Favorite Hairstyles On TV

Favorite Hairstyles On TV

Here are 8 of my all-time favorite hairstyles from TV shows; have a look please while I get stunned over how we haven’t discussed this already.

1. Jennifer Aniston’s hair as Rachel on Friends – naturally. I loved it all through the series but my favorite look was in the last season; it’s shocking how that was 12 years ago and still incredibly current.

2. Even though I gave up on Gossip Girl by the second season (or third?) Blake Lively’s hair as Serena was the stuff of dreams. I think she’s really the one who made messy hair super legit.

3. I don’t watch New Girl but I’ve always loved Zooey Deschanel’s hair as Jess. It’s my absolute dream hair that I definitely want in another life (even though bangs don’t really agree with my face but SO WHAT).

4. I was generally crazy about Christina Hendricks as Joan on Mad Men and while I don’t really like updos, she made them work like nobody’s business. Stunning.

5. While I loved her long hair too, I have a special appreciation for the short do Sarah Hyland has these days as Haley on Modern Family. Much win.

6. I love Jes Macallan’s personality as Josslyn Carver on Mistresses like a psycho. And I love her hair. Such effortless stuff.

7. Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper on the The O.C. was everyone’s major crush at one time and the hair was one of the many reasons. Now that I’m looking at her pictures again, I’m seeing that she didn’t have a LOT of hair but it still looks great so for anyone whose hair is thinning or thin generally, you should know that anything will look good so there should be no heartbreak.

8. I don’t know what this show is or where this chick is from but I once saw her hair in passing and I was like OH HEY. If you’re interested in stalking, this is Ellen Holloman as Zephyr on Into The Badlands. Now who’s interested in doing this hair for me?

Tell me yours.

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  1. I love all of these. Did not know of number 8 as well but fierce!

  2. Love all. I also used to really like LC's hair on The Hills but I guess that's not really TV 😛

  3. Omg I have been crushing over Rachel and serena's hair all my life. Haha. Love em.
    Also, I always thought I have a terribly round and chubby face to get bangs. But I got it done anyway and it looks good. Finally, ticked it off my list. Phewwwww haha

  4. Rachel and Serena!!!! I have curly hair (soft curls) and a tiny forehead but I have kept bangs/fringes and all sorts of nice haircuts. Do it if your heart desires :p

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