What I’m Doing This Month: February

What I’m Doing This Month: February

Sneak peek of the living room

What I’m watching
Still on Friends, boys. On season 8 by now and possibly going to start season 2 of The Flash once we’re done.

What I’m listening to
Cheap Thrills by Sia and Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay. Both so good.

What I’m reading
I surprisingly did two books this month. I was gifted both of these QUITE some time ago and I just got around to them.

The first one was The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro which is the cutest book on the surface but with some hard-hitting stuff if you dig deeper. It’s mostly about a butler’s journey through the English countryside during a holiday but during the drive he takes you into his past and that’s where the magic is. I totally recommend reading it, especially because it starts easy and then naturally keeps evolving into a real profound read.

The second one was The Good Luck Of Right Now (read only the first two paragraphs in the link if you don’t want to know the whole story) by Matthew Quick (also the author of Silver Linings Playbook which was developed into a movie). A 39 year old who’s completely dependent on his mom loses sight on things when she passes away and resorts to secret letters to Richard Gere to find his way. It’s the sweetest book about a bunch of ‘misfits’ and you should just read it because it’s gentle and philosophical and will open your mind.

What I’m wearing
Have been styling my hair in loose waves a LOT. Still don’t know how to do it but manage to get away with something that can be categorized as a messy do.

What I’m loving
N got this incredible massager on his birthday from his brother and the sister-in-law. We’ve gone nuts for it. It’s an iTarsam Shoulder Massager (looks something like this) that they bought from Tarsam in Mall of the Emirates. I’m not a psychic but I do foresee a number of fights in the near future, between N and myself, over who gets to use it (answer: me).

What I’m eating
Falooda. Have already had it thrice this month. The pink falooda has slowly grown on me – Lahore has the real thing, of course – but now I love both and the Fruit Falooda from Haji Ali is pretty kickass. (Haji Ali branches are in Barsha, JLT, Karama and Oud Metha)

What I’m planning
Finalising the living room and doing a room reveal soon. I’ve had it at about 98% done for months now but have been so lazy to photograph. I plan on wrapping it up over the next few days and then fully enjoying it because it would be officially done (and of course, showing you guys too).

What’s the new thing I’m trying this month (based on 2016 goals)
N and I checked out a food truck I’d been hearing so much about: Salt. I took him there on a weekend afternoon as a casual surprise (he didn’t know where we were going) and it was at the beach and the weather was great and so we had a great time. I loved everything except that the food/design/aesthetic everything was Shake Shack inspired so I’ll just go there instead because it’s better (and closer).

For January, I thought I’d tell you what we grouped under the ‘new thing’: Our first train ride together from Lahore to Karachi and getting N’s hair and beard professionally chopped and styled at his brother’s wedding for the FIRST TIME EVER (I went crazy for him, FYI).

What I’m cooking
I finally got around to making the masala chai I got from Nepal in October. Any kind of tea gets me excited so you can imagine this was a monumental event in the rehman-moeen household.

Until next time.


  1. This is my second favorite post after Fridays posts I think. Heard sia on your reco and loved it.

    1. Author

      I'm lazy so this trying new stuff is something new for me (how ironic :P) I hope I can continue 😀

  2. Love both books! And I totally felt the same way about Salt! And sorry but pink falooda is the real falooda! 😛

  3. rehman-moeen household – took me a second to figure this out but when I did, it is actually cute 😀

    1. Author

      Oh I use It a lot generally so didn't realise I'd used it so callously on the blog 😛

  4. I love The Remains of the Day! That book gave me so many feelings, anger, remorse and of course the complete shock that the dude could work even while his father was dying. You should check out Never Let Me Go by the same author. Superb book. Ahhh can't wait for the room reveal and then the Snapchat reveal huehue 😀

    1. Author

      That's so interesting because I didn't feel shocked at all when he was ignoring his dad while dying because I felt like that's how he would deal with such emotional stuff and label it as being busy with work (I know someone like that in real life). He does the same when the Kenton chick is leaving. Anddd will definitely check the other book out once I'm done with my current load 😀 Thankssss.

  5. This was an awesome read. Dont know which one to pick for commenting. Loved it. Yet again brought a smile to my face

  6. I think I need to watch friends now…
    Oh n just wanted to ask which restaurant was better Peruvian food, garden or storyroof lounge?
    Plan on taking my hubby since he stubbornly sticks to traditional desi stuff (i am seriously bored with student butysni dubai lol

    1. Author

      I think Story Rooftop had more street food and Garden has more refined cuisine. Both were good. So you can pick according to that. BUT you must sit on the terrace at story rooftop otherwise it has a serious club vibe which I don't like :O

    2. Author

      If he likes desi, he'll enjoy Story Rooftop cos their street food has a strange crossover vibe with our iftari stuff 😀

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