Timeout: 8 Basic Things Every Functional Kitchen Needs. And More.

Timeout: 8 Basic Things Every Functional Kitchen Needs. And More.

1. As someone who’s always at basic level when it comes to the kitchen, this list is gold. More advanced, sophisticated individuals can sarcastically laugh and move on.

2. Love anything on toast and these toast topper ideas are making me massively hungry.

3. Haven’t ever heard this strategy for no-tears over onion chopping but it seems interesting.

4. Check out Leo’s doppelganger whose landed himself a Barneys campaign.

5. Interesting thoughts: How this person coped with an unexpected pregnancy.

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  1. My dream kitchen will defs have the Turquoise Kitchen Aid. Till then I will make one of these delicious toasts because let's face it the bread is merely a transporting device to get all of that yumminess in.

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  3. This onion trick doesn't really work. At least for me. As a Desi, every single dish requires tons of onions and nothing ever works for me. The hold a piece of bread between your lips or chewing a gum or wearing sunglasses. 😛

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