Timeout: Healthy & Delicious Shish Taouk. And More.

Timeout: Healthy & Delicious Shish Taouk. And More.

1. I feel so happy to have found this recipe. It’s quick, it’s easy and it tastes great. I’ve been making it every couple of weeks, sometimes just the plain shish taook and sometimes with the wrap. And since I end up giving out the link on Snapchat nearly every other day, I’m puting it down here for erraaybaady. (I marinate the chicken and freeze it away since these days I’ve been advance meal-prepping).

2. I’m the last person to be interested in a runway show but these behind-the-scenes pictures from Marc Jacobs F/W 2016 are really very cool.

3. DIY polka dot pillow. Cute.

4. Freaking gorgeous vases.

5. Any place that has a scooty doubling up as a home accent is a clear winner for me.

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  1. Loved the scooty interior. Sooo cool and the diy pillow too..

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