Fridays (with a question for you guys)

Fridays (with a question for you guys)

It’s been one year since I started doing the Fridays series. A few days ago I got a comment from someone saying that lately the blog feels like a collection of Fridays posts and the variety in blog content has gone down (they did say they liked the series, though).

I’m very open to constructive feedback so first I decided to check on the content and as a sample I had a quick look at my last month’s posting schedule but honestly didn’t feel that that was true – diversity in topics is one of the things I keep in mind when planning the monthly calendar and I think it’s pretty varied right now (hope I’m not coming across as bitchy because my heart is sparkly clean).

About Fridays, the blog readership has generally doubled over the last few months and Fridays posts in particular have very high visitor hits and to my understanding are one of the most popular posts on the blog. All of this tells me that you guys do enjoy the series but I did notice that the engagement (number of likes/comments) on Fridays has gone down. I look at all feedback I get and take action if I feel it’s legit. In this case, I decided to ask you guys upfront. I don’t like having a one-way communication only so I’d love to know if you feel that the Fridays posts are one too many.

There’s a simple poll below, I’d love it if you could take out a second to vote for whether I should keep the Fridays series going or not. Do you guys like having them or would be happier if they went away? Comment here or email me if you want to say more on this. Based on your feedback, I’ll decide whether I should continue or phase them out over the next few weeks 🙂

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Just generally, if you hit like on a post, it’s great data for me because I know what kind of content is working for you, without having to ask you guys. So I’d love it if you’d take out a second to do that, if you really enjoy a post.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. OMG ABSOLUTELY NOT. I really look forward to these. Please don't take them away!!!!!!

  2. I don't comment at all but had to. PLEASE NO.

  3. Shehzeen your blog is quite impressive but I do have two cents to pitch in about the Friday posts:

    1. People who follow you on snap chat and instragram will just find the Friday posts repetitive and redundant. Add to that your regular monthly feature of 'What am I doing this month' 🙂 Too much of the same information, get what I mean?

    2. On a blog, where content stays to be browsed later, the Friday posts have a very short life. Most likely it's not something people will search for. So maybe a weekly feature that has a longer browse-able life might be helpful.

    Just my two cents. Hope your blog continues to prosper.


    1. Author

      Hi A 🙂 The blog actually has roughly six times the audience of Snapchat so I try to put it all down for those who aren't on a specific social account. But I love the idea of not snapping it if I'm going to put it on the blog for people who do follow along on Snap 🙂 Just will have to plan better! Thanks <3

  4. Agree with the above please keep it coming just keep the content a bit more un-snapped. And btw where is the actual Friday post? This is dhoka 🙁

    1. Author

      Love that idea. I'll plan better to not snap what I plan on putting on the blog too. Thank you (k) And sorry about the dhoka but I wanted no distractions on this post 😛

  5. Then do a Monday post to make up for it :p

  6. I promise to constructively criticise when needed cause that's what friends do for each other (my best friend and I very casually chat about your Snapchats and blog like 'Shehzeen ki snapstory dekhi thi? 'Oh haan. I almost forgot to have Shehzeen wala nashta aj', so in our minds we're allllll best friends :D) so don't worry we got your back. Also Friday posts make me happy. Keep'em coming.

  7. Please don't stop this series of friday posts.I love to read your posts:)

  8. Whatever you do, keep snapping buddy! So convenient and instant.

  9. I typed a whole freakin' paragraph and i lost it 🙁 🙁 LOL:D in short : i am following u on each and every single social media account, so friday posts r nt something new fr me… still i want u to keep them, cuz not everyone is waili like me (NOT saying only waili awaam follows you) i mean most of the time ppl dnt get time to be on social media, sometimes cuz of job and sometimes cuz of studies… plus some ppl dnt even use snapchat ub tak… AUR if EVER i do miss ur snapchat updates ( which never happens) i can checkout ur friday post … SO PLEASE KEEP IT ��

    P.S Still not so short , is it? ����

    1. Author

      Pehley toh extreme love to you for taking the time out to type it twice. And secondly, that's why I repeat a little bit currently across different accounts because not everyone is on every account. But I'll make sure I crisp it up a bit without loss to any channel 🙂 Thankyou, lots of love :*

  10. i love the Fridays posts! As a regular reader and commenter love this peak in your life, what you're reading wearing and loving. It's fun!

