Timeout: 16 Ways To Use Aloe Vera In Your Beauty Routine. And More.

Timeout: 16 Ways To Use Aloe Vera In Your Beauty Routine. And More.

1. So I bought some aloe vera gel recently that I’ve been wanting to try out since ages. I’m going to spend some time reading up on what’s the best way to get started on it and if you’re with me, here are 16 ways to incorporate aloe vera into your beauty routine. Image from MyDomaine.

2. A reflexology foot massage is said to relax you like nobody’s business and something that doing regularly can heal a number of issues. Here’s a simple how-to. Definitely testing this out on N shortly.

3. Going to try out this steak salad soon. Looks crazy simple.

4. The best thing you’ll read all week. This penguin swims miles every year to reunite with the man who once saved his life.

5. Five strategies to have a productive work day. Simple but effective.

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  1. I have been an Aloe Vera user for don't know since when 🙂
    It has helped me through:
    —- I burnt my hand badly through steam and whole skin peeled off. After a week when the mark appeared I started rubbing aloe vera 2-3 times a day and in less than a month my hand was brand new. My doc was surprised that mark is gone without any cosmetology
    —- It is super awesome in case one got dandruff or psoriasis. Since I have moved to UAE I use it over weekend for healthy scalp
    —- My mom eats aloe gel directly for keeping her BP normal and it also helps arthritis

    This is one super-awesome plant <3

  2. oooh me likey the reflexology link. As the fam's resident masseuse, I can use them from when the parents want someone to massage their feet 😀

  3. Alovera reminds me so much of abbuuu…he loves his alovera plants at home. He would just take one alovera leave n use it as shampoo n also drink for digestive purposes.

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