My Hair Consultation (!!!)

My Hair Consultation (!!!)

Guys. My hair is about to undergo some major renovation and I’M DYING.

A couple of months ago I talked about the kind of cut I was lusting for and you guys gave a bunch of suggestions and a whole lot of motivation. Now, I’m taking action.

I decided to get all the action done from SLaM, relatively new but already one of the best known salons in Dubai for cuts and color. The salon has a really non-stuffy vibe, very industrial (you know how I love a brick wall) and just my kind of place. I had my appointment with Gemma and I’ve never liked a consultation more. She was warm, welcoming and most of important of all, brilliantly grasped everything I said in seconds. I knew she was the one.

This is what we talked and locked down.

Haircut: I’ve decided I want a blunt chop. No angled stuff, no up down action, no layers. A haircut that means business and my heart has confirmed that that’s exactly what it wants. SUPPORT ME. Gemma and I decided that we’d keep my hair length at a couple of inches below my shoulder to balance my face shape (and current size, thanks fried chicken).

Hair color: I hadn’t planned on going for a color change but so many of you pumped me on that I decided I’d do it. Gemma suggested a deep, dark red that would look black in low light but reflect color otherwise. I used to color my hair red (and a lot of other shades too) very, very long ago and always loved it, so I was up for it again like a ninja.

My appointment is now on April 10th and it’s just 4 days out (!!!!!) and I’m losing my mind. I haven’t had such a short cut EVER (not counting the tragic man-bob my mother forced onto my soul in my childhood). I NEED YOUR ENCOURAGEMENT. PLEASE HELP.

You can check out SLaM’s website here and follow them on Facebook here and Instagram here (they have the best hair photos).

I’ll snapchat the salon trip and the revamp process, you can join me there. ID:shehzeen-r



  1. omg omg omg can't believe I'm this excited about someone else's haircut!! cannot waitttttt

  2. long hair short hair love you, go for it 🙂

  3. You will look great in any hair style. When did you ever go wrong with your hair? 🙂 or anything else for that matter. 🙂 Waiting to see the new look.

  4. So excited already! I'm sure it'll turn out great. I have a round face and I've never taken the short hair risk :s

    – Maheen A

  5. Like another commenter said, can't believe I am this excited about someone else's hit cut! I am trying to convince myself to do the same so waiting 4 days and if yours kicks ass, getting mine done the next day Insha Allah!

  6. Although you know , i am the biggest opponent to your short hair craze ?But actually last weekend after our discussion I gave a second chance to my thoughts and i realise that actually that hairdo you going for would look fantastic on you( & i mean it)!. Now I really cant wait and will be like dogs on your snapchat on 10 april?

  7. I got the color and cut I was talking about the other day. Though terrified before it began I was dancing out of the salon like a happy panda when it was done (if that makes sense) 😀 so go for it girrrrl you are gonna look fab <3

  8. A red dye? That's high maintenance stuff! Go for it! I'm sure you'll rock it!
    P.S. Goodluck.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      I think a very dark red won't be? I don't know what she'll do but the one I've done before was pretty easy to phase out! 😀

  9. Will be anxiously waiting for the results and hopefully someday even I can take this leap of faith(my ammi wont ever let me cut it that short!)
    We have been waiting for THIS from the time you mentioned about your hair makeover!!
    Im sure you will rock it 😀
    Good Luck (Y)


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