  11. Firstly, Please don't stop snapping or even doing fewer snaps will not do because i love ur snapchats even my little one does 🙁

    Secondly, i think your friday posts are equally enjoyable and a must read as compared to all your post and even if you snap about it or just do random post about it,its amazing…I can say this because on a day off (which is friday as i live i dubai) when i finally have some *mee time* going on, i look up for things to read and your friday posts and the posts that i have missed reading are on the top of my list..even when i read ur previous post along with friday ones i just enjoy them…pleaaasseeee just let it all go the way its going!:D

    1. Author

      So appreciate your feedback :* Honestly, that's exactly my intent behind them and I truly do them from the heart for people who get it just like you <3

  12. I think you self obsessed! Please talk (esp snapchat) about something constructive instead of parading your life. How does ur husband tolerate it?

    1. why don't you read sth else then ? you don't HAVE to read Shehzeen (neither comment !)

    2. great answer bab'

    3. why don't you read smth else then ?

  13. Love your Friday's post!! Don't take it away from us.
    But yeah you could stop snapping the same thing for you blog posts.


  14. Gave my opinion as honestly as I could. I hope to see the final decision soon. Surveys get me excited for no reason at all.

    – Mahnoor

  15. Sorry for the double entry but just elaborating what I said in the survey response. For example, your recent book recommendations post was not the best, to say the least. It was a list of books that people recommended to you. A list like any other list I can google up. What I'm trying to say is that the personal factor has gone down. Instead of that post, a book review by you on something that you read and loved (or hated) would have been better. Just my opinion though.

    – Mahnoor

    1. Author

      Hey! To be honest, I wouldn't have done that book list myself but so, SO many people asked for it (and then eventually it got a lot of love) so I think it worked for the majority. And by the way I started doing mini reviews of what I have been reading myself in the monthly what'im-doing posts 🙂

  16. Love these Friday posts and your snaps too… I think you are the only person I follow religiously on Snap chat. Sometimes I feel I really know you in real life. In fact it will be great if we meet sometime.. if you plan to come to Malaysia ever, be my guest…

    Coming back to the post – I voted YES and I dont know if I can do it multiple times, I will do it Yes all the way… I look forward to these Friday posts. Snap Chat and writing is not same so I dont find them repetitive… In fact, I love it when u translate what we see on snaps into words .. because you add so much meaning through your writing style!

  17. Hey-o!
    I absolutely LOVE your Fridays posts! My week is usually crazy busy as my work life is equivalent to torture so my weekend me-time loves your Friday posts!

    However, I do admit I used to love your old, old content more! (In specifics: The feature on all your single homes, the article on portraying yourself in the workplace and pushing for ideas, open letter to/about (can't recall) in-laws, etc. My point being that each piece was a fresh snippet/experience of yours and was quite exciting (and relatable) to read to!)

    So, to wrap it up, I agree with the comment above that a personal touch is always great (and your personal touch is always super hilarious and refreshing to read, so your readers would surely love to get a higher dose!)

    But all in all, keep rocking! We love you and your blog!

  18. No, please don't remove the Fridays posts, I love them! But if you're open to feedback, I'm not TOO fond of the Timeout posts..

  19. Hey Shehzeen, love your Friday posts. They are organic, and personal and just fun to read. You do you girl.

  20. Love the Friday posts specially since I'm not on Snapchat and I think they are a perfect little break for a day like Friday (I think a lot of people arent still ) I guess to address the concern on duplication of content, you could keep some pictures /moments exclusively for the Friday post ? Love your personalized heart-felt content and your picture quality. Would love to see more pictures !

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