Eating & Drinking: G.T. Road

Eating & Drinking: G.T. Road

This place has been open for a bit and I’ve been wanting to try (N’s had the food and he really liked it) but somehow I only ended up going a couple of weeks ago. I was hot and exhausted from a plant sourcing trip I’d made to the Warsan nurseries on the other end of Dubai (but what an awesome place and what a stash I got). I wanted to have something cold and refreshing and I asked N to take us to G. T. Road because they had this thing called Thaa Cola (also known as Limca but tell me thaa doesn’t sound better?), which if you’ve had, then you know that it was the solution to all my problems.
While browsing the menu randomly because we had had a heavy breakfast a couple of hours ago, I saw this thing called a keema naan. I LOVE KEEMA NAANS. I’ve tried a few in Dubai and they were all sad little wannabes but somehow I knew this place would not disappoint. And it didn’t. The keema naan was glorious and fresh from the oven and if I wasn’t on the 21 Day Fix right now I’d have ordered it in tonight AGAIN (this post is so hard for me right now). The thaa cola was thandi and refreshing. I also tried the bun kebab which a friend had ordered and it was also good. N tried the chicken roll, which while not as fantastic as Hot & Spicy, was still pretty good and I want to have it (when I’m 3 pounds lighter).
Since that day I’ve tried the namkeen grill as well, we ordered in at home one night and the chapli kebab were stellar. Soft, fresh, BEAUTIFUL.
I also tried the pistachio ice cream at home one day (and then ordered it again a few days later) and it was the desi kind, if you know what I mean. In the peshawari ice cream camp and delicious to me.
I’m adding this place to my favorite Dubai food places list and you should check it out too okay.

Restaurant: G. T. Road
What I recommend: Keema Naan, Namkeen Grill (the chapli kebab area amazing), Thaa Cola (Limca), Bun Kebab, Pistachio Ice cream (it’s weird and interesting)
Location: Two Towers, Tecom (find it on Google Maps)
Facebook: here

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  1. Theres a funny typo in the last part where you have written the name of the restaurant. 😀

  2. Addicted to the Limca as well.
    Their Kulfi and Kaawa was pretty good, too!

    1. Author

      Yesss the kulfi was pretty good too. Haven't tried the kahva, will do next time (Y) Thanks ^_^

  3. i loooove keema naan. weirdly enough they are pretty good in Islamabad I dont know…never found them in Karachi. dang these pics look amazing *mouth waters*

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