Eating & Drinking: Caramel Profiteroles

Eating & Drinking: Caramel Profiteroles

These caramel profiteroles came into my life one night when I was pretty much doing the standard: lazing on the couch, dreaming about anything made out of refined sugar. N’s sister-in-law sent these over to our place (just because) and I took one look at them and knew that if they didn’t taste as good as they looked, I would develop serious trust issues in life.

This is what I felt when I had the first one: Eat these. Die. Enter heaven.

Really, they’re that delicious.

I had recently developed a love for profiteroles anyway but I had no idea how phenomenally caramel could up their game. The pastry is ridiculously light filled with rich vanilla cream and drowning in caramel sauce. They’re from Katrina Sweets and N & I have gone back and had these multiple times since then (now our waistlines have collectively screamed that enough is enough so we’re on a tiny sabbatical from consuming such drops of heaven).

They’re best when had the same day because the pastry is fresh like nobody’s business. But I don’t mind shoving them in the refrigerator where they get beautifully chilled (but will dry out a tiny bit). I LOVE them.

Here they are at their home base, ready for you.

Before I give more details on this, here’s some other stuff they have if you’d like to have a look. I’ve tried the layered honey cake as well and it was so light, soft and pretty fantastic, perfect with coffee/tea.

What: Caramel Profiteroles
Where: Katrina Sweets
Facebook: here
All locations: here
Available every time I’ve gone but call and check before going to avoid disappointment. I pick mine up from the one in Barsha.

Until next time.


  1. wow these look sensational! cant wait to try

  2. Ufff no branch in sharjah..khair will have to try since I haven't tried any particular confectionery point here…
    Hey plz tell me which Peruvian restaurant was better, garden or story roof lounge?

    1. Author

      Sharjah and Dubai so close! Go for it. And as for the Peruvian, both have different vibes. Garden is more formal and refined cuisine. SRL has a club vibe and street food. Both were great.

    2. Author

      Try SRL first, but only if you get seating on the terrace. The inside is too club-type which I don't like. The Friday evening brunch was awesome.

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