Hair Makeover Reveal!

Hair Makeover Reveal!

Can’t believe I’ve done it. And in just two days I’ve grown to absolutely love it. So many of you encouraged me to get it done and here I am hoping I’ll get someone going to do the same as well. Big grin and collective high-five.

Here it is. Tell me your thoughts 🙂

(If you hate it, go easy on me. If you love it, feel free to go over-the-top). If you’re new to the blog, here I am with long hair.

Verdict: LOVE IT.

Initial reaction: I instantly liked it but it was a massive change and I kept looking at myself in the mirror trying to register that it was me. I didn’t feel comfortable straight away about managing it because I had long, lazy hair before and this hair had bounce and movement. But as is expected with a good hair job, every few hours I started getting easier with it.

Current reaction: I LOVE it. My hair settled down with its new weight by the next day and now it feels like my own. It’s incredible how you can be a tiny bit unsure when you get such a massive chop and then slowly it transforms into the best decision. I’m so, so happy I did it. I still get a tiny jolt when I wake up and see myself in the mirror and remember ‘Oh yes, I did that to my hair’.

N’s first reaction: I met N at the mall after work and we were on the phone trying to locate where the other one was. And he actually just crossed me without registering that this girl he was walking next to was me. And the second I called out to him, he turned, immediately gave the most genuine, appreciative, expression (I can’t ever forget it, it was too sweet) and the first words out of his mouth were: Oh my god, you look so great. That was just a few hours after my cut and so it was a giant ass relief because I desperately wanted someone else’s approval at that time (now I’m so comfortable that I don’t care LOL).

Where from: SLaM in Dubai (Facebook, Instagram)

Stylist: Gemma (she’s on Instagram here)

Haircut: A blunt, straight, LOB. (It might look angled in some images but that’s just how it falls).

Color: Red. In my initial consultation with Gemma, we talked about doing a dark red but when I went back for my appointment, I told her to give me the brightest red possible. She said she’d mix three colors and go the most red she could, without having to bleach my hair, that would also compliment my skintone. It’s EXACTLY what I had in mind. EXACTLY. I can’t say that enough.

Rates: AED 330 (haircut), AED 440 (full color for long hair). They also have other full color rates: AED 330 for short and AED 385 for medium length hair.

Would I go back there again? YES. In a heartbeat. Both the color and the cut were EXACTLY what I wanted. Gemma is easily one of those stylists who won’t chop off all your hair just because. She was so careful to give me exactly the length I wanted, I have a massive girl/stylist-crush on her. The salon is gorgeous, the staff is super friendly and despite being one of the most popular hair places in Dubai, they had a -100 snooty vibe. I can’t find a flaw.

How did she style it? A lot of people asked if I got a hair treatment done as well since it looks so bloody sleek and unreal (check here, it was on the day of my appointment. By the time I took these pictures I had been running around, sweating and doing random crap for one whole day). I don’t know what products Gemma used but they were the regular ones: shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant and maybe one more for shine, etc. It was a simple blowdry and then she did parts of my hair with a flat iron for about 15-20 seconds. I just think she’s just brilliant at her job and she used good quality products to do what no one’s ever done for my hair.




How do I plan on styling it? I don’t want to change my hot tools habits and suddenly start using them at a higher frequency. I’m going to mostly go with my natural texture and curl or blowdry around once a week or once in two weeks (what I do now). I won’t be able to get this super sleek look without a flat iron but I don’t use one at all so it won’t be happening and that wasn’t my plan anyway. (I’ll probably go to Gemma and get it done when I feel like going that way). I did buy a heat protectant from the salon though because I want to start using one.

What am I excited about? I didn’t realise that it wouldn’t just be a new haircut. I’m already planning a bunch of hairstyles that I can do on a regular basis that I wouldn’t attempt with long hair. And I’m even feeling inspired to check out different kind of clothes, if you can believe it. Feels like an overall makeover.

General thoughts:

After this experience I realized that:

a) If you want to do it, just do it. Don’t spend time on too many maybes. Maybe the color won’t last as long (so? you’ll enjoy it for a couple of months). Maybe I won’t like it short (hair does this magical thing: it grows back). My only concerns were, that I might not get what I want or that my face might not go with it, even if I got the right cut. I didn’t spend any time on wondering if it won’t last me long, it’ll require maintenance, it’ll wash out, blah blah. So little time, just experiment.

b) A hair makeover does a refresh like nothing else. It’s incredible.

I’ve also added the link to some of my snaps from yesterday, so you can have a look at it in real. Here it is.

You can check out my very first hair post on this when I was just contemplating the change and then my hair consultation with SLaM.

You can follow SLaM on Facebook here and on Instagram here. And Gemma’s on insta here.

Special note:
I’ve talked a lot about hair the past few days and it’s been pinching me since then to say it: If there’s anyone whose lost hair (and I don’t mean the petty hairfall we all experience, I’m talking serious hair loss) I want you to know that while socially we attach a lot of value to hair and a lot of our confidence is rooted in it, it’s not the only thing. I have the luxury of discussing hair in such a frivolous way right now, who knows what’s in the future for any of us. Be confident and if you’ve lost the ‘accessory’ that you may feel defines you, find something else and ground your confidence in that. Express yourself through clothes, makeup, personality, speech – just don’t feel like your hair is all of you.

Giant thankyou to everyone who sent the incredible amounts of love on Snapchat, I was blown away. I LOVE EVERYBODY.


