Wedding Clothes Details: Part II

Wedding Clothes Details: Part II

So here they are, the clothes I wore on N’s brother’s wedding a couple of weeks ago. I’ll apologise in advance: the pictures are not that great, the lighting is terrible and full-length shots are restricted. I was just too caught up and taking my own pictures only crossed my mind once I was home. Sorrayyyy.

So I’ll put whatever images I have and we can try figuring this stuff out. Hold my hand.


Clothes: My own valima clothes. I would have easily worn this at my brother’s wedding and gotten away without having to make something new. Cheaper/faster/easier. But my sister called dibs on it in 2014 when the wedding was locked down. Shameful.

Details: Fabric from Al Fajar in Lahore. Embellishment from Mina Hasan in Karachi. It’s the same kamdani fabric that I reused for the previous events for my purple clothes (see here). These clothes had a very heavy gota dupatta that I chose not to wear because I wanted to be easy, breezy (but will definitely pull out and make plain green clothes with, one day in the future). I made plain green pants and a dupatta with it.
Cost: About PKR 5000 for the pants and dupatta.

Earrings: My own barat jewelery. Got these made from a local jeweler in Karachi who doesn’t operate anymore. They’re not real.
Hair: Nabila’s Lahore. Loose waves with a curling tong. PKR 2000.

Makeup: My sister in Lahore. She does really, realllly affordable makeup and if you like her work, you can easily contact her on +92-322-2288321. Her name’s Farzeen and I LOVE her makeup and would get it done from her ANYTIME. (She didn’t do it in December because everyone was busy and I didn’t want to load her). See upclose shots above and below.

Shoes: Insignia in Lahore.


Clothes: My own barat dupatta. (That’s the most distant shot you’ll ever be seeing of these clothes but imagine that I have gold pants at the bottom). The lighting is TERRIBLE in these pictures because I took these in Sumika’s kid’s room (where I was staying in Karachi) and she has WHITE LIGHT in there. I mean, who has white light anymore?!!

Details: I made the simplest knee-length shirt in red to go with the dupatta and used the pants from my gold clothes.

Cost: About PKR 5000 for the fabric and stitching, because I went to Timpiy in Lahore (0302-8440274). You can get it made for less but she totally made me look thinner than I was (recall that I was having parathas as snacks) so I was pretty thrilled about it all.
Jewelery: Earrings from Al Nasir in Liberty, Lahore (in the galis behind Khussa Mahal). About PKR 3000. Hand Harness from Aetee.

Hair & Makeup: Did it myself. I don’t know jack about putting eyeshadow so I put everything I had on my face, YAS. Lipcolor is two mixed together: Nyx Pure Red and Mac Lady Danger.
Shoes: Nine West (very old). But since you can’t see them, I’ll change my answer to Jimmy Choo.

That’s the only picture we have from the wedding where you can see the makeup in some decent light. But nothing else is visible so sorry about that.


I’d have worn the same clothes to N’s brother’s wedding as I did on my own brother’s, but I had the option so I decided to do different. I now have 4 sets of clothes to wear at weddings – I usually have only about 2 at a time – so this will be interesting. If I don’t monumentally expand or shrink over the next 3-4 years, I plan on reworking these outfits at all shadis I have to go to. YA.

Some tips to go easy on wedding clothes. I’m no expert, but these are things that worked for me, so if they work for you too, awesome.

1. Recycle. Look at whatever you’ve got, and try to make bits of it work. Even if you’d never imagine wearing it, look at it again. Repurpose your own wedding clothes, borrow from a sibling/best friend if you’re not married. In these pictures, I used my own barat dupatta which I had conveniently forgotten about because I’d sidelined my entire wedding outfit (the shirt was too blingy), just looking at the dupatta in isolation made me realise it could easily work for a simple outfit. For the green clothes, I ditched the dupatta/lengha and just worked with the shirt.

2. Redo. If you feel a certain style of clothes you have is outdated, get it changed if it’s doable. My own barat shirt is super long and just not wearable as is. In a few years, once I’m done with these clothes I have (from brother’s wedding and this one), I’ll get it chopped to a more modern style. However, I do think now is the time to wear any and all kinds of clothes – long/short/everything else – so don’t overthink and wear what looks good. My green clothes had a longer shirt but it looked fine so I wore it without over-stressing if it was on trend or not.

3. Repurpose. Raid your mom’s stash. While I was in Lahore, I went through some of my mom’s old stuff and I was surprised by how much there was that I’d easily pick up in a heartbeat. Old saris, embellished dupattas, vintage fabric that can be stitched into something sexy – force your mother/any other close relative to reveal their gems. There’s a gorgeous purple sari in my mom’s trunk that one day I will get to.

4. Quit ‘window-shopping’. Some of the most beautiful clothes that you see high-end designers make cannot be purchased or even replicated if you’re on a budget. Shut it all out, even social media accounts that keep posting images of stuff you can not/should not have. There will always be something prettier or something that’s new and therefore makes your own stuff look blah. Tune it out. Even if you’re dressed simpler but do your hair/makeup well and put on a great smile, you’ll look amazing.

See my wedding clothes post for my brother’s wedding here.

Until next time.


  1. LOVE both looks. I can't pick my favorite out of all four looks you've done!

  2. You are me u r super talented in reusing the stuff …go on sughar Lady ? BTW I just loveeeeee the green one

  3. You know you have a way with spending money very sensibly…wise woman
    And I absolutely love your dress sense

  4. I was just aboug to say "raid your mom's trunk" and BAM! Point#3. Good work and you look gorgeous as usual. Also, do a post on how to look good all time 😉

    1. Author

      Haina, mom's are always hiding the good stuff. And man, I only show myself in limited doses, rest of the time I'm looking homeless 😀

  5. Point no. 4 is so much wisdom I can't even..
    *hands you an imaginary trophy*

    – Mahnoor

  6. The last point is thr kook fab dww

  7. The valima look is GORG! Okay i'll click onto the brothers wedding post and admire you even more ..

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