What I’m Doing This Month: March

What I’m Doing This Month: March

What We’ve Been Doing
N and I got started on a 1000-piece puzzle a few days ago and it’s been a blast. The last time we did one, we started on a long weekend and totally got sucked into it for three days and ruined our lives. This time we’re doing it more patiently with about an hour every couple of days; it’s so hard to stop but this way it stays fun and also doesn’t take us to a point of complete self-destruction.

What I’m wearing
I’m in khussa mode these days and disproportionately wearing them with rolled up jeans and kurtas. One sample here.

What I’m watching
Shows: We started and finished Making A Murderer‘ and it’s a must-watch. It’s done documentary style so if you’re anything like me, you won’t be happy for the first five minutes, but give it a few and you’ll be hooked. Enough to watch it back to back and finish within three days (true story). It’s about a guy who was convicted for 18 years for a crime he didn’t commit, was freed after the original guy was caught and then went back to prison again for a murder, just two years after walking free. It’s mindblowing. If you’ve seen it, tell me what you thought.

Also, started and finished season 2 of Daredevil. It was much better than season 1 and I actually ended up loving the new characters they introduced (and I’m not even into this shit).

Watched quite a few movies this month, most of them from the Oscars movie watch list I’d made for N and me. Happy to report that we’re about 50% done with the ones we wanted to watch, which I did NOT expect to happen so soon, considering how slow we are.

1. Room: It was the first one I wanted to watch from the Oscars list and it was AMAZING. Do watch it. About a girl who gets kidnapped and is kept in a room for 7 years where she also gives birth to her son; a kid who thinks the world is just that room. My rating: 5/5.

2. Bridge of Spies: About a real life spy exchange during the cold war. It was a good movie but to me it wasn’t Oscar-nomination worthy. Still was really good, should be on a non-urgent watch list. Was also from my Oscars list. My rating: 3.5/5.

3. The Big Short: A lot of financial jargon thrown your way at the beginning but I loved the movie. It was done really well with great acting (Christian Bale is kickass). I read up on ‘shorting’ a bit before starting the movie (and paused about 15 times in the first half hour to ask N questions) so it was easy to understand. If your knowledge on this stuff is not enough, you should definitely read up or quite a bit of it will be flying over your head. Also from the Oscars list. My rating: 4/5

4. Kapoor & Sons (Bollywood): The acting is fab and the narrative just flows. I totally, totally loved it. My rating: 4/5

What I’m reading
Finally finished The Flea Palace which left me conflicted to no end. While the plot, characters and the symbolism were amazing, the narrative was buried under layers and layers of detail which felt entirely unnecessary and sucked the joy out of the read for me. It took me about a couple of weeks to get through but I did finish it (because I only abandon books, reading any more of which, would make my mind small and this didn’t qualify). It was a pain at times but I don’t regret reading it because like I said, it had amazing symbolism and the ending was actually absolute love. I won’t recommend it though because I’d rather you read something you enjoy a 100%.

What I’m listening to

I’ve been waiting for a good Bollywood listen and now I gots it: Kapoor & Sons songs – ‘larki beautiful’ and ‘buddhu sa mann’.

What I’m cooking
LOTS. I’ve been marinating and bulk-prepping food and freezing it all away for a week’s batch at a time. It’s SO hard to do everything from scratch on a regular work-day and this way has taken all the pain out of everyday cooking for us. So far I’ve been learning it on my own but soon N shall be onboarded on how to do things so we can split up cooking duties on some days and cook together on some. YUS.

What I’m loving
The weather here in Dubai is literally coming down from the heavens. SO GORGEOUS. And about to crash any time soon because this is too good to be true.

What New Thing Did We do (as part of our 2016 goals)

Saw a play together for the first time ever, had a pani puri party at home with the Pak-India match, started doing morning health shots, tried two restaurants (here and here), went to a movie premiere and a food festival, checked out a used books store together and I tried hibiscus tea for the very first time. I think I quite liked this month.
What I’m planning


Until next time.


  1. I was missing this post 🙂 Love your recos. I follow you on Snapchat so I know it all but it's fun to see a recap like this!


  3. First, thank you for using Snapchat like an adult. I hate seeing all bunnies and dogs and all that crap in my feed.

    Second, I'm so excited for your haircut too. And a cor change you mentioned. Major OMG! Good luck!

    Meal prepping for a week, why it didn't ever hit me. So doing it TODAY!

    1. Author

      HAHA. I'm SO with you. Cannot handle this animal parade (and I actually like animals). And plz pray for ma hairzzzz.

  4. Hey where do u get pani puri from delivered at home?

    1. Author

      Kabab King in Discovery gardens and Bikanerwala in JLT both do it. Check on Zomato, I'm sure there must be more options too. xx

  5. Damn, that was 'color' change. Im getting all wild thoughts with the color change. I think I saw you in my dream (or just an imagination :p) with bangs. You were actually rocking them. And silver ombre omg.
    Buht wild hogya:p

    1. Author

      I want to see myself like that in a dream too, just to visualize it 😀 And I will do bangs one day….

  6. Thank you for snapchat-ing like a sane person. I am eternally in your debt for sparing us the hideous animal and rainbow filters and just allowing us a decent peek into your every life. You actually get me to clean my room after some snaps lol. Talk about good influence.

    1. Author

      Haha. I always thought I was the only one hating on those filters because everyone seems to love them. SO GLAD THAT'S NOT TRUE. (Y)

  7. MANNN Sis and I are stuck on Episode 6 of Daredevil and wahan sey agay barh hi nahin rahey…

    Not a big Elif Shafak fan so I am glad to see someone else didnt like her book either.

    Wow those are a lot of movies off the list NICE. I am stuck to comedies these days so 20 minute doses is all I can do. I did like Batman Vs Superman despite all the hate against it hehe

    1. Author

      Are you liking it? (Daredevil). And I loved, loved 40 rules but I think I'm done with Elif after this one. And that comedy thing happens to me too, phases of 20 min shows! I liked Batman too, but then again, I don't know anything about comics to hate on it hehe.

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