I started the Fridays series to have a stop-and-think point to evaluate the small things from my week that got me a tiny bit excited on a given day. I probably am not going to remember any of these things a couple months out (in fact check with me on Monday), but I feel they implicitly contribute to my contentment in life in the long-term. I never want this post to ever create dissatisfaction for even one person by creating any comparisons. In the regular chaos of life, it’s hard to realise when something miniscule, but truly valuable, happens; we’re all going so fast: a mindless two-minute conversation with your best friend, a hug from your child, a funny text, a hot shower, a relaxed cup of coffee or chai, a second with your thoughts, a good hair day, even a complaint from a parent (because you know that’s only cos you’re loved). But I know everyone has these tiny moments in their everyday, you just have to find them. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. (Here: The fountainhead + coffee)

Weekend baking.

Nothing making me happier right now than a loose, relaxed boho top (my waistline also thanks me for it). This one from Aeropostale (loved it enough that I got it in two colors). Earrings from Forever 21.

Cute sign at Billo Ice Cream for our last weekend’s falooda stop. We tried a few and even though not all were the best I’ve had (they were good), their Punjabi falooda was truly stellar.

Old ear candy that I’d forgotten about.

Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. Hey Shehzeen, any reason for the explanation? :S I always thought your Fridays posts were to appreciate the beautiful and the good.

    BTW The Fountainhead is one of my Dad's fave books, and now I have to get into his good books by reading this and Atlas Shrugged 😛

    1. Author

      Someone I know told me she feels my life looks 'too good' and 'easy'. I thought about it and felt I don't want to be a point of source of dissastisfaction (in fact the opposite, heh) so just a tiny thought 🙂

      And I'm really excited to get started on the book. It's super thick though 😛

  2. To be honest, your life does look perfect. But I do realise that we see small snippets of it. Also I can't seem to forget the snapchat post you did about never waiting for things to happen to make you happy. I have always been positive but also someone who thinks she wants/needs certain things for happiness and I am trying to subtract that thought from my life. Your snapchat made me a better person. :p too mushy?
    P.s what is it about your posts that make people feel okay about being brutally honest?

    1. Author

      Not just snippets, in fact, the highlights 🙂 Thanks for the mushy love on the snapchat thing, I welcome mush with open arms 😉 I love your comment way too much.

  3. Masha Allah for you. You've worked for what you have 🙂

  4. Loved the initial thought.. beautifully said.
    Boho top and your shot is lovvvee

  5. I love reading your blog and it just inspires me to find happiness in little things… 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your life with all of us!

  6. You choose to share your life with us. You don't have to but you do. Your blog could be about clothes and all the eateries you visited or all the stuff that you got sent but it isn't. There is always a little snippet of your organic self in there. Never ever has it made me feel like my life is not good enough. Instead, most of the time you give me some kick ass ideas about how I can make mine even better (like the clarisonic or the awesome cheeseballs recipe you shared a while ago)
    Am I envious of all the free food trips you get? Hell yeah! But I am also very happy for you.

    – Mahnoor

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