Found this sweet spot after our chicken wings lunch last weekend; the weather was great so we hung out here randomly for a bit. N and I are going again to the Friday brunch today at Movenpick that we went to last week (reason on my Snapchat). Their desserts were incredible so this time I’m really excited to get into those with my entire soul’s concentration, no distractions. We also got tickets for Siachen for later tonight and pretty excited to watch it with some friends. At home, I’m going to ask N to help me take pictures of the living room this weekend so I can post them up soon (I feel terribly lazy these days so I need an extra hand).

This month’s discovery: Hibiscus tea. Apart from the beyond gorgeous color, I’ve also fallen for the sharp, tart taste.

From the brunch last week. Our table was under this beautiful skylight and having something pretty to look at while eating is just a bonus, boys.

Took a relaxed trip to a used book store called House of Prose in Jumeirah. We spent a couple of hours here, quietly checking out books and it was majorly therapeutic. (The collection is decent and while the prices aren’t super low, you can expect about half off versus market price.)

Hung out on the marina for a bit a couple of nights ago with some chai. The weather was incredible; chilly breeze and light drizzling. Thank you God for working your magic (everyday).

Have a great weekend, guys. 


  1. Your Fridays posts make my weekend 🙂

  2. I loved Siachen! Do share how you liked it 😀 😀 – ammara

  3. Can you plz post a tested recipe for hibiscus tea? I have them blooming in my garden these days and i can put them to good use.

    1. Author

      Ill try to test one out soon. And to have that in your garden, how dreamy does that sound?

  4. Love your Friday posts 😀 Do share how was Siachen!!


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