10 Responses To When Will You Have A Baby?

10 Responses To When Will You Have A Baby?

We’ve all been there. For those who haven’t, your time is close. So as a service to all current and future victims of this dreaded question, I wrote a piece for Mangobaaz on ten responses to give when you’re subjected to ‘When will you have a baby?’ Read it here and if you enjoy it, show some love 🙂

And by the way, Mangobaaz is my new favorite stop for all desi, fun stuff. Follow them if you haven’t found them already.

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  1. i love Mangobaaz! Startup culture woot woot <3 also amazing piece, I cant imagine all the questions you have evaded in the four years you've been married 😛

  2. We had our first one, 4 years after & my standard answer during that time was always "aap dua karain". That used to shut the aunties up because you can't explain to everyone that you don't want a child exactly nine months after getting married!!!

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