Unusual Decor Items For Your Home

Unusual Decor Items For Your Home

I am SUCH a fan of unusual decor pieces. There’s nothing I love more than picking something up and using it in an environment it’s not really meant to be a part of. I do have a ton of potential to go overboard and venture into weird but N controls me; we all have to be thankful for that.

I’ve occasionally shared the stuff I have around the house that I would box into the Unusual Home Decor category and I thought I’d do a round-up and a bit of the backstory behind each. Lessgo.

Neon Sign
This is a neon sign that mostly businesses get made. N and I both instantly fell for it as soon as we saw it and it’s one of our jointly favorite pieces in the house. The sign came packed like a dream all the way from China and the options these guys had were endless (see them all here). I picked the 5 pm sign because I wanted to use it in my office and turn the meaning into a work-timing thing (sorry, world) but there were so many others I would have taken in a heartbeat. (I wrote about them in detail here if you’d like to get one, because they’re reasonable and come with a 100% refund if you’re not happy)

If had to use them another way, I would pick

a) This ‘game room‘ one, best present for someone who’s into games, mostly guys, I’d guess. I’d love to give one to N.
b) Route 66 or Pool Shark in the living room. Pure gold.
c) Las Vegas, above the bed. I SO want this. Also, Kiss.

Where did I get it? Aoos on ebay

See more of these in my home office post here.


These are decorative but I’d never imagined actually owning one of these. I happened to randomly find them one day and decided I just had to have them. N tried to ask me, “But where will they go”, and I firmly told him, “I don’t know but we’re getting them” (that’s how most of our such conversations go so there wasn’t much conflict). They were second-hand and as-good-as-free so I hoarded and kept them around for nearly a year until I decided they were going to go in my bedroom and silently work their magic in a corner.

If had to use them another way, I would
a) Hang these above the headboard – crossed across or parallel to each other.
b) Use these vertically hung on a wall instead of a large piece of artwork

If you can’t find oars, I’d use the following in the same way: Sports rackets (either on the wall or in a corner next to a low couch), spears, rakes, etc.

Where did I get it? Dubizzle

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Garden Accessories
This bird is meant as an outdoor accessory but I don’t have much of a garden situation and I wanted to be able to look at it everyday, multiple times a day so I brought it home and found a place for it inside.

If had to use them another way, I would
a) Definitely keep it in my kitchen, on the cabinet where all the colorful plant pots are.
b) Use it anywhere, really. On a side table, entryway console table, nightstand, bookshelf, on the floor next to some plants, it would look fun in a bunch of places.

If you can’t find a bird, I’d use the following in the same way
Dubai Garden Centre, where I got this from, has a bunch of garden accessories that I would hoard. Tortoises, buddha heads, garden gnomes, frogs, there’s a LOT.

Where did I get it? Dubai Garden Centre

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Statement Plant
I know plants are usual for home decor as accents but having one giant one as a statement piece is a different thing. I love this one in my bedroom and love that the wall just has this and a frame to do the work.

If I had to use this another way, I would
a) Do super minimal decor, have a very big plant in a corner of the living room and let the plant do the talking
b) Do an indoor green corner completely created out of plants and make them the focal point

Where did I get it? Dubai Garden Centre

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Your Parents’ Stash
I love going through my parents’ stuff every time I’m home and bringing back at least one thing that I can use in my own house. This one’s a favorite of mine, my dad’s camera from the 70’s that works as an accent and also makes me all happy inside.

If I had to use it another way, I would
This would go anywhere. Coffee table, console, side table-  just stack it anywhere.
If I don’t have a camera, what

If you can’t find a vintage camera, I’d use the following in the same way: old phones, worn out books, suitcases, etc.

Where did I get it? Dad’s old stuff

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Mannequin & Style Pieces
Using fashion decoratively has its limits for me. But I don’t mind bags or jewelery thrown around on mannequins or mirrors. My mannequin could have been much better but I wasn’t up for spending a lot on it; still a cooler one would have upped the sex appeal on this ten times.

If I had to use it another way, I would
a) Use large necklaces on framed artwork instead of a mirror.
b) Totally hang a cool jacket on a wall as a decor piece. I nearly did this for my entryway but currently unsure so no one knows what will happen.

Where did I get it? Mannequin at Dragon Mart.

See more of this in my bedroom post here.


Clothes on display
I only put my denim out on display because N and I are lazy and undisciplined and always throwing our jeans on the floor. But it sorted our mess out and now it’s one of my favorite things in the house and I want you to see it again and again.

If I had to use it another way, I would
a) Stack jeans on a stool.
b) Hang denim linearly on a wall on simple clothes hooks and make it look like an arrangement.
c) Substitute denim with bags or hats on a wall.

Where did I get it? Chair from Dubizzle. Also, seen many at Dragon Mart.

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Until next time.


  1. omg genius! i love these ideas sooo much. thank youuuuuu sooo muchhhhh :)))

  2. Love all these ideas. Especially the Oars, they look brilliant and would look great above the headboard.
    Your creative game is so on. Love it ! 🙂

  3. My god you are tooo bloody creative. My favorites are the mannequin and the jeans stack

  4. i could never imagine using this green color in my bed room, But you managed to pull it off so well. Everything element is completing each other.

  5. What is the color of the wall. Fannnntastic! I love it

  6. Hey, you dont have a dressing table in your room i think? it's just the mirror?

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