Timeout: These Extravagant Airline Suites. And More.

Timeout: These Extravagant Airline Suites. And More.

1. Don’t really enjoy the process of traveling, and therefore also not a fan of long drawn-out flights. But if we’re talking these first class cabins, I’m ready to move in.

2. Not entirely my taste, but love some bits of this house way too much.

3. Am more of a dog fan but this having a baby vs a cat comparison is killing me.

4. When I was decently working out a few months ago (those were the days), I realized how effective my weight loss was because I wasn’t making any of these common workout mistakes (I was following the 21 Day Fix plan and their structure was the bomb).

5. You know how you love a show but when you think about it, it took you about a couple of episodes to get hooked onto it, yes? Netflix says it knows which episode that was. Think it’s pretty much on point with all the shows I love/loved watching.

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