Timeout: Why Vitamin C Is Your Ultimate Skin Solution. And More.

Timeout: Why Vitamin C Is Your Ultimate Skin Solution. And More.

1. I’ve really been getting interested in Vitamin C these days and because of that, I’ll be forcing it down on you too. Here are some amazing facts about Vitamin C for kickass skin.

2. How to mix multiple rugs in the same room.

3. The best sunscreens for oily skin.

4. The safest, cheapest retirement countries in the world.

5. Eight ways to make meaningful small talk.

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  1. Ufff i cant believe i had vitamin c during 9 months of my pregnancy…its not very cool trust me lol

  2. I swear by vit c. I get vit c facials from a qualified specialist once a month….nothing better. Loved the mixed rugs link as well.

    1. Author

      That's what I'm thinking. Although considering at-home solutions because it's hard for me to convince myself to get out 😛

  3. I miss the extensive variety of posts that your blog used to have in the past.. Each post tackled a different topic, theme, issue, event, etc. However, now it is a collection of primarily Fridays and Timeout posts (don't get me wrong – I love these too). I hope the element of surprise that each of your posts used to have, comes back as I seriously miss it! Love your blog nonetheless xx

    1. Author

      Thanks for loving the blog 🙂 Fridays/Timeout posts are super popular in terms of blog hits and are weekly features so that's why they are more regular. I'd love it if you were more specific because honestly in the last 30 days only I've done posts on hair, style, food, shopping picks, movies/shows, and a few personal posts as well, so not really sure what's missing 🙁 Open to a listen so let me know if you feel like it.

  4. The Body Shop Vitamin C is the best!Does wonders

  5. I have a question that why you interlink other's blog post links? do you market their product? I am curious to know about it.. sana

    1. Author

      It's just a weekly list of interesting stuff from around the internet. And no none of the links in this post are sponsored.

  6. Absolutely love the 8 questions and the rugs link. No idea what saima has been upto. Maybe she has mistaken your blog for some other one

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