All I’m going to say is my hair revamp is in two days and there’s not much else I can focus on. Here’s my last picture on the blog with long hair. Please join me in saying farewell and whether you love or hate short hair, just participate with me in embracing this change, YUS. In other news, went to watch Ki & Ka last night and I’m confused by why some people are calling it lame because I totally loved it. Was fun, entertaining and with a great message. I’d recommend watching it totally.
Weekend situation: this book I’m reading at a snail’s pace but loving very much, chai and chocolate digestives.
Everyday ritual since the last couple of weeks that I’m enjoying to no end: hot lemon water. I have it around 11 am (because I’m already doing my morning drink before breakfast so I space it out) during my ‘tea break’.



N and I started a 1000-piece puzzle a couple of weeks ago and we’re so close to getting it done. It’s incredible amounts of fun (minus the frustrating bits where both of us want to strangle each other but no big deal). I’ve already got my heart set on getting another one after this, and preferably with a better image to work with.
I found the most beautiful bag at Aldo and brought it home. I picked this blush shade because it’s out of my comfort zone and I wanted to push myself. But it also existed in a super gorgeous dirty blue and tan – both solid, SOLID purchases. I’m relentlessly repeating to myself that I shouldn’t just go and get it in another color.
Have a great weekend, guys.



  1. I am loving your puzzle snaps. Totally going to get one too <3

  2. Are these sort of puzzles for grown ups?where from can i buy these?

  3. Loveee your kurta and the earrings!!! Where from?

  4. Just started following you on snapchat and reading your blogs for the first time. You are LOVE!

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