The Best Books: Reader Recommendations

The Best Books: Reader Recommendations

A few weeks ago I asked you guys for book recommendations and I got a bunch. There were a TON of requests to compile it all up (I love how so many of you enjoy books) so here it is: A reading list of all the books you guys love and recommend. I had already read a few of these earlier and enjoyed them so I feel like this list is legit.

All the book titles are clickable links to their Goodreads profiles and are organized by their Goodreads rating.


The book thief – Markus Zusak (4.35)
A fine balance – Rohinton Mistry (4.33)
A thousand splendid suns – Khaled Hosseini (4.32)
Gone with the wind – Margaret Mitchell (4.27)
Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer (4.25)
The last lecture – Randy Pausch (4.24)
Half of a yellow sun – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (4.24)
The kite runner – Khalid Hosseini (4.23)
The shadow of the wind – Carlos Ruiz Zafon (4.23)
Americanah – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (4.21)
The art of racing in the rain – Garth Stein ( 4.18)
The forty rules of love – Elif Shafak (4.16)
Have a little faith – Mitch Albom (4.15)
The red tent – Anita Diamant (4.15)
The solitaire mystery – Jostein Gaarder (4.14)
1984 – George Orwell (4.12)

Dozakhnama (Bengali to English translation) – Rabisankar Bal (4.08)

We need to talk about Kevin – Lionel Shriver (4.06)
Angela’s ashes – Frank McCourt (4.06)
Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Albom (4.03)
And the mountains echoed – Kahlid Hosseini (4.02)
House Rules – Jodi Picoult (4.0)
The book of lost things – John Connolly (3.98)
The god of small things – Arudhati Roy (3.90)
Rage of angels – Sidney Sheldon (3.90)
The five people you meet in heaven – Mitch Albom (3.89)
Big magic – Elizabeth Gilbert (3.88)
The English patient – Michael Ondaatje (3.87)
Katrography – Kamila Shamsie (3.86)
Burnt Shadows – Kamila Shamsie (3.86)
1Q84 – Haruki Murakami (3.86)
The fountainhead – Ayn Rand (3.83)
The time keeper – Mitch Albom (3.83)
Animal farm – George Orwell (3.83)
How it happened – Shazaf Fatima Haider (3.77)
The princess series (linked the first one) – Jim C. Hines (3.76)
The bastard of Istanbul – Elif Shafak (3.76)
How to get filthy rich in rising Asia – Mohsin Hamid (3.72)
My remarkable journey – Larry King (3.72)
A case of exploding mangoes – Mohammed Hanif (3.71)
The white tiger – Aravind Adiga (3.70)
Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand (3.67)
The reluctant fundamentalist – Mohsin Hamid (3.64)
My feudal lord – Tehmina Durrani (3.63)
Kabul Beauty School – Deborah Rodriguez (3.61)
The stone woman – Tariq Ali (3.58)
Hard choices – Hilary Rodham Clinton (3.52)
The village by the sea – Anita Desai (3.51)
Men are from Mars, women are from Venus – John Gray (3.49)
Eat, pray, love – Elizabeth Gilbert (3.48)
The social butterfly series (linked the first one) – Moni Mohsin (3.43)
Salt and saffron – Kamila Shamsie (3.42)
The white castle – Orhan Pamuk (3.42)
Legacy of the peacock throne – Vicar Sayeedi (3.33)
In the city by the sea – Kamila Shamsie (3.29)


Peer-e-kamil – Umera Ahmed (4.56)
Jannat ke pattay – Nimra Ahmed (4.52)
Manto nama – Saadat Hasan Manto (4.45)
Qasas al anbiya – Ibn Kathir (4.45)
Mushaf – Nimra Ahmed (4.39)
Urdu ki akhri kitaab – Ibne Insha (4.38)
Shahabnama – Qudratullah Shahab (4.36)
Jab zindagi shuroo hogi – Abu Yahya (4.26)
Safr-e-naseeb – Mukhtar Masood (4.16)
Aag ka darya – Qurratulain Hyder (4.16)
Udaas Naslain – Abdullah Hussein (4.06)
Dastak na do – Altaf Fatima (4.04)
Umrao Jan Ada – Mirza Mohammad Hadi Ruswa (3.84)

Pyar ka pehla shehar – Mustansar Hussain Tararr (3.55)

Want to add more? Just leave them in the comments. Happy reading, boys.


  1. you're the best I hope you know that….

  2. The sands of time by sidney sheldon

    Godfather by mario puzo

    Girl with the dragon tatoo(millenium series) by Steig larsson

  3. Great list!! Have read some and will add rest to my must read liSt …btw dozakhnama is in English..although it's a translation so don't know maybe there's an urdu one too.

    1. Author

      Ooooh just looked it up and it was originally in Bengali. Will move it to English, thanks 🙂

  4. Zabardast post! Thank you
    I would want to add The Upstairs Wife by Rafia Zakariya. Its an absolute delight

  5. I am a regular reader of your blog but never commented before. On seeing the topic i couldn't restrain myself! Love your writings!
    And please keep on adding to the list!
    ~~Love from India

  6. Hi DWW! Always been a silent reader of this amazing blog but seeing this post today, couldn't resist commenting.
    Not sure if people are into classics here but my all-time favourites have got to be "Pride and Prejudice" and "Gone with the wind"
    Dan Brown has also penned down some very cool stuff.
    Also, JKP was my first ever Urdu novel and man, it was SO good. I'm still awestruck and under the spell☺️

  7. I have commented only once before but books are love! I am reading Girl On The Train. Its an absolute smash. You should add that too.

  8. Oh My.. that's a mini library .. Glad most of my favourites are there and a new reading list is ready!

    Thanks for compiling this!

  9. The Prophet – Kahlil Jibran
    Deep but too good!
    Start from anywhere you will love it no doubt!

  10. Oh my god, you made a better list than all those magazines with their "100 books to read before you die" lists because they only have books by elite, white privileged men. So happy to see many women even though I hated Eat, Pray, Love and outgrew Kamila Shamsie a while ago 😛 But oh my god you need to read The English Patient,beautiful lyrical prose. So good.

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