all the fried bits are gone and my hair feels so healthy and full of life – I really don’t want to burn it again. Right now I’ve been going with my natural texture and letting it air-dry after each wash (it looks different everytime, lulz). One of my tips from this experience has been that while it may seem like you need a lot of hair to make such a sleek look work, I actually think it would work better for people with lighter hair. My hair has so much volume after the chop and it’s a bit much to handle at this length (the longer length had more weight so it would feel like less hair on my head), so if that’s one of the things on your mind, not going to be a problem, bro.

What I’m watching
Shows: We started on Season 2 of The Flash and it was lots of fun. I love how it’s non-serious but with a solid enough storyline and I love the casting. I’m not a comic book fan and even then I want to watch it so if you’re like me, you might want to check it out.
Movies: Watched Ki & Ka (Bollywood) and I liked it. The kind I’d watch again when it plays on TV.

What I’m reading
Started and still reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I’m going through it majorly slowly, just about a few pages a day, so I might still be at it next month as well, and when I can give my verdict on it. But it’s pretty great so far and I love turning to it at the end of everyday and interestingly the slow pace is making me enjoy it more (strange behavior but working out for now so let’s go with it).

What I’m listening to
Dua Lipa – Be The One. You’ll love it.

What I’m planning

N and I are planning on taking some time off next month so currently I’m working on getting stuff out of the way and switching into vacation mode in a few weeks. Also, I’m cleaning out my guest room this month in my head but my guess is that that’s not happening in real life.

What New Thing Did We do (as part of our 2016 goals)

I GOT A HAIR MAKEOVER! With such short hair for the first time ever (see here). That should qualify as enough, guys. But I’m proud to report I also tried out a new recipe for a frittata and loved it (I posted it here if you want to have it too).

Until next time.


  1. you guys are seriously relationship goals. I obsessively follow you on snap and you make my day everyday.

  2. I'm SO getting this puzzle! Love it!

  3. I want to be your intern 🙁 I found the internship post too late and have since fallen in love with you blog. I know there's no chance for me now but I just wanted to say it 🙁

  4. offer prayers too, these all are dunyawi cheezien.. sana

  5. she is totally indulge in materialistic stuff and she always wearing nail color, if you have power to convenience people then it doesn't mean you always market fazol stuff. I was her fan but I left following her! she totally showing off! #sorry just reply to ur answer mishail

  6. Hey, if reading The Fountainhead then do watch this old PTV drama “Teesra Kinara”. It is based on this novel only and surely a very good watch 🙂

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