Timeout: This Incredible Moroccan Blue City. And More.

Timeout: This Incredible Moroccan Blue City. And More.

1. This Moroccan town is easily going to be one of the most unreal, magical things I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to Morocco once for work and I thought that would be it, but this gorgeous little place in all possible shades of blue, makes me want to go back like anything. You MUST see it.

2. Imagine a library that protects the world’s rarest colors. WHAT, WHAT. It’s at Harvard, no less.

3. Quite like some of these baking soda hacks. Image credit: Huffpost.

4. My best friend sent me a link to these rainbow colored Qurans (selling in the UK) and I was instantly smitten. Such a great gift for someone you like (including yourself).

5. Interesting piece on baby tech and how they’re marketed to parents.

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  1. maynnn BLUE is my favorite color and now I wanna be Moroccan dreamin'

  2. oooh reminds of the Le Casa Blue aka Frida Kahlo's house in Mexico. One of the best museums I visited <3

  3. Loved the baby tech article and the color library. Your best friend seems like a darling just like you.. am so ordering these

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