Baby Bro’s Wedding Video

Baby Bro’s Wedding Video

At the brother’s wedding, with my niece and nephew, who I love like a psycho, and that guy you know

Back in August last year (I think?) I talked about my brother getting married and how I would love to partner up with kickass people and create fun content around it. Moments by Madiha reached out at that time, I already loved her work, we got talking and pretty soon the idea of a behind-the-scenes kind of video/tiny snippet of the journey of the bride and groom became our mission. And back in December when we all got together for the shadi, Madiha got rolling.
A few months after the wedding, we were all ready to see something happy & fun and relive the wedding times a bit but what we didn’t expect was this beautifully done, raw and very real snapshot of this special moment for our family (baby sibling getting married is a big deal). Madiha did a fabulous job with this. It feels real and unpretentious, with a beautiful laidback vibe, the flow is amazing, the shots so regular but deeply emotional at the same time, with unexpected hilarity packaged in between. I absolutely loved it.
I’m so excited to share this video with you and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.
My favorite moment: At 6:00 minutes 🙂

I’d so recommend checking Moments by Madiha‘s work out if you haven’t already. From my personal experience, she was very accommodating, took the time to get to know us, and was able to give us something perfectly tailored for us. She has her regular wedding packages but also works passionately off-the-menu, so if you’re interested in something unique, she’ll develop it with you (case in point, this Karachi to Lahore journey she did for us). Her work is understated and feels very personal. Just as an example, check out these gorgeous photos of a brunch she just put up. BEAUTIFUL (sample below, whoa).

I truly feel like she locks down a memory and you can SEE THE EMOTION IN THE PICTURES. I so wish I could do a tiny wedding in some exotic location (Italy, anyone?) and take her along for a destination shoot. And if you’re considering a destination wedding, I think this is the girl. She’s a very can-do person and is ready to do anything to make your dreams come true, YOU MUST LOVE HER.
You can (and should) follow Moments by Madiha on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Don’t forget to say Masha’Allah for the couple 🙂



  1. I was refreshing the page since 11.55 to see this post. Lol. Now off to see the video 🙂

    – Maheen A

  2. It was lovely. Lots of congratulations to the couple 🙂 I do wish there had been more of you in the video. I was looking forward to that when I played 🙂 😛

  3. MashaAllah indeed! It was beautiful.


  4. Love it omg. Beautiful video. All the prayers and best wishes to the couple.

    Man, you looked so gorgeous in the stage shot, valima day. Didn't notice the time :p

  5. Oh Wow.. you know this year I will inshaAllah celebrate my 10th anniversary so I was looking at my wedding video and OMG! it is soooooo bad. I have asked a friend to re-edit but he said nothing can be done for my chitta make up and poor angles!… this is mashAllah so beautiful <3 …

    1. Author

      Haha. Don't worry. Doubt anyone who got married at least five years ago has a decent shadi video. Get a great photoshoot at your 10th anniversary if you feel like it 🙂 Congratulations!

  6. Wowwww… video is amazing. .. you looked stunning on walima. And love the ornaments .

  7. OMG!! Everything is beyond gorgeous.Hey! I want to see more video's;) as i really enjoyed watching it.Masha Allah for the couple.

  8. Well, this is one of the most romantic and beautiful video I have ever watched over web. It is full of love, innocence, compatibility, culture and many more. I loved the couple very much. Wish them a great time ahead.

  9. Wait wait wait, rants of a desi bride fauzia zafar is your sister in law??? Correct me if I'm wrong

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