Annual Giveaway: Calling Sponsors!

Annual Giveaway: Calling Sponsors!

Guys. I’m ready to launch the Annual Giveaway, WOOHOO!! Last year was a freaking phenomenal success – the amazing brands, your stellar enthusiasm – it was all very kickass. And I’m totally ready to do it all over again. Are you with me?

So I’m looking for sponsors. Any business/service looking to be a part of the best giveaway ever (what?…my mom said so) get in touch me with immediately.

The 2015 giveaway was worth $2000 and had 35,000 entries from 43 countries. It had 16 participating brands and one special surprise from me. It was fun and it was awesome. Check it out here. 

You don’t want to miss being a part of this so come running.

Who can be a sponsor? Big business or small, old or new, if you’ve got great stuff, you can join the party. Anything that can be shipped to me, an online service that’s currently available or a significant enough coupon/voucher that can be redeemed, you can all get in touch.

Change versus last year: This year the giveaway will be open to UAE and Pakistan only. If you’re a brand that’s not from Pakistan or UAE but would still like to reach out to consumers in these locations, don’t hesitate, write to me. I’m introducing this change because of customs procedures and charges, sorrayy :(.

What I need: Details on whatever product/service you want to contribute.

Requirement: It’s got to be amazing and substantial enough. For example, I wouldn’t accept just one notebook, unless it’s a notebook made of gold.

You have to ship the product to me in Dubai, UAE. Come on guys, don’t be cheap. Spend a couple thousand bucks and send it. You’re a business, invest in your growth.

What I won’t accept: If you’re planning on launching your business but don’t have any product ready to show me or send my way, I’m sorry but you can understand why I can’t have you.

We had all these products last year: Samsung tablets, Babyliss hair tools, IPOD shuffle, Makeup Forever cosmetics, Skechers shoes, Tresemme hair products, Nivea skincare, P&G shaving kits, Mahin Hussain accessories, Veranda at five home dΓ©cor pieces, Mockingjay handbags, 9lines accessories and much more. You can see the entire list here.

Send in your offers by April 23, 2016 at HURRRRRY.


  1. EEEEKKKKK!! Such good memories from last year. I didn't win but I enjoyed every bit of it πŸ˜› SOOOO excited it's happening again πŸ˜€ — sarah

  2. YAYYYYY. It's backkkkkkkk!

  3. Majorly looking forward to this.

  4. bring it onnnnnn

  5. what are the sources behind it? who are going to conduct this? sana

  6. The UAE and Pakistan thing is only for sponsors right?!??

    1. Author

      Nope everybody sadly. Last time customs was asking for a lot of charges from the recipient on delivery since the package was massive. I worked it out then for Pakistan but if it's any other country, I won't be able to help and it would cause everyone much heartache.

  7. Hi how can i get in touch with you to become a sponsor?

  8. Hi
    I am arranging a big meet up for this group that is is working in pakistan USA new York Oman Saudi and uae
    And we had meet ups in pakistan and Canada where they got the sponsors for giveaways
    I was wondering if u could help me out with the sponsors who want to advertise and and get some giveaways for my meet up

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