Style For Dummies: Loud & Happy

Style For Dummies: Loud & Happy

Friends, I’m in spring-summer mode today. See my clothes, see my shoes; I’m ready for some action. This shirt is all print in the front, solid yellow in the back; a tad overpriced in my opinion but super unique so I accept. Plus, it’s impossible to be unhappy while wearing it so everything is okay. These flats are ridiculously comfortable and were made for this season, that was their destiny. All outfit details and purchase links are below if you’re heart is wanting the same (do it so we can twin through cyber space). Also, this is going to be my last style feature with long hair….at least for a while (omagads).

Shirt: 9Lines Pants: Ego Shoes: Aldo (different colors here: silverblack, whiteBag: Steve Madden Earrings: Forever 21  Rings: Aldo Bangles: Forever 21 Lipcolor: Too many mixed together Nailcolor: Sally Hansen in Blush At Dusk 710

Until next time.


  1. Oh man I love this look so much! So fresh and vibrant. Looking amazing.

  2. looking gorgeous. one of your best looks.

  3. i have been eyeing this kurta for an age but I am always too broke 😛 cant wait for your new look! EEEEK, 3 days to go.

    1. Author

      I can imagine, I'd buy such a piece once a year only 😀 And yes 3 days!!!! Shit. Can't get over it.

  4. OMG i love everything about the outfit!!! And those shoes are to die for! I wish we had ALDO on Karachi 🙁

    1. Author

      Thank you :* And someone just messaged me on Snapchat that Shoe Planet has very similar shoes; not sure where they are in Karachi or Lahore :O They're on insta as @shoeplanetpk

  5. One of my most fav sfd posts everrr. Love the hair and the shoes and wait the bag and shirt too lol

  6. i finally gots it! Not this print but another on from the sale HA 😀

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