Salon Review: SLAM

Salon Review: SLAM

I didn’t plan on doing an independent salon review for SLaM but after my experience with them I knew it had to happen. Anyone’s whose tried finding the perfect hair person in Dubai knows it actually feels as tough as growing an extra limb – like most people’s dating lives, you’ll find ‘good enough’ and an ‘okay will do’ but not the one you want to commit to for life.
After so many years of living here, I’m kind of losing my mind that I’ve finally found a place where I can go for my hair blindly without having to evaluate consequences (will that bitch cut off all my hair/how long before my children will be able to recognize me again/how many years is physical assault for a screwed up hair job/confusing thoughts like that/etc)

SLaM is fab.

I’m going to list everything I loved about the place, here’s a review coming straight from my heart.

See my full hair makeover here.

Salon: SLaM

Styllist: Gemma

What treatment did I get:  Haircut and color
A blunt, straight, LOB. (It might look angled in some images but that’s just how it falls). I chose red for the color and wanted it as bright as possible. Since my hair was pretty dark, Gemma mixed three colors to go the most red she could, without having to bleach my hair and that would also compliment my skintone. She got EXACTLY what I wanted, both for the length and the color. See my full hair makeover here.
Stylist feedback: Gemma is absolute love. She was genuinely interested in me and what I wanted. She actually remembered everything from our initial consultation which was a week prior to the actual appointment. She was helpful, eager to know if I was happy with my results (despite having a 10+ year experience, I mean who does that) AND SHE DIDN’T RUTHLESSLY CHOP OFF MY HAIR. She was unbelievably careful about getting it exactly at the length I wanted – NOT how most stylists are. This was perhaps the best part.

Ambience: The entire salon has a very chic, industrial interior and also appears very relaxed. It’s absolutely gorgeous (hello, brick) and entirely not how you’d typically expect a salon to be. The place has large hanging mirrors and chairs oriented in a way that even though it’s an open layout, while you’re getting your treatment, it feels very private. I don’t know how they did that but it’s genius (I don’t love it very much when someone sitting next to you keeps checking you out).
Vibe: Relaxed. Even though this is one of the top salons in Dubai right now, particularly for hair, they are warm, welcoming and friendly. It really irks me when a place gets all hyped up and their staff gets all snooty and cold, NO SUCH THING HERE.
Bright, natural light: The salon has huge windows against one wall and so the place is flooded with gorgeous, soft natural light all the time. A complete win for me.

Staff: Super friendly, well-trained and know their shit.

Instant service: As soon as I moved into my chair, one of the staff instantly gave me a bunch of magazines and asked me for coffee/tea. I know this is signature salon style, BUT they were quick and not everyone does that. Plus they checked me for coffee about 2-3 times throughout my trip in case I felt like having it later. 

Free consultation: You can go in for a free consultation with any of their stylists. FREE. Just book a time and go.
Charges: SO reasonable. I mean, of course they don’t have those dirt-cheap rates which you could find all over the city, but then they don’t even have the unpredictable performance of those places. You can get away with other services but on hair, I’ll say this after multiple experiments, their charges are kickass. They’re well-known and popular yet they come with mid-tier rates. And for something as complicated as hair, extremely well-worth the money.

Some other things I loved

Flatbeds: Maybe I’m just very uncultured but I have NEVER had my hair washed on a flatbed before and it’s the stuff of dreams. They are so comfortable and getting your hair washed at this kind of a washing station feels like a borderline spa treatment – which brings me to my next point.
Head massage: You get the most fabulous 3-4 minute head massage once your hair’s all washed and clean, right there on the flatbed. It was SO GOOD.
No forced selling: It gives me a rash when salon staff starts shoving products down your face. Gemma told me about the heat protectant she was using on me (I asked her about it) but didn’t keep insisting that I buy it. I evaluated it on my own and then bought it when I felt like it was a good decision without any unsolicited pressure.

I loved this place. And I’ll go back for my next hair job with eyes shut and hair open so SLaM can do its magic.

Ask me any other questions you have about the place, I’m at your service, boys.

Price list: Here is their entire service and price list.
Location: Al Quoz, Dubai (near Tom & Serg). On the mezzanine level. Find it on Google Maps. Also, location map here.
Timings: Saturday – Thursday 9 am – 9 pm
Contact: 800-SLAM (800-7526), 04-3284092
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Gemma (stylist): Instagram

Until next time.


  1. Your posts are always the best with all details. Honestly. And the hair looks so amazing. Your long time fan, A.

  2. Can i know which camera do you use?

  3. That's really cool. Its always a hard decision when it comes to Hairs. You got lucky my dear ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. yaaar! get us a discount at this place ๐Ÿ™‚

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