Camouflage khussas. (from my Nepal trip last year).

My girl-soulmate Sumika sent over this Quran for me a couple of days ago and it’s one beautiful thing. The cover is so wellmade, the pages are different colors and it’s easily the best gift she’s ever given me. She ordered it from here.

Went to Sephora to pick up a new beauty blender and the guy gave me so many samples. I’ve never gotten so many before so I was dancing. ILOVESAMPLES.

Nabeel’s dad got this jar of pure honey for us a few months ago which I conveniently shoved to the back of the kitchen cupboard because I’ve never been interested in honey. But now with my mind going all slutty over the natural stuff, I took this out a few days ago and was stunned. It tastes SO delicious. I had a bottle of store bought honey that I was using before remembering I had this and when you compare the two, it blows your mind. This is what’s going in my morning drink these days.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. I love your snaps in general but I'm a huge fan of the q&a already. I love your opinions and how you say them without sounding preachy. Not many people can do that. I honestly feel like you're only talking to me when I was watch those snap stories. Have never commented before but felt like telling you how I feel today 🙂 Never stop blogging or snapping or sharing your life and mind with us.

  2. Hey any idea whats the hadiya(price) og this Holy quran?
    Its sucha nice gift for newly weds…

  3. Ure soul mate is so thoughtful. You totally deserve her or maybe the other way round haha

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