  1. Oh My GODDDDDD !!! You loook sooooper sexy and prettty and beautiful and what not 😀 If I were a boy I would have been a crazy obsessed stalker (though I still am) 😀 but everything (Color, cut) just falls in the right place (Y)


  3. You look young! Not that you looked old pehle. But younger, I swear! And bright and shiny! Excuse the exclamation marks and bad English, I am just soooo excited :p it looks great on you ☺️

  4. Yes this gives u a fresh fresh n young look…adorbsss..btw when you earlier used to colour ur hair..didnt it ho white when u left doing them?

  5. Eyyyyyyyyyy!!! That looks phenomenal! Now I just need to grow the balls to do something with my long locks of hay that i refuse to get chopped or tamed ? – M ( the one who's been following you since day one and telepathically fistbumps you with every post but still doesnt have the kahonas to put my name down so God help me getting a haircut ?)

    1. Author

      THANKSSSS. Just keep thinking about it, one day suddenly you'll be ready to execute it 😀 And now that you've told me that, I'll remember to mentally fist-bump you back after every post (Y) YAS.

  6. Oh my god I LOVE IT. It looks absolutely fab on you!!!!! AND It's the exact shade I've always dreamt of having!!!! So tempted now!!!

  7. That special note!
    You are such a gem of a person I swear. I love the hair cut but you stole my heart with that note 🙂

    Oh and now am going to book an appointment with Gemma. You literally sold them to your readers.

    1. Author

      Thank you, especially for that note mention 🙂 And if you get it from Gemma, please show me too!

  8. LOVE IT! I've always wanted a lob. But I have possible one third the amount of hair you do. So I'm scared it might look too sparse 🙁

    P.s. That note at the end was everything!

    1. Author

      After washing my hair I've realized, if you have less hair, it might actually look better! Cos my hair is showing volume that I didn't know existed in long hair and there's suddenly too much to handle. So without this sleek treatment, it can totally work!

  9. This haircut is made for you! Looks lovely!

  10. Lovedddd the post. You look beyond awesome, it suits u A LOT…
    And what you said in the end, this is what everyone needs to know.

    Keep rocking!


  11. Hi sheherzeen, you look lovely. I am just soo loving your hairs <3. I have a request to make. kindly do something on summer fragrance or purfumes.

  12. You look 16!!! I loveee the color and totally want to try it now!! I'm so curious to see how it looks with your natural texture though!

    1. Author

      Thank you thank you thank you! I uploaded a picture on insta and fb in all red stuff, that's my natural texture 🙂

  13. You look FAB Girl!!
    Its a totally New You (Y)
    Definitely worth all the wait & excitement.
    You are such an inspiration to ALL 🙂

    P.S. Do they generally color hair(virgin) or even just without Bleach as well? If so, that's the best thing evaaarrr!!


    1. Author

      Thank you bohat saara! And my hair was virgin hair (I mean I've colored before but ages ago so it was all untouched). I don't know about bleach if they do or not but this was without it 🙂

  14. I have been blessed pretty decent, thick hair and have never had a serious hair fall problem. But reading the 'Special note' at the end of the blog post just blew me over. Even for a person who cannot relate to that, that was the best and most genuine bit ever! Kudos to you.
    Also your hair look fabulous! You totally nailed it with the look 😀

  15. LOVE IT !!
    I got myself a lob and a color change too a couple weeks back. Although I love the cut I feel like this length is harder to style. I have to blow dry/ iron it every time I go out and i have naturally very straight hair.
    Any tips on how you handle your's ?! Please and thank you ��

    1. Author

      Thank you. To be honest I'm still learning hehe. I haven't styled yet though because I've heard you lose color faster cos of hot tools so kind of scared hehe. I'll eventually do it I know (just the initial jitters). My hair is naturally straight on some days (wavy on some, very strange) but last wash I used Loreal Elvive Color Protect and it made it straighter than usual so I didn't feel the need to style. Only used once though and sometimes shampoos behave differently in different washes. Will write whatever I discover 🙂 If you don't want to touch it too much, I'd suggest not heat styling it all, except the front two inches so you look polished, and peechay can be a little random 😛

  16. I can't stop saying this but you look SO GOOD! Younger, edgier, sleeker…I'm just in awe. Love it!

    – Maheen A

  17. You look like such a beauty – i also want to see you in the not ironed look cuz i think that would beat this one too

  18. Looking great Shehzeen i so want to dye my hairs always stopped because of one i thought they gonna destroy my hairs i have a good long black hairs but i always get confused even in my family everybudy dont want me to do so yes im single nw and i m like chalo koi nae when i will get marry then i ll do it 😛

    1. Author

      Haha, I don't like to color a lot also even though I love the effect. Once in a while is ok 🙂 You can do it soon!

  19. love it ! you are inspiring me to chop my hair further, though i already have a lob 🙂 maybe a change of color would do. Once again, you look absolutely stunning and young 🙂

    1. Author

      Haha. I know what you're saying. I've been crazy ideas too even though I just got a chop. thank you so much man 🙂

  20. sorry, didn't like it that much. my opinion is the cut looks too youthful for you. having said that, i can't wait to see what new hairstyles you try after this cut

  21. Woman, you hot.
    Haha. And that flamingo t-shirt is just so APT. I mean, the whole thing is just so good. Hair color is a 100% yes!
    Been dying to do this EXACT thing to my long tresses, if you'll believe it. Extreme face fat(and general all around fat) stopping me from going ahead.

    1. Author

      hahaha. Thank you for loving the flamingo. (it's from H&M btw) And believe it or not, I thought my face would look bigger too but somehow didn't, still trying to figure that out (even though I did nearly faint in the first half hour of getting the chop cos I thought I looked like a tarbooz)

  22. Somehow..i can't view your blog's homepage..and encountering this issue from quite a few days..thought i should tell you :)..nice haircut..

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