Friday Brunch

Friday Brunch

So a couple of weeks ago, N and I went for a Friday brunch to the Movenpick in Bur Dubai. We’re mega-fans of a good brunch so it was naturally the highlight of our weekend. We had lots of good food, even better desserts and came back home with happy tummies.

The brunch was at Fountain Restaurant in Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai and we picked a table in the courtyard setting right under a gorgeous skylight. There was also a more intimate dining setting inside as well as a fully dedicated kids play area with a separate menu and tons of kids goodies. I’d totally take my parent friends’ to this so we could throw the kids to the side (I mean, let the kids have their fun) and manage to have actual conversation over good food. There are lots of options like this in the city but this is one of the most affordable ones in a 5-star setting.

Note: I’m in two different clothes because I went twice and maybe that’s why I love these guys a little bit more.

See gorgeous skylight.

Lots of bread and fruit options. Along with a live kitchen making breakfast stuff like eggs benedict.

My absolute favorite was the Duck with Orange Sauce. The duck was done SO WELL. So tender and the orange sauce was so complimentary (please note, I’ve never tried both before). N has had duck a couple of times and he said this was the best one he’s ever had. I had this both times I went because I loved it that much and I’d totally go back just to have LOTS of this.

Beef ribs.

The sushi was kickass. I’m a giant sushi fan and so this easily makes it to my top 3 in Dubai.

Indian/pakistani cuisine. I didn’t try the main courses from here but did try the chaat.

The oyster bar.

My plate. I think I OD’ed on meat just a tad bit?

The cheese in the sushi was so good. I had a bunch of these.

And the papri chaat from the indian section was yummayyy. I was bummed out that there weren’t any separate chutneys, because I like to load my chutneys, but it was all mixed together just perfectly, so I actually ended up loving it without any add-ons (rare for me).

I’m going to tell you right up, the desserts section here is fab. Other than the regular dessert display that you have at most brunches, this one had ICE CREAM (coming up).

This section was calling out my name ever since I stepped foot into the restaurant. They had crepes and waffles and hot desserts like apple crumble and breading with vanilla sauce. AND ICE CREAM.


I LOVED the bread pudding and had massive amounts until I couldn’t breathe (true story).

And we got these beauties done from the live station which were delicious. The crepes had alcohol so we took the waffles with movenpick ice cream scoops and toppings and sauces of our choice. Tip: Ask the waffle guy to make your waffle extra crisp, ours was a tad soft. BUT DELICIOUS.

And any place that can give me this, doesn’t need to do anything else really. I’m crazy about cotton candy AND NO IT WAS NOT JUST FOR THE KIDS. Anyone could have it and so I did.

The kids’ area was fabulous by the way. They had a full separate menu which I would have totally stolen some stuff from if I wasn’t suffocating-level of full. The kids were going NUTS here, I can imagine why. There was a bouncing castle, movie playing on the projector, video games, paper activities (not sure exactly what) and tons of goodies.

Mini burgers.

Chicken tenders. Finger sandwiches and macaroni & cheese (not pictured but that I wanted).

And even veggies.

With a full dessert bar with cupcakes, marshmallows, tiny-cut-up fruit, and lots more.

It’s a great place for a relaxed get together over good food with lots of choices and is super family-friendly. You should definitely try. And when you’re leaving, don’t forget to grab some jellies from this magical place on your way out.

What more could they have done to steal my heart? Nothing.

Here are some details

What: Friday Brunch
Where: Fountain Restaurant at Movenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai
Brunch Rates: AED 195 per person with soft drinks & water. AED 295 for soft drinks, water & alcoholic beverages.
Children rates: Free (Ages 1-12 years), 50% Adult rate (Ages 13-17).
Timings: 12 – 4 pm
Reservation required: Best to reserve ahead since sometimes it can be fully booked.
What I loved: Duck with orange sauce, Lancashire Hotpot, Sushi, Chaat, Hot desserts, Waffle Station
Family-friendly: Yes. Dedicated kids’ play area with separate kids menu and activities.
Best for: Families, Friends’ hangouts with kids
Would I go again? Yes

Until next time.


  1. you're so cute!!

  2. this looks amazing for my children. I just called them but they are fully booked for tomorrow so I will go soon insh'allah. thank you

  3. OH MY GOD, this place looks amazing! salivating for the duck, the mini burgers and the cupcakes <3

  4. *drools and dies*


  5. OH MY LORDDD i want to book the next flight to Dubai and spend 5 days living right in the middle of this restaurant.

  6. yaaaaaaarrr this looks so awesome!! waffles, cotton candy, jellies, kids food….ufffffffffffffffffffff 😀 …i need to look for a cobone for this!!! pics behtreen and review even more behtreen! thumbs up(all four) 😀

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