Easily my favorite shoes these days and I’ve been practically living in them, with no regrets (they’re from Aeropostale). N and I are going to a Friday brunch at a new place today and really hoping the food is great because the weekend is not mentally capable of taking disappointments. Tummies ready, fingers crossed.
Had the most killer rain and storm a few days ago (sorry about anyone who got stuck on the road/had damages). My area was relatively trouble free so I enjoyed the whole pitch-dark-at-9-am situation with the glorious sounds of the rain and the wind. House looked super dreamy. 

Bag that’s quickly climbed into top favorites category. From Fysty and I also wore it in yesterday’s post.

Went to Taste of Dubai yesterday, which is on until March 12th if you’re interested. There was food from lots of fine-dining restaurants, music and a little bit of culinary shopping too. N and I ate and walked around a bit. It was a tad crowded for me but fun nonetheless. Loved this ‘Free Tacos’ board (look closely, heh).
N and I went for a walk last night and the sky was such a gorgeous blue-black-grey, that I kept stopping ever few feet and staring up. And even though I’ve never been such a concrete fan but these buildings hidden in the clouds looked incredible. The weather was also fab so it was a good night.
Have a great weekend, guys.


  1. errr ma gerd that last shot is literally Gotham, you just have to Photoshop a Bat Signal in there 😛 I really like this bag, which I realized is From The Devil Wears Prada after a whole day and NOT Karl Marx, jeez atiya, nerd much?

  2. I laughed way too long on that free tacos sign…
    And I agree with Atiya, too much Gotham vibes! Amazing!

    – Mahnoor